Royal Rumble feedback part two

Hi Dave,

Thumbs Down
Best Match: None
Worst Match: John Cena vs Kane
The booking leading into this show didn't give me the highest hopes, but I still figured it was The Royal Rumble so it would be a good show.  Boy was I wrong.  This is the worst overall Royal Rumble show that I can remember.  Throw in absolutely awful announcing, constant Twitter mentions (which I hoped were done with after this past Monday's Raw), and commercial after commercial after commercial, it made for an awful show.  I was dumbfounded that there was a commercial for tomorrow night's Raw during the PPV.
I didn't expect much out of the opener since Henry was injured, but it was still a cage match so maybe they could work some cool spots.  Nope, it was a nothing match.  At least Bryan retained.  They really just need to let Henry take time off because he could barely move in there.
Divas match was better than normal, but still not very good.  At least Beth went over.
Cena and Kane was alright in the ring, but I could never get into the match because of how stupid the storyline has been.  We get a double countout which means this is probably going to continue.  Then the burial of Ryder continued.  Could this guy have looked like anymore of a geek with his back brace?  I hope Ryder is off TV for a long time because I'm so sick of his character.  I wish Eve would go with him.
My mind was blown when Drew McIntyre got a singles match on the PPV.  I know it was just for him to get squashed by Brodus, but hasn't this guy got fired multiple times now?
I was really hoping that Punk and Ziggler could save the show, but that wasn't the case.  I knew we wouldn't get a wrestling classic with Laurinaitis involved.  I groaned as soon as we got the ref bump.  Punk showed his stupidity trying to make covers with no ref which he has done in the past.  Plus, Ziggler was basically buried getting beat over and over and over until we finally got the real finish.  I have no idea what the point of Laurinaitis coming in to count the cover was.
The Rumble Match did one thing, and that was to expose how pathetically thin WWE's roster is.  Until Sheamus entered at 22, there wasn't a legitimate contender in the match (I didn't count Cody or Miz as contenders).  It felt like the WrestleMania pre-show battle royal instead of the Royal Rumble.  I don't have a problem with Sheamus winning, but if Jericho wasn't going to win The Rumble, then he shouldn't have been in the match.  It feels like his entire return is a waste now.  He finally spoke and promised the end of the world at the Rumble tonight, and all he did was get eliminated.  I don't get it.
After a terrible Rumble, right now I feel no desire to shell out the money to buy WrestleMania.
Jesse Ringel
Philadelphia, PA

Thumbs in the middle
Best match: Royal Rumble
Worst match: Cena vs. Kane
Booker T and Cole were at their cringe-inducing worst tonight, which 
made me wish I could turn the sound off inside the theatre where I 
watched this. The booking was so counterproductive and illogical.
-- Why the long vignettes hyping Rock/Cena? Could you not have put 
something else out there for 10-15 minutes instead for the people who 
paid money to watch actual matches?
-- Show at 30 (and way to scare that kid in the front row during the 
opener, BTW) instead of, say, Kharma, whose return was totally 
wasted, took the life out of the Rumble.
-- Cena-Kane was an overbooked mess that looks like it will continue 
for another PPV. So Ryder went from having a broken back to a 
herniated disc and was able to roll into the ring, but Orton has the 
same injury (as mentioned by Cole during the Rumble) and is out a month?
-- The Brodus Clay-Drew MacIntyre match was a waste of time, as was 
the divas match. Danielson did what he could carrying about 1,000 
pounds of dead weight in a decent opener with a flat finish.
-- Punk/Ziggler had the potential to be great, but the issue with 
Laurinaitis ruined it. Just give these guys 25-30 minutes and you 
could have a classic. Ziggler is arguably the best worker in the 
company and gets pinned four times by Punk? He deserves much better.
-- Sheamus as the Rumble winner seems like a swerve the Internet 
finish decided on at the last second by Vince McMahon. How he fits 
into a title picture at Wrestlemania instead of Jericho is beyond me.
It had some good moments (much of Punk/Ziggler and much of the Rumble 
- the comedy with Foley and Santino worked well) but an otherwise 
forgettable show.
Jody Jewers
Charlottetown, P.E.I., Canada

Rating: One Thumb Up
Best Match: Punk vs. Ziggler
Worst Match: The Divas, naturally
Daniel Bryan vs. Big Show vs. Mark Henry in a Steel Cage Match for the World Heavyweight Title
Rating: N/A
Unfortunately I had account issues so I was locked out of the entire match. After reading the finish I was satisfied. Bryan didn't have to resort to heel tactics for much of the match before escaping clean so I'm fine with it.
That Divas Tag Match
What else can I say? It's the Divas. The lag from the internet stream saved me from watching most of this match. However, I am happy with the finish with Beth pinning Kelly clean. Thumbs way, way down.
John Cena vs. Kane
Rating: *
At this point in the feud I could not have cared less about this match. In the segment before this match Eve actually and correctly placed the blame on Laurinitis and Kane instead of Cena. Don't know if they're trying to cover their tracks or something but as far as the match goes it really didn't do for me. The "Let's Go Cena/Cena Sucks" chants are starting to sound canned now. Overall this match was boring and was really a TV match, as was the angle after it. Why? Because it was the same thing we have seen week after week on Raw. Kane destroys Zack and/or Cena and walks away. Thumbs down.
Brodus Clay vs. Drew McIntyre (Why? Well, why not apparently)
Rating: **
So we, the buying customers, get a TV match as filler. Drew is still employed and I expect him to be on SmackDown! Friday. Not that I care, of course. What I do care about is Brodus Clay with the Funkasaurus gimmick and how he did get another win so whatever. One thumb up.
CM Punk vs. Dolph Ziggler for the WWE Championship
Rating: ***
Initially, Laurinitis was going to ref the match but instead he became outside enforcer. Match was very good. Punk and Dolph have good chemistry and I hope to see it again at Elimination Chamber. The wacky angle at the end bothered me but I didn't find it a crisis to the angle. Finish was fine with Punk hitting the GTS and Laurinitis running in to count the pin with the ref. Let's see what they do tomorrow. Thumbs up.
30 Man Royal Rumble
Rating: **
Highlight of the Rumble, no question, was Ricardo coming in at #8 doing Alberto Del Rio's schtick with the junk car. I celebrated this one. AWESOME. Mick was fun to watch as well. I will admit, I was looking for Brock Lesnar at #30 and was disappointed when he didn't show, but what can you do? Anyway, since Lesnar didn't show I fully expected Jericho to win to continue the "End of the World" storyline which I would have been very interested in. Final two men where Jericho and Sheamus. Then the match went off a cliff for me. After a bunch of near-eliminations, Sheamus threw Jericho over the top rope then hit the Brogue Kick to eliminate him. As far as pushing younger stars, I am fine with it.

When you build an angle for almost TWO MONTHS culminating with Jericho promising on Monday that tonight would be the "End of the World" then he does nothing when he's eliminated just pulls the rug right out from under this storyline. He spends nearly four Raws being a mute and supposedly trolling the fans following a month of "End of the World" vignettes just to be eliminated on the night that this angle was supposedly supposed to take off. The follow through tomorrow night better be good. Else, this one is no buys. One thumbs (partially?) up.
Trey Louthan

You guys do a great job on the site keep it up! Been a loyal listener for 6 months and plan to keep the membership for the forseeable a few random thoughts on things from an below avergae show....
I missed the opening match which was the one I wanted to see, but it sounds like I didn't miss much.
Why did they book a Brodus Clay MATCH when a Rikishi like spot in the Rumble wouldve been entertaining and if guys tried to grab at his women he couldve fought them off?? SO many things they couldve done...and even Drew in the Rumble wouldve been better than Jinder, Miz, R-Truth an USO~!!!!  or the commentators taking up spots.
The World title match was good but the constant almost parody ROH type booking with the refs creating four different potential finshes was a bit too much....CM Punk was greatly over in St Louis it sounded like!
The John Cena/Rock videos for Wrestlemania were well done and hopefully they will keep the contiue with this same build through these videos til Wrestlemania. It seems like they served their purpose and got the match hype going a little bit with the audience.
The John Cena/Kane/Ryder even a 5th grader would be embarrased they were watching this. Just horrific how bad all things in this angle was.
The Rumble match.....Karma coming back was GREAT~!! Another spot they couldve added to the Rumble match with Beth Phoenix to setup a match for this just common sense booking or what?? Far and away the BEST thing ever was Ricardo coming out in a beat up Nissan Datsun dressed as Alberto.....just brilliant. I was laughing for a few minutes afterwards. One of the best Rumble moments in a very long time. The match for the most part was very underwhelming. The lack of star power was very obvious with every entrant into the match. It was real bad when the last seven guys you just couldnt believe they would win, and then Jericho Orton and Show finally come out and it was just a feeling of Wow thats it?? Then when Jericho tossed Orton and it was Sheamus and Jericho last it just felt like the HEAT for the match just left. Who booked this?? I am a person who has limited experience in the industry but watching this I couldve booked at least 3 better endings to the Rumble match. Sheamus and Jericho to their credit worked well together in the end, but Jericho and Orton wouldve been better for an ending that wouldve had everyone excited til the last second. Good job WWE you swerved all the internet people with your booking. Now the interest for your potential World Championship Main Events for Wrestlemania have lost a bit of steem so you will have to BUILD THEM BACK UP before the big show. Fantastic!~
Subscriber MaverickJay 

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Hey Dave.
Royal Rumble 2012;
Thumbs Down
Best Match-Punk vs. Ziggler/Sheamus vs. Jericho, Rumble-final 2 entrants
Worst Match-Brodus Clay vs. Drew Mcintyre - Givin the girls a break.
Briefly, show felt like an all wrestling "RAW" episode. Nothing spectacular done including the production, standard fare. Best part was Hacksaw Jim Duggan who looked great all things considered including having cancer. Cena vs. Kane is monotonous as it has been from day 1. A fued that makes no sense from the beginning, please end this crap! Kane's mask is simply to break the all time record for fans wearing masks at Wrestlemania, so they need to end this & get on with Kane becoming a face again already! Ziggler just doesn't have the "it" factor & this was a good start to ending to his useless push. To the Rumble-I ejoyed the comedy and thought there was a good balance between that & the serious stuff. Jericho looks amazing still, but pulling the swerve finish had me scratching my head as that was a total deflation of Jericho, when they could have catapulted him to the top & erased the way he went away in his last run, a losing streak. He has the "it" factor ofc to headline Mania after Rock & Cena. Sheamus winning was all because of his buddy HHH. Regardless, Sheamus will get injured & the runner up, Jericho, will end up in the co-main event title match at WM. Sheamus vs. Jericho is a good program, as they showed here, & that's the way I see this going. Overall though, for the 2nd biggest show of the year, this was a big flop.
John F. Raad/Wrestling Observer Newsletter
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Two hearty THUMBS DOWN!


The ending of steel cage match was pretty uneventful. WTF?? Big Show just lets go?? This match should have been relegated to Smackdown…Lame.


The 8 persons diva’s match was atrocious. Enough said


John Cena / Kane feud MUST CONTINUE. For God’s sake, I didn’t pay $55.00 to see a double countout.


I also didn’t pay $55.00 to see a squash match. Although I like Brodus Clay’s new gimmick, why the hell was Drew McIntyre in there? Didn’t he get fired on Smackdown? I don’t understand. 

Punk/Ziggler didn't live up to expectations. The pace was alot slower than I expected and I don't get the ending. WWE taking a page of out TNA, by having the PPV angle lead up to TV storyline....


The Royal Rumble match itself was okay. My two non-wrestling fans (who used to be wrestling fans in the 90s) who I watched it with seemed to get a kick out of Mick Foley/Santino comedy spots. The ending was okay except I hate Shameus and I have no idea why he’s getting the monster push. But again, the Royal Rumble seemed to be more of a spot-fest instead of an actual competition to get guys over the top rope.


Altogether, I can’t believe my $55 got me this. I’m going to boycott WWE PPVs and watch them on streams instead.




Rick Marshbanks

Thumbs In The Middle Leaning Down

Best Match: Punk vs Ziggler

Worst Match: Kane vs Cena (amazing finish)

This was a one match show, but that was expected.  This Rumble had by far the LOWEST star power of any Rumble I've ever seen - when one of the Usos comes in during the late twenties, you know you are in trouble.

Ricardo was amazing, and the comedy with Foley and Santino was great.  That said, it's really depressing when guys who are over a decade and a half older than Foley move light years better than he does.  Aside from that, while the Rumble was well booked (aside from the winner), it came across as something that belonged on Smackdown or RAW thanks to the utter lack of stars and big names.  The finish was a really well done piece of work, but that doesn't change the fact that booking wise it was a joke.  Congrats Vince, we all knew Jericho or Orton was winning, so you sure SWERVED us, we who make up approximately 5% (if that) of your viewer base.  At least there is a natural championship program in place for Sheamus to slide into.  Oh wait…... 

WrestleMania should be an easy buy for me, but right now I don't see myself laying down the $60, or even $30.

Nick Graham

Thumbs Down
Best Match: Ziggler vs. Punk
Worst Match: Brodus Clay vs. Drew McIntyre
Very disappointing show tonight.  Only good match was Ziggler/Punk, and even that had its problems.  Did they really need to beat Dolph 4 times in that match?  Is it impossible to try and elevate somebody and still have them lose, or does it need to be made painfully obvious that young upcoming stars are not close to being in the league of established main eventers?  I need Kane and Cena's feud to end now.  Like, immediately.  I don't know if it's worse than the feud Kane had with Edge but it's really freaking horrible.  The rest of the show felt like pure filler.  Rumble match felt like it was almost entirely comedy, and having 30 guys in there really exposed just how thin the roster is right now.  Finish with Jericho and Sheamus was good, and I give them credit for having Sheamus go over, but overall it was one of the worst Rumble matches there have been.  Overall a pretty poor ppv effort, especially considering it's their 2nd biggest show of the year.  Certainly not worth $54.95.  The Dragon Gate show was $40 cheaper and about 400 times better.
- Dan Marsiglia, NJ

Good Evening,
I thought the 2012 Rumble was one of the worst in recent memory; Nevermind the fact that if Jericho wasn't going to win he shouldn't have been in the Rumble Nor the fact that the tried to swerve fans. Lets look at the entrees
                                                Really this is your biggest match of the year on the second biggest show, really it speaks volumes of the booking and roster that they currently have. best Match Punk/Ziggler worse anything before and after the cage match. Thanks Tom
6) Primo
7) Mick Foley
8) Ricardo Rodriguez
9) Santino Marella
10) Epico
11) Kofi Kingston
12) Jerry Lawler
13) Ezekiel Jackson
14) Jinder Mahal
15) The Great Khali
16) Hunico
17) Booker T
18) Dolph Ziggler
19) “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan
20) Michael Cole
21) Kharma

Tom Balish

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