Royal Rumble feedback part three

Thumbs in the middle
Best match: Punk/Ziggler
Worst match: Kane/Cena
Triple Threat Cage Match for the World Heavyweight Championship
Daniel Bryan (Champion) vs. The Big Show vs. Mark Henry **1/4
This was an okay match. There wasn’t much they could do with henry being hurt so it was really short. But the match was good for what it was and I liked the ending.
Divas Tag Team Match
Beth Phoenix, Natalya and The Bella Twins vs. Kelly Kelly, Eve, Tamina, and Alicia Fox **
This was actually a fine divas match. I figured they would do something with the divas and this was solid. It later made sense why they had beth go over strong.
John Cena vs. Kane *3/4
This match didn’t do much for me. It was fine but it really felt like a raw main event with a raw angle afterward. I knew as soon as zack ryder showed up in a wheel chair they were going to do something. This feud is really lame and I guess it will continue.
Brodus Clay vs. Drew McIntyre *
Now this show was really starting to feel like raw. We got to see the funkasaurus so that’s a positive.
WWE Championship Match – John Laurinaitis as Special Guest Referee
CM Punk (Champion) vs. Dolph Ziggler w/ Vickie Guerrero ***1/4
This was a fun match and easily the best match on the show. I was surprised they remembered the no Vickie thing. This was a pretty good match that played into the fact you knew Laurinaitis didn’t want punk to win but he really couldn’t screw him because of the job review. Ziggler kind of came off like a doofus because punk basically beat him 4 times. I guess to make up for the 4 fluke wins he got over punk.
Royal Rumble Match ***
Well this was certainly an interesting rumble. Wrestling wise it wasn’t very good. Entertainment wise I have to say was pretty good. I really got a kick out of Ricardo Rodriguez. I thought it was funny you had all the commentators enter. You had hacksaw and road dogg which was fine and road dogg got a pretty good reaction. Kharma was the biggest surprise to me. Kofi Kingston was this years Morrison with the head stand on the outside. Mick foley really didn’t end up doing any thing except a corny socko vs. cobra spot. When Jericho threw Orton out and it was down to him and sheamus I had this gut feeling sheamus would win and I was right. Sheamus winning definitely was a surprise and wasn’t dumb because they really have been building him up for a while. It wasn’t like they had miz win who has been booked like a complete joke or something. I have no clue what direction they’re going to go with for mania with sheamus but it should be interesting.
This was a weird show because there wasn’t anything really good on it except the punk/ziggler match but as a show it was pretty entertaining.

Al Dinkelspiel
New Jersey

Best Match:  CM Punk vs Dolph Ziggler
Worst Match:  John Cena vs Kane
An incredible waste of time.
Cena-Kane reminded me of those Duggan-Bravo matches from the late 1980s. The Rumble was anti-climatic at best. And speaking of Duggan, what does it say about the product when HE got the biggest pop, aside from hometown boy Randy Orton? Sad for Cody Rhodes, too. He throws out two legends...Mick Foley and Jerry Lawler...and two long-time big name wrestlers...Jim Duggan and Booker T...and no one noticed? Jericho’s return being special ended when Big Show entered and threw him around like a rag doll. Never mind that he was last to be thrown over. Especially by everyone’s favorite MID-CARD WRESTLER, Sheamus.
An incredible waste of time.
(Hey, if they can repeat bad booking on a weekly basis and on PPV to waste my money, then I can repeat how it relates to the part of my life it took up that I’ll never get back.)
Joel Kolsrud
Davenport, IA

Hi Dave
Thumbs down.
Best Match : Punk-Dolph
Worst: Cena-Kane
WWE would $#%& up the last supper. and they may do that with Cena/Rock somehow...
OK just what the heck is going on up there ?
Nothing againest the  Sheamus victory but this was bad.
Orton must be hurt still ok i see why he wasnt in but 6 mins maybe ?
The Lawler jumping in from the booth has been done before why waste a Booker T(boy is he off the gas or what ) in ring performance on that ?
The Foley/Santino showdown would of been great if that hadnt been the high point of the first 30 minutes of the match.
Miz and Cody as the two guys to go on a long run in the match would of been ok iF the announcers acted like they might win and they were invisible most of the match.
I liked the ending for what it was with Jericho who in most eyes was the "favorite".
Kharma should of actually eliminated Cole......
The Henry/Show/Bryan cage match was just another Smackdown cage match. I was glad Bryan won but that match made you keep asking OK when is something different going to happen... What was the point of the Cage and Henry being there ?
Diva circus should of been Beth and Natalia destroying everyone to get them looking strong before Kharma destroys them. But its a 8 Diva tag whats the point anyhoot ?
Cena Kane.... This story should of ended here. Why in the #@$% is Cena not dropping Kane like a bad habit ? I guess this is to build a Kane -Ryder Mania match.
The match was just like a RAW main event before a go home ppv or something !
Punk- Dolph : It was OK. They had better matches on TV. TNA type $#%^ here with the ending and the Johnny Ace stipulation. Maybe they didnt have enough time ? Next time just let them work.

WWE is stumbling over itself booking wise.
OK you got all the Mania stuff basically set in stone but they cannot book week to week .
Survivor Series was a much better ppv than this.
Everything on this show felt like something for a regular tv show or it was thrown together poorly. I dont expect Taker,Brock,HHH to be in the rumble. But Foley pulls his sock out again the announcers come in , Duggan wtf is the point there ?
The WWE has this problem of sending us through the motions sometimes for good reason.
But many times its not.
Vince or someone needs to step out of the booking .
Samuel Adams

Hi Dave,
Thumbs down for the show
Best match:  Punk vs. Ziggler
Worst match: Royal Rumble
In total, this show felt very week and odd once the Rumble was over.The opening match was fun, although slightly slow paced, and the finish was a really cool way to do it and keep Bryan as champion. The Diva's match was a pretty big throwaway. However, I do give a lot of credit to Kelly for that splash which was a pretty cool spot. Cena and Kane was a boring trainwreck to me that just continues this awful story and frustrates me simply because I know I'll have to suffer through it until this feud is blown off entirely. Ziggler and Punk put on a good match, even with Ziggler doing four jobs. The ending was fine, and played into the story heading into Monday as Laurinaitis wants to look good. The Rumble was entertaining with the comedy, even though the match itself wasn't very great. The final five minutes or so between Sheamus and Jericho was wonderful, and a lot of suspense. The only issue is the ending, with there not being a real purpose to Sheamus winning even though he was the promising babyface. I guess a swerve is just what the WWE wants though, even though Orton or Jericho winning would have actually made much more sense. Heading into Raw tomorrow, one can only hope what plan the WWE has for all of this.
Michael Prince

Hey Dave and Bryan.
Royal Rumble
Thumbs down
Best: Punk v. Ziggler
Worst: Divas
Most Disappointing: The Rumble
Bryan v. Show v. Henry
It was fine. Happy Daniel Bryan won since this
was a way to protect both Henry and Show/
I will be more happy if they start having Daniel Bryan
look like a legit World Champion.
Cole is a heel? It would be more effective if Cole actually
began rooting for Bryan. At this point, it makes no sense.
Bummed there were no segments w/ the WWE Superstars
picking their numbers. The Rock/ Cena promos were
well produced BUT save that shit for Raw/Smackdown.
Not gonna comment on the Divas or the losing streak of Drew McIntyre
Cena v. Kane
The match was ok BUT the finish was shit. Zack looks so weak.
Should have killed this feud tonite.
Punk v. Dolph
Great match. Zigglers bumping ability is OFF THE CHARTS. Reminds
me of Mr. Perfect. Punk was on his game tonite.
Great GTS to a Famouser spot....their work was excellent.
Really should have save the GTS spot on Johnny Ace for Rumble.
The Rumble
I actually enjoyed the Ricardo, Kharma and Road Dogg.
The comedy was ok w/ the dueling Cobra v. Socko
Jericho or Orton winning made sense, ALL THE REASON TO HAVE SHEAMUS WIN??!!
SO...are we gonna get Sheamus v. D. Bryan? Maybe a 3 way w/ Orton?
Orton v. Daniel Bryan seemed interesting to me. 
I would have prefered Miz winning, at least a 3way @ Mania made sense w/ Punk and Jericho
You really couldnt have debuted a Skip Sheffield or brought back Christian
INSTEAD we get Khali and a 94 yr old JIM DUGGAN??
My biggest problem was their was not build to Mania AT ALL.
I know Rock and Cena are competing BUT not a single tease of a match.
Really low on star power and it showed.
Jesse Otawka

Best Match: Punk/Ziggler (the only good match on the show, still wildly overbooked with awful ref bumps and Ziggler getting beaten fourteen different times before the actual pinfall)
Worst Match: Cena/Kane
When next year's Rumble buyrate tanks and they start talking about the gimmick being dead, everyone remember how awful the worst parts of this show were. The only reason for a person over 25 to watch WWE at this point is because it's what their children want to watch (and even then, a good parent would try to convince their kids to watch something that isn't such a lowbrow, cynical, mean-spirited production loaded with contempt for its audience). 
Thumbs down.
- Dan Peck

I am glad I did not order this mess of a PPV.  I watched this PPV with friends, and my rating is:

Thumbs Down.

I really didn't like the show much at all. 

Best Match: The Rumble

Worst Match: Really any of them, but I will pick the Diva Tag match

The Diva Tag match was blach. The gals did the best they could. It was short. Of course, it may have gotten more time if we had not been bombarded with a Cena promo. We also did not need the Rock promo either.   I mean, most of the other matches were long also.

The Cena vs Kane match started out as passable, but wound up just a mess, and lead to an angle that we could have seen on Raw. Did fans really need to be ripped off of 55 dollars to see this? They are going to see the continuation of Kane's terrorizing Cena, Zack Ryder and Eve tomorrow on Raw on free TV.  What is the payoff here?

The Cage match for the World Title was nothing to write home about. You had World Title holder Daniel Bryan being portrayed as winning and retaining his title by just luck or by a fluke, and Big Show  and Mark Henry looking like idiots. The match itself was just barely passable.

Drew McIntyre's burial continues when he is defeated in a squash match by the Funkasaurus (Brodus Clay).  I like Clay's gimmick as goofy and fun. I just don't think he should be used to bury young talent like McIntyre.

The WWE Title match was the best worked match. Punk and Ziggler did a good job. However, Laurenaitus was too much of a focus near the end, and it seemed like they were more concentrating on the angle (Johnny Ace's evaluation tomorrow by HHH) than the match result. It didn't help Ziggler that he was pretty much defeated 4 times either. Good way to build new talent there, WWE.

The Rumble itself was pretty good. It was booked pretty well. However, it just lacked star power. It seemed to go by so fast, and I just didn't get all excited about the road to WrestleMania like I usually would. It didn't feel special. I mean, having the Miz go 40 minutes? He is not exactly the worker I would feature for that length of time. For the life of me, why on earth would they have the Big Show in the final four? Why couldn't Cody Rhodes or Wade Barrett been one of the final four instead?  I don't know if they wanted Sheamus to be the winner to swerve people, but I thought Jericho should have won. I did like that Karma returned and threw out Michael Cole. 

Overall, I just didn't like the show much.

Terri Bey

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