UFC 143 live coverage from Las Vegas - Diaz vs. Condit, Nelson vs. Werdum, Koscheck vs. Pierce

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Welcome to our live coverage of the main card for UFC 143 from the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas.  We're looking for your thoughts on tonight's show so you can leave a thumbs up, thumbs down or thumbs in the middle along with a best and worst match to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it m

Prelim coverage with Mike Coughlin is already up on the site.


First round: Starks landed a right. Herman keeps missing the uppercut. Starks pushed Herman against the fence. He used his head to drive it into Herman’s face. Starks keeping him against the fence and throwing punches. Herman got away from the fence. Starks with a right and another jab. Big right by Starks. Starks landing some more punches and now has Herman back against the fence. Herman reversed off the cage but Starks turned him back against the cage. Two knees by Herman. Starks is landing lots of punches. Herman bleeding from the left ear. Herman with a knee and an uppercut. Herman got another uppercut but Starks landing solid punches. Herman actually ducked for a takedown and that did him no good. Herman’s second attempt at a takedown got Starks down. Starks reversed and got on top. Starks landed an elbow from the top. Close round I’ll go 10-9 Starks.

Second round: Starks landed two shots early. Herman slipped throwing a kick. Starks let him back up. Herman with a really lazy kick. Starks has him back against the cage. Herman with some knees from the clinch and used a leg trip takedown, landing in side control. Herman maneuvered to get Starks’ back. Herman immediately started working on a choke. He didn’t get it with one arm as Starks kept his chin down. Herman then reversed arms, this time locked it in and Starks tapped.


First round: Nasty high kick by Barao. Low kick by Barao. Spin kick by Barao landed short. Low kick by Barao. Left jab by Barao landed on the chin. Great spin kick to the body. Jorgensen got the clinch. He couldn’t take Barao down after getting him off his feet. Barao has awesome takedown defense because Jorgensen would have gotten most people down from that bodylock and throw. Left jab by Barao. This Barao is scary. Barao missed a big right. Jorgensen landed an overhand right. Nice low kick and a right by Barao. Jorsegne rushed in for takedown and couldn’t get it. Jorgensen landed two lefts. Low kick by Barao. Lefts landed by Jorgensen. Another good low kick by Barao and Jorgensen back with a right. Another hard right by Jorgensen. Barao with a front kick. Another low kick by Barao. Jorgensen moved in for a takedown and again couldn’t get it. Spin kick by Barao landed to the face. Barao’s round 10-9.

Second round: Barao threw a kick that was blocked. Jorgensen moved in for a takedown and again couldn’t come close to gettting it. Barao landed jabs and a right. Barao landing a lot of punches. A right snapped his head back and a low kick. Barao landed a hard right. Another hard right by Barao and another. Barao keeps landing the right and then landed a spinning kick. Jorgensen tried a takedown, couldn’t get it and Barao on top. Jorgensen out and back up. But now he’s where he doesn’t want to be. Nice spin kick to the body by Barao. Jorgensen tried a kick but it was blocked. Trading punches and Barao’s is harder but Jorgensen can take a shot. Another low kick by Barao. Barao landed a right to the head. Front kick by Barao and a right landed. Barao’s round 20-18.

Third round: Jorgensen landed a right but Barao landed two rights back. Body shot by Barao. Barao with more low kicks. Jorgensen landed a right. Jorgensen now landed a few. Both standing and landing but Barao landing more. Both landing big shots. Jorgensen landed a right. Uppercut landed by Jorgensen. Barao with a knee. Jorgensen landed a right. Great spin kick to the head by Barao. Barao keeps landing. Both throwing. Barao landing more and then a low kick. Barao has a bloody nose. Jorgensen is giving him a fight but Barao easily winning. Barao with strong low kicks. Jorgensen landed a right. Spin kick by Barao landed short. Barao’s round, should win 30-27.

Scores: All three have it 30-27 for Barao.


First round: Pierce moved in for a takedown. Koscheck blocking him. He’s holding Koscheck against the fence. Stomping on Koscheck’s feet. Fans booing. Pierce landed an uppercut on the break. Pierce moving forward and landed a jab. Pierce moved into a clinch. Now Koschek has Pierce moved into the fence. Pierce said he’s holding the trunks. Koscheck probably was. Pierce landed jabs. Koscheck landed two and Pierce right back. Pierce’s shots landed harder but now Koscheck landed a few hard one. Pierce landed a hard jab. Pierce working for a takedown. Koscheck looked at the clock. Pierce’s round 10-9. People booing.

Second round: Pierce landed a right. Pierce moved in for the takedown attempt. He’s got Koscheck against the fence and has a single. Both punching. Fans booing. Pierce landed two off the clinch. Pierce landed another jab. Piece landed another jab. Pierce bleeding from the right side of the head. Pierce moved into a clinch and working for the takedown. Pierce just outworking him. He seems to have the conditioning edge and knows it. The cut was from an accidental head-butt. Koscheck landed a nice elbow off the clinch. Herb Dean warned Koscheck about keeping his hand opened. Koscheck moved in for the takedown and got it right away. If he had done this earlier maybe he’d be winning the fight. To me, Koscheck needs to do some damage here. Pierce back to his feet. I don’t think the takedown was enough to get the round so I’ve got Pierce 20-18, but the judges easily could go the other way on this round.

Third round: Koscheck needs to take him down first and then try to finish instead of standing there looking for the home run. Pierce got the takedown which is a big one. Koscheck right back up. He took no damage. Fans booing a lot. Koscheck with a knee and elbow. Koscheck landed a few punches. Now back in a clinch and Pierce with two lefts from the clinch and then an elbow. Knee by Pierce. Koscheck with an uppercut. Pierce with a jab as Koscheck moved in. Another left by Pierce. Koscheck moved in for takedown attempt. Pierce defended well. Crowd booing. Koscheck with a knee in the clinch. . Herb Dean separated them with 1:30 left. Koscheck poked him in the eyes. Herb Dean isn’t happy since he warned them. Herb Dean told him this is the last warning. Pierce landed a left jab. Piece landed two punches. Koscheck landed several back. Koscheck got the takedown. Koscheck has his back. Nice spinning elbow by Pierce. This round is close. Koscheck close so this may be decided by the second round, but I’ve got Pierce 29-28. .

Scores: 29-28 Pierce, 29-28 Koscheck, 29-28 Koscheck. Boy is Koscheck lucky. Koscheck flipped off the booing crowd. "I’m the most hated guy in MMA, deal with it." Koscheck admitted Pierce was a tough guy. He’s smiling that look of he knew he was very lucky to get this one. People booing the hell out of him, didn’t agree with the decision. I didn’t either.


First round: Nelson the big favorite coming from Las Vegas. Werdum has four inches in height and 4-5 inches of reach. Loud USA chant. Front kick by Werdum. Knee by Werdum. Werdum with a few punches and a body kick. Werdum got his back on the ground. . Nelson up and out of trouble Knees by Werdum in close. Nelson back with an uppercut from the clinch. Werdum landing knees from the Thai clinch. Lots of knees. Nelson out of that predicament. Now in a clinch and Nelson landing some lefts. Nelson bleeding from the nose. Nelson landing lefts. Werdum got the Thai plumb and landed several more knees. . Josh Rosenthal broke the clinch. Ref called time out for the doctor to check the nose. Nelson doesn’t want the doctor looking at his nose. The doctor looked at it but allowed Nelson to continue. Nelson knocked him down but Werdum is faking it, he went down on purpose to bait him into the guard. Werdum immediately went for the armbar but Nelson out and nailed him with a punch. Loud USA chant. They don’t know Werdum took the dive to bait him. Still, that knockdown may count to the jduges. Werdum with a kick and knee but missed a wheel kick. Werdum 10-9.

Second round: Low kick by Werdum. Knee put Nelson down. Nelson is tired. Nelson landed a left. Nelson looking for the home run shot. Big difference in speed between the two. Nelson landed punches but he’s tired and Werdum’s punches are doing more damage. Knee by Werdum and antoher knee by Werdum. Werdum with a low kick. Werdum looks much better in his stand-up than ever before Werdum with a punch and head kick. Nelson just too tired and too slow. Werdum landed a flurry and another low kick. Werdum threw a knee. Body shot by Werdum. Nelson moving forward looking for a bomb and missed it. Body kick by Werdum. Werdum landed a knee. Nelson landed one big punch but Werdum had enough movement to get out of trouble. Werdum’s round 20-18.

Third round: Nelson landed a left. Werdum went for a takedown and Nelson overhooked him and blocked it. Nelson working for a standing guillotine. Going to be difficult because of the height difference. Nelson threw a knee and let it go. Werdum landed punches and a knee. Nelson pushed him against the fence. Werdum got the plumb and landed a left. Right and a knee by Werdum. Werdum with a left jab landed and followed with right. Nelson has taken a beating. Another jab by Werdum. Werdum landing jab after jab and a kick to the face that it would have finished a lot of guys. Nelson stayed up. Nelson threw the big right but he’s too tired. Low kick by Werdum. Werdum threw a high kick but slow. He tried a Thai plumb but Nelson out. Werdum with punches and knees. Nelson tried for a home run swing but missed badly. Head kick by Werdum and series of punches but Nelson countered. Body shot by Werdum. Two jabs by Werdum. Werdum’s round, he should win 30-27 easy.

Scores: All three have it 30-27, no other score possible.


First round: Both pressed their foreheads against the other and officials jumped in. Showed GSP at ringside. Low kick by Condit. Another low kick and another low kick by Condit. Another low kick by Condit. Knee by Condit as Diaz moved in. Diaz moved in and landed a few punches. Hard kick by Condit and then he danced away. High kick by Diaz. Diaz chants. Loud Diaz chants. Diaz is the one moving forward but hasn’t landed. Now Condit chants. Condit with another low kick and another. Diaz moving forward but not landing. Diaz landed two punches and Condit moved away. Condit continued to land low kicks. . Diaz has him in a clinch and lnaded a body shot and a head shot. Nice body shot by Diaz and Condit with a low kick. Now Diaz landed several punches. Diaz chant. Close round. 10-9 Diaz, he was the aggressor.

Second round: Condit went for a knee but short. Spinning backfist by Condit landed. Another low kick by Condit. Diaz taunted him and slapped him and landed a jab. Condit not getting fazed by Diaz’s taunting and he’s sticking to his game. Condit landing a low kick. Condit landing but backing up the whole time. Diaz with a body and head shot. Diaz landed two more. A body kick by Condit and Diaz with a series of punches. Diaz moving forward and landed and Condit back with kicks. Diaz with a body shot. Condit landed a body shot and Diaz made fun of him. Diaz landed a ton of body shots. Condit with two head shots. Just don’t know how the judges are going to see it with Condit backing up the whole time even though he’s landing more and has the better strategy. Diaz moving in but Condit landign. Diaz landed. Diaz now trying to catch him. Condit with a body shot. Body kick by Condit. Close round. I think Condit landed more, but then again, he did in the first round as well, but I’ve got Condit. 19-19.

Thrid round: Diaz chant. Diaz landed two shots and Condit with a body shot and head shot and Diaz landed a right. Diaz moved in while Condit danced away. Condit with a push kick. Condit Condit landed a right. Left and right by Diaz. Condit danced away. Condit landed a right. Condit threw a kick but it was blocked and then went with a low kick. Diaz landed a punch as did Condit. Daiz landed a head kick. Diaz keeps moving forward but not landing. Low kick by Condit. Body kick by Condit. Another body shot by Condit. Diaz landed a few and Condit danced away. Another low kick by Condit. Condit with a nice right that hurt Diaz. Another low kick by Condit. Diaz landed a few big punches but Condit moved out of the way. Flying knee by Condit. Several body shots by Condit. Another low kick by Condit and a body kick by Diaz. Condit landed a kick to the head. Condit slipped. Diaz missed a home run shot. I have to give this round to Condit so he’s up 29-28.

Fourth round: Low kick by Condit. He tried another but it was checked. Another low kick by Condit. Condit keeps moving. Body kick by Diaz. Another body kick by Diaz. Low kick by Diaz. Left by Condit. Hook kick to the body by Condit. Body shot by Diaz but Condit landed back and Condit with a front kick to the head. Diaz grabbed him and is going for a takedown. That didn’t work and Condit landed a combo. Low kick by Diaz. Condit continues to dance away. Body kick by Condit. Condit with a body shot and low kick and landed a left. Condit landed a good combo. Kick by Condit. Condit with a knee. Diaz threw some kicks and Condit danced away. Condit’s round 39-37. Diaz needs a finish to win in my book.

Fifth round: Condit landing side kicks to start the fifth round. Condit keeps moving away from Diaz. Body kick and low kick by Diaz. Condit missed a punch. Body push kick by Condit. Diaz landed a left. Diaz landed to the body. Condit with nice low kick that hurt Diaz and landed a punch and a head kick. Left by Condit landed. Diaz grabbed him but Condit got away. Condit landed a right. Daiz landed a left and a right by Condit back with a knee. Condit landed another right. Body kick by Diaz. Both landing punches. Diaz got his back and took him down but he’s not going to submit him. Diaz has a body triangle and is working for a choke but time is running low. Diaz working for a choke with 35 seconds left but Condit pushed out. Nick tried an armbar but Condit out and on top as time expired. Diaz’s round I’ve got 48-47 for Condit.

Scores: 48-47, 49-46 and 49-46 for Condit. Diaz was pissed but can’t argue.

Condit: "It’s pretty surreal, I couldn’t have done it without my coaches and teammates, I do what they told me to do and I walked away with the victory." "In a lot my other fights I come on strong toward the later rounds."

Diaz after the fight said he was quitting MMA, that he moved forward the whole fight and landed the better punches.

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