Sting talks his injury, whether 2011 was a subpar year for TNA, whether he will return in 2013

Earlier today on 740 The Game in Orlando, FL, Brian Fritz spoke with TNA superstar Sting to discuss the recent Impact Wrestling taping in London with the first episode airing tonight on Spike TV (9:00pET/8:00p CT) , how big the company is there compared to the United States, his health including an update on his recent injury, if he is surprised that he is still wrestling at this stage of his career, rumors that this could be his last year in the ring, Hulk Hogan still getting in the ring and if he thinks that will continue, his thoughts on the growth of the company and if 2011 was a subpar year and more, how Jeff Hardy is doing in overcoming his personal issues and more.

Here are some of the portions of the interview:

On whether or not Dixie Carter's recent tweet about how this could be his last year in the ring was jumping the gun or not:  
No, I don't think so.  She's listening to what I'm saying to her.  I'm saying every year this will probably be the last year and part of it was in the beginning it was kind of like a project.  I wanted to see TNA Impact, I wanted to see it succeed like we did with WCW.  I hated that being the second rate or second class citizen to the WWF all those years until we launched Nitro and like I said before, everything was history - we became the number one.  This has the same feel and I want to be a part of something a little bit like that and I've see us … we've gone from being at the fairgrounds in Nashville, Tennessee period to being in 120 countries worldwide now and the interest in other countries is enormous.

On his health and his recent injury to his ankle or foot:
Yeah, I tore something.  I went to make a move in the ring and I tore something on the bottom of my right foot and I think 'oh no I hope it's not the Achilles' tendon'.  If it is, then I'm done.  Wrestling is officially over with.  And that night, I said a few words to the crowd in London and that was part of it.  I said I don't know if I'll be back.  I don't know what this injury is.  I'm hoping it's not serious.  The move I was moving around on it, limping around, I could tell … I didn't think it was the Achilles' tendon.  Then I thought there's the fascia down there and maybe I just tore the fascia.  And that's exactly what I did.  I tore the fascia off.  

On how long he could be sidelined for:  
Well the doctors say 4-6 weeks but it's like I'm just going to stay off of it, take care of it and be back in the ring a week from this Sunday.

On whether or not he agrees with Kurt Angle's recent comments that 2011 was a subpar year for TNA:
No, I really don't.  I don't think it was a subpar year.  I think a lot of the young guys have been elevated, guys like James Storm, Bobby Roode.  These guys are now making a name for themselves.  They're elevating the company.  Everything is moving up.  We had a very successful trip to the UK.  In my book, that was very successful.  Again, getting back to the ratings that we have in other countries, Australia, New Zealand, all over Germany, all over the UK, incredible ratings.  We've got stuff going on in India now.  So, I just see growth.  I don't see how it could be considered it could be considered subpar.y

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