OVW TV tapings report 2-1 Lousville

 Here's the Ohio Valley Wrestling Television report for February 1st, 2012, on what was an eventful night for OVW. It was a night that saw the departure of one roster member, while another returned, in a different capacity, at least for now. The departed one is Marcus Anthony, who lost a loser leave OVW match to Johnny Spade on this show, which I'll get to later in this report. Some Internet sites are reporting today that Marcus Anthony has signed with the WWE, and if that is the case, huge congrats Marcus Anthony! I predicted he would get signed somewhere months ago. He's not tall, he's not especially young, very inexperienced, but he's got the head turning look the big time loves, some charisma, and intriguing in ring ability, if it can be harnessed.

The returnee last night was one legged Iraq war hero Michael Hayes, and more on that later in this report as well.

This was also the "go home" show for the February 4th Saturday Night Special, and a few matches were made for that show tonight, but this Saturday Night Special is not an important one, has no title matches announced on it, and has not been built up much at all.

The TV announcers tonight were Dean Hill, Gilbert Corsey, and Kenny Bolin. Ron Hed and Brittany DeVore were the ring announcers. The attendance was a bit over 100.

Here's the link to a news story on Louisville's WHAS 11 on "The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity" play, which features OVW's Jamin Olivencia. Olivencia does some light hearted wrestling spots with the female host in this piece.

The DVD of the "Steel cage Apocalypse" January 7th Saturday Night Special, featuring a cage match of Michael Hayes vs Mohamad Ali Vaez in front of a sold out, standing room only crowd, has been released.

1. Dylan Bostic beat Tony Gunn

Dark match. I spotted Michael Hayes' Mother in the crowd. Hmmmm....Bostic in new black trunks. Gunn attacked him before the bell. It was all Tony Gunn here, until Bostic pinned Gunn out of the blue with a sunset flip in an upset. I think this was Bostic's first singles win in OVW.

2. James "Moose" Thomas, Joe Coleman & Jack Black w/Prince Bolin & Mickey beat Jimbo Onno, Randy Terrez & Elvis Pridemore

Also a dark match. Coleman and Mickey where kidnapped last week by Los Locos(Anarquia & "Rudo" Raul Lamotta), but they were back unscathed this week. Manager Prince Bolin faces Lamotta in a Lumberjack strap match this Saturday. I didn't think Bolin was going to get his men back until AFTER that match. Oh well, this is dark, it doesn't "count" right. Heh. Plus, they never did explain last week why Jack Black joined BS 2.0. Terrez and Coleman going at it early. Terrez tried a 'Rana on Moose Thomas, but couldn't take him off his feet. Moose then turned Terrez inside out with a clothesline. Terrez taking the heat. Pridemore and Black in with some dreadful moments together, but thankfully Moose put an end to that misery with his "Moose kick" on Elvis to win it for BS 2.0.

3. Brandon Espinosa beat Nick Cutler

Another dark match. Cutler's first appearance in OVW, I believe he's another guy out of Missouri. Cutler got a little in on Espinosa, but Espinosa dominated, and then dropped Cutler down for the win, while yelling comments at Paredyse. Espinosa, as he's been doing lately, then put a dress on Cutler, and smeared lipstick on his face, which appeared to be white, or yellow lipstick this time.

4. Lennox Norris beat Heath Hatton

Was this a dark match? I don't know, it was confusing. The announcers were treating this like it was the start of the taping, which was very odd with two jobbers going at it. I figured someone would come out and destroy both Norris and Hatton, but it didn't happen. Hatton with some clotheslines on Norris. Norris beat Hatton clean with a swinging neckbreaker. Huh??? Very strange.

Next came a VERY long pause, so I really wonder what was up with that last match. They were clearly stalling big time, and it appeared to have nothing to do with anything technically as all the camera people were standing around looking bored.

The OVW intro music played, with clips of the Mascagni Family on the screens, and that was strange too. Not sure if that was a mistake or not.

Finally out to the ring came OMG("Smooth" Johnny Spade & Shiloh Jonze), along with Jason Wayne and Paredyse. These are the top babyfaces in OVW now, which lets you know things aren't super deep on top on the face side in OVW these days. Spade and Jonze, the current OVW Southern tag team champions, were wearing new red pants.

Jason Wayne took the mic and talked about how much he hates Christian Mascagni, and now it's gone to even higher levels. Wayne spoke of how Rob Terry interfered during his match against OVW champ Rudy Switchblade two weeks ago, and how Mascagni made himself the referee when Wayne was beaten by Rob Terry last week. Wayne said enough is enough, it's time for Mascagni to pay. Spade tonight we make a stand and draw the line.

Out came the entire Mascagni family, Marcus Anthony, Rob Terry, Jessie Godderz, Momahad Ali Vaez, and Rudy Switchblade, all in their wrestling gear. Christian Mascagni, of course, was in a suit. Mascagni said he was "Talent arbitrator" now of OVW, so he calls the shots. Mascagni said he was ordering several matches tonight as "punishment", and those matches were as follows. Jessie Godderz vs Shiloh Jonze, Rob Terry vs Paredyse, Mohamad Ali Vaez vs Jason Wayne, and a TV main event tonight of Marcus Anthony vs Johnny Spade. Mascagni then ordered all of the good guys to get out of "his" ring, or he'd fire them all. Mascagni spent the whole night threatening to fire people, he used the "I'll fire you" line way too much I thought. How could he fire anyone anyhow? He's the "Talent arbitrator"?? What does that even mean? He makes decisions on disputes between talents? Perhaps makes matches? I don't see where that means power to fire people. In fact, if you really think about it, "Talent arbitrator" is about as much of an ambiguous nothing term as "sports entertainment" is. Which actually has no definition, and means nothing.

5. Jessie Godderz w/Christian Mascagni beat Shiloh Jonze

Jonze with a dropkick and chops on Godderz early. Jonze had control for most of this one, but Godderz won by holding the pants of Jonze on a roll up. Godderz beat on Jonze more after the match, but Johnny Spade made the save for Jonze.

Mascagni took the mic and ordered Spade to stop. Mascagni said Spade has been a problem for him for a long time now. Mascagni then said that now tonights Marcus Anthony vs Johnny Spade would be a loser leaves OVW match.

They aired a Lennox Norris video, of him disco dancing, and talking. What the....Are they actually going to push Lennox Norris here now??? Yikes.

6. Chris Silvio w/Mo Green & Mary Mary beat Mike Mondo to retain the OVW TV title

Since I guess Taryn Shay is now gone from Team Tie Dye, and maybe gone from OVW, Silvio and Green and a new lady with them here, who Mo Green introduced as "Mary Mary quite contrary". She wore fur on her shoulders, with a gold lame top and skirt. Mondo now has a wild hair do, brown on one side, with a wavy streak of blonde going around most of the other side, and a beard. I read that Mondo is now "officially" signed to ROH, so big congrats to him. It's funny though, it was announced he was signed months ago, then it later said he wasn't, and now again he is, this time "officially". Heh. Mondo hasn't been wrestling on OVW TV lately, but he's done some dark matches. I hope this match tonight means he will still appear on OVW TV on a somewhat regular basis. Both Mondo and Silvio looked really crisp early. Mondo directed his attack on the left arm of Silvio, and did some neat stuff, including a Divorce court on Silvio, followed by a cool looking submission attempt, bending Silvio's left arm way back. Mo Green grabbed Mondo's foot with his cane to distract Mondo. Mondo then made the fatal mistake of chasing Mo Green around on the floor. Green baited Mondo back into the ring, where Silvio blasted Mondo with his "Rocket punch" to win it, and retain the TV title. Not sure if Silvio used the brass knucks this time or not, as he's prone to do. If he did, he did an expert Jerry Lawler level job of hiding it, because I didn't see it. This match wasn't long, but it was really good while it lasted. I'd like to see these two go at it again.

Prince Bolin, like last week, was again on Mickey's case backstage about bringing him the wrong brand of water.

Christian Mascagni walked into Trailer Park Trash' office backstage, and told TPT, the director of wrestling operations to get out of what his now "his" office. Mascagni handed TPT a letter from the OVW BOD to prove he can do this. TPT said he was going to the board with this, and promised Mascagni he'd be back.

Mascagni hung a sign on the door of his new office, and tried to start getting some work done, when Ted McNaler and Adam Revolver both barged in, arguing with each other, as always. Both plead their case on the other to Mascagni. Mascagni said he was ordering McNaler vs Revolver and a partner of his choosing in a handicap match tonight, and if McNaler can win that, it will be McNaler vs Revolver one on one this Saturday. McNaler accepted the challenge.
7. Jason Wayne beat Mohamad Ali Vaez w/Christian Mascagni

It's weird, since beating Michael Hayes in a cage match at the January Saturday Night Special, with the stip that Hayes must quit wrestling, Mohamad Ali Vaez has totally been on ice in OVW. He hasn't done anything, other then appear in segments with the Mascagni family, and he was not the focal point of most of those. This was his first TV match since beating Hayes in the cage. Wayne took Vaez down quickly with clotheslines here. Wayne in total control early, giving Vaez a big powerslam. Wayne tried a second powerslam, but Vaez wiggled out. Christian Mascagni took the mic and stopped the match, and ordered the clothesline be banned, since they are deemed too dangerous for the NFL, for this this match only. Vaez attacked the distracted Wayne from behind to gain control. The crowd was the loudest here they'd been all night. Wayne regained control, and went for a Samoan drop, but Mascagni took the mic again, said Jason Wayne wasn't even Samoan, and Mascagni then banned the Samoan drop, for this match only. Vaez clipped the knee of Wayne from behind to take control of the bout once again.

All of a sudden out to the floor came Michael Hayes. Danny Davis told Hayes a few weeks ago to come see him about an "opportunity" he may have for him, since Hayes can't wrestle anymore. That "opportunity" must have been for a Janitorial position, because here Hayes had a push broom, and started sweeping the mats around ringside. Hayes also had a spray bottle and a rag in his back pockets. Vaez was working on the leg of Jason Wayne, but then he saw Hayes at ringside, and started screaming at Hayes that he quit, and that he was supposed to be out of here. The crowd popped for Hayes, in a curious manner. Meanwhile, Jason Wayne hit a majorly distracted Vaez with his full nelson slam finisher to win it, while Hayes just swept his way to the back. Heh.

A video aired of clips from the "moment in Paredyse" segment last week when the Lumberjack strap match for this Saturday between Raul Lamotta and Prince Bolin was set up.

8. Ted McNaler beat Adam Revolver & Jose ???

Jose is a student here, and this is one big Puerto Rican guy. Huge even, and in pretty decent shape. Has a good look, but this was his first TV appearance, and he's clearly greener than goose droppings, but a guy that size and look is gonna get a chance. McNaler was dominated by Jose early. Revolver came in and went to work on McNaler, only after he'd been softened up. This ended up being yet another of the seemingly endless string OVW matches that involve a chase scene. The finish of his chase was McNaler kicking the top rope into the groinular region of Jose as he tried to come back in the ring over the top rope. McNaler then gave Jose a DDT to win it. So as a result of this victory, McNaler gets to face Adam Revolver one on one this Saturday. But wait....

Christian Mascagni came out and took the mic yet again. Mascagni said McNaler would indeed now face Revolver this Saturday, but Mascagni said in the back McNaler claimed that he could beat Adam Revolver with one arm tied behind his back. Mascagni said he'd give McNaler a chance to prove just that, so now it will be McNaler with one arm tied behind his back vs Revolver this Saturday.

Brittany DeVore did a backstage interview with Brandon Espinosa. DeVore asked Espinosa about his "odd behavior" since facing, and losing, to Paredyse at the January Saturday Night Special. That "odd behavior" is Espinosa putting a dress and make up his beaten opponents. Espiniosa said he sees Paredyse across the ring with him during every match he has, and he will keep on beating, and humiliating, people to prove he is better than that sissy Paredyse.

Dean Hill, Gilbert Corsey and Kenny Bolin were talking at the announce desk about something.

9. Rob Terry w/Christian Mascagni beat Paredyse

Paredyse copped a feel on the rippled chest of Rob Terry early. Paredyse then slapped Terry on the ass, and hit two nice high dropkicks on Terry. Mascagni grabbed Paredyse' foot to stop his momentum cold. Terry hit a chokeslam to beat Paredyse. This was short, but this was by far the best Terry has looked in OVW thus far.

10. "Smooth" Johnny Spade beat Marcus Anthony w/Christian Mascagni in a loser leaves OVW match

Mascagni came out a large cardboard OVW logo. Mascagni then took the mic(yet again), and ordered Dean Hill, Kenny Bolin, Brittany DeVore and Ron Hed all to leave, with Mascagni again threatening to "fire people" repeatedly. Only Gilbert Corsey was left. Mascagni then brought out Rudy Switchblade and Jessie Godderz as the new TV announcers, and Mohamad Ali Vaez and Rob Terry as the new ring announcers. Terry, in his first time on the mic in OVW, announced Johnny Spade at "150 pounds if lucky". heh. Marcus Anthony attacked Spade from behind, and the match was on. All of the Mascagni family got up the ring apron, I guess to lay a gangland style beating on Johnny Spade, when Trailer Park Trash came to ringside. TPT said he just came from a meeting with OVW Board. TPT told Spade that he can't change the loser leaves OVW stipulation of this match, but he can order all of the Mascagni family to leave now. How exactly? This made no sense. I mean what did that wacky, not to mention mysterious, and always flip flopping wildly, OVW BOD order in this case exactly? Why would they all just do what TPT said anyhow, if Mascagni is in charge here? The logic simply isn't there in this booking. But nevertheless, the argumentative, but in the end obedient, Mascagni family members went backstage, and then Hill, Bolin, DeVore and Hed came back out and assumed their regular positions and duties. Wow. lol

Meanwhile in the match, and yes there was still a match going on here, Anthony continued to totally dominate Spade. Anthony pressed Spade over his head, and then dropped Spade down with a nice powerslam. Anthony pressed Spade over his head again, but Spade got free, and then hit Anthony with a superkick to win it. So Marcus Anthony is now suddenly gone from OVW. Is he Florida bound? Time will tell. All of the Mascagni family consoled Anthony on the floor, while Dean Hill led the crowd in the singing of "Na na na na goodbye", which was hard to do with Spade's music still playing.

Trailer Park Trash grabbed the mic again and told Mascagni that this Saturday will also be his family of Godderz, Terry, Vaez & Switcblade vs Spade, Shiloh Jonze, Jason Wayne, and Paredyse.

Well, obviously a lot went on this week. This was easily the best show in a few weeks. Still though, way too much Mascagni it, but at least it was more entertaining this week. Send any feedback to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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