First batch of UFC 143 feedback

I give the show a thumbs in the middle.
It was a decent show but i dont think the main event lived up to the hype.  Let me just say that CONDIT WON.  Diaz needs to wake up and realize no one is gonna just allow him to press them against the cage and tee off.  If he wants to fight someone like that he needs to move up to heavy weight and challenge Roy Nelson.  Condit fought smart and technical.  Condit should fight the winner of Jake and Diego next weekened sometime in the summer before Gsp is back.  If Nick does not retire he should fight Koscheck.  For Nick to complain about Condit "running" is a complete joke what does he think GSP would have done if they actually fought? Stand and Trade?
Nelson Vs Werdum-  Nelson is a tough SOB. But if he wants UFC gold he needs to get down to 220 and work on his cardio and mixing up his strikes.  Werdum looked impressive and I think Mir vs Werdum should headline UFC Fox 3 card.
Kos vs Pierce- not much of a fight. Kos looked off and i dont think he is the same as before GSP messed his eye up.  Which is a shame the guy is a hell of a athlete.
Herman vs Starks- Im not a Herman fan at all.  Just something about his personality bothers me.  With that being said it was a nice win.  Starks looked good though and with some more training he could be a hell of a fighter.
Barao vs Jorg- This was a decent fight.  I wouldnt mind seeing Barao take one more fight and if he wins that fight give him the winner or Faber and Cruz.
KO of the night- Matt Brown cause i love how this guy fights and Wonderboy obviously.
Submission of the night-Poirier
I ordered this ppv and im happy with my decision to.  I think the Condit/Diaz fight showed a smarter side of mma to alot of people.  It was not just 2 guys throwing drunken punches but 2 guys with a game plan trying to take one another out.  Next fight Diaz should talk less shit during the fight and try and take it to the ground and show off his ground skills.
Frank Fleming

Thumbs slightly up
Best fight: nelson/werdum
Worst: no gsp vs. diaz
The new intro was really good.
Middleweight bout: Ed "Short Fuse" Herman vs. Clifford Starks
This was a pretty good fight which had Clifford starks looking really good in the first round and landed some pretty good shots but his ground game needs work because once herman got it on the ground he got his back pretty easily
Bantamweight bout: Renan Barao vs. Scott Jorgensen
This was another solid fight. I thought Barao looked pretty good and seemed like a good challenger for the cruz/faber winner.
Welterweight bout: Josh Koscheck vs. Mike Pierce
This fight was pretty close and I actually think pierce would have won if koscheck didn’t get the second take down. Even though he really didn’t do anything with it was still enough to edge out the win but I will say that it really could have went either way. I think Koscheck got pretty lucky with this win.
Heavyweight bout: Fabricio Werdum vs. Roy Nelson
Roy nelson’s skull has to be made of steel or something. He took dos santos’s best shots, brutal elbows and knees from frank mir and devastating knees from werdum. This was actually a really good fight and fairly surprising. I really thought roy would have caught him with something but werdum looked really good. I wonder what he was pointing at though in the last round. I thought he was trying to get him to look down so he could catch him or something.
Main Event Interm Welterweight bout: Nick Diaz vs. Carlos Condit
Well if you wanted diaz to win you hated this fight if you wanted carlos to win you liked this fight. Carlos had a smart game plan run away. I mean that’s what he did every time diaz had him cornered he ran and really it was smart. I knew mid way through the fight diaz would lose unless he finished him and could have in the end but just could finish the choke. I felt bad for carlos because GSP didn’t even come in the ring, Dana is standing there pissed as hell, the fans are booing the hell out of him and really he didn’t do himself any favors by cutting the lame oh it will be an honor to fight you george promo. Ufc really lost a huge fight because condit/GSP will probably be a good fight but will have a boring build up. As far as Diaz goes saying the decision was bullshit and he wouldn’t fight anymore it is what it is. He’s been unhappy fighting anyways and really he had nothing to complain about condit just had a good game plan and diaz didn’t try to switch it up or do something else he just taunted him talked trash while condit was winning the fight.
Overall this was a good show just some disappointing results.

Al Dinkelspiel
New Jersey

Overall thumbs middle
Best - Nelson v Fabricio
I hope the UFC continues to give Nelson fighters who want to be at
that next level he is a perfect test. Fabricio looked great standup
was crisp and had good flow
Worst - Diaz v Condit
Condit ran the entire fight. Was it good strategy and did it win him
the fight, yes. Should he lose the "natural born killer" yes. Diaz is
a guy the UFC needs. all of these no character, yes men, ill fight who
the UFC tells me 2 fighters are boring and we dont need another one.
Thanks Dave / Bryan
Neil Bavitz

I give UFC 143 a thumbs in the middle.
Best match:  Riddle vs. Martinez
Caceres and Figueroa was good too besides all the ball shots.  Also Stephan Thompon's kick.  I wasn't really too excited by anything on the main card except for the main event.  I thought Jorgenson/Barao was going to be better than it was.  I also expected a quicker main event, not one that went to the cards like this one.  I had the fight 48-47 for Condit.  It seemed like the crowd didn't care too much about the show except to boo who they didn't like, which was obvious.  I don't like the concept of an interim championship, it doesn't mean anything and comes off as more of a bad 'pro wrestling' idea than anything else.  The other thing about this fight is that as a fan, I don't really give a crap about Condit vs. GSP.  GSP is going to run over him and it won't be much of a fight, and we will be left with Diaz vs. GSP again anyways.  Koscheck vs. Pierce was ok, I had the fight for Koscheck but could have easily gone to Pierce.
Jason McNeil

Thumbs up
Best fight Diaz vs Condit
Worst fight Koscheck vs Pierce
Both the main event and semi main delivered in action. Fabricio Werdum and Renan Bareo especially impressed me tonight.  I scored the main 48-47 for Diaz.
Wade Haugen
Well, I thought this show was a tad underwhelming, but that may just be due to the Main Event, and Nick Diaz's whiny little attitude he pulls all the time. I can't decide. So I have to give this show a THUMBS IN THE MIDDLE. Nothing GREAT or SPECTACULAR but nothing terrible or unwatchable, either. My friend Jesse, who is a casual MMA fan, was very dissapointed. He noted the Koscheck fight, but said that was even pretty underwhelming. So there ya go. And due to the ending of the show, he gives it a Thumbs Down. To quote, my pal Jesse say's that Nick Diaz "was a little baby bitch at the end."


Pierce right away goes for the single-leg. I don't see that happening, and it's not. However, he is controlling him against the cage. Aside from a couple knees, not much but holding being done by Pierce.  They seperate from the cage. Stand for a bit. Koscheck now holding Pierce against the page. Not for as long s Pierce did him, though. Koscheck giving a warning over grabbing the shorts.Pierce lands some verrry heavy and significant punches. He gives a few receipt.  Koscheck does have a good chin. Not too much being done here in this first. Pierce with another single-leg, but again, not happening.
End of round one. I'd probably give it to Pierce.

Pierce tried ANOTHER takedown. Come on, man. Not happening. So stop it. Kind of a boring fight so far. Not what I was expecting. Both men are now bleeding here at the middle of round two. An accidental headbutt causes Piecre's head to cut. Josh with the warnng for the open fingers. He ignored. Josh's first takedown and it's succesful. Rosenthall telling them to work. They're back up. Second ends lame. Between rounds, there's another watning to Josh for the open hands. This is a rather tough fight to call. However, Koscheck's successful takedown has been the most significant spot of that round, and fight so far. Probably, I'd go with Josh.

More of the same old lameness. Pierce with his first successful takedown of the fight, but Josh got right back up. This is a rather lame fight, but this is a FIGHT. Dirty boxing from Pierce. Not what Koscheck's corner wants at all. Takedown attempt by Josh, but spectacular defense from Pierce. Interesting. Herb becoming really impatiant. Breaks them up while they were working. UH OH. Josh with a poke into Mike's eye. This is his THIRD and LAST warning from Dean. He does this again, then a point is deducted. Not good for a fight so close. POWER DOUBLE takes Pierce down. Possibly the winning move for Josh in this fight. With less than 15 seconds, they get up, Pierce lands a nice spinning back fist. End of round. I think I'd give it to.... fuck, I dunno. That double really did it in for me.

Both of them did, actually. I may give this to Joshy-boy. Lets see where this one goes, as another fight goes to the decision.

Post-fight promo is ACE. After being booed, he flips the fans in Vegas off and says "this is for you". Plays the pro-wrestling heel (bad guy) role so well. Goldberg points out that this is Josh's fifteenth win here inside the octago.


Roy is my boy! But he's not looking too good here in the first two minutes. Not at all. WEDUM WITH A TAKEDOWN, AND ALMOST GETS A REAR-NAKED. Nelson fights back. But he's against the cage and is getting knee'ed HARD by Werdum. Incredibly TOUGH knees. Anderon Silva-like knees. But Roy can hang; he went three rounds with the current UFC Heavyweight Champion. The knees have done some SEVERE damage to Nelson's nose. Rosenthall called for the referee to check the cut. Fight stopped, but restarted right away. NELSON WITH A HUGE RIGHT. KNOCKS HIM TO HIS ASS. Nelson looking to drop some bombs on the downed Werdum. Almost got caught in a triangle. Nelson lets him up and looks like a mess. I love this guy.
Definitely this round goes to Fabricio. The only reason Nelson survived is due to him having maybe the best chin in all of MMA. I have to give this round to Fabricio. 10-8 more than likely.

Roy is hanging on here, but still, clearly closer to empty than Werdum. Roy's just too fucking touch to put away. "The heart and determination of Roy Nelson is something you can never count out." "He is a guy who is always trying to stop you". - Joe Rogan. So true. With 1:00 left, Werdum's legs have been Roy's kyptornite. He is just on fire with them. ROY CATCHES WERDUM. He's hurt.. Roy catches a right kick. Another round I'd give to FABRICIO WERDUM. 10-8 again, probably.

STANDING GULLITINE ATTEMPT BY NELSON A MINUTE INTO ROUND ONE. But Werdum escapes. Clinch against the cage. Werdum just keeps landing with SEVENTY SEVEN (77) out of ONE HUNDRED AND SIX (106) thrown. FUCK, man. Craziness. 2:10 left in Round One. Roy is pretty much surviving; much like he has been the whole fight to a degree. Goldberg throwing out some pretty strong stats on Werdum's side. Under one minute left. Werdum with some more hard shots to Big Country. Joe makes a good point about Werdum hurting Nelson in this fight than the current Heavyweight Title Holder, Junior dos Sontos. End of fight. Again, I give this 10-8 for FABRICIO WERDUM.

Post-fight promo. Joe asks if it discourages him at all that Nelson didn't go down. He says he was surprised. Called him tough. Fucking right, man. Even though Werdum dominated the fight, Roy Nelson is without a DOUBT the toughest man in not only the UFC Heavyweight Champion, but the best out of ANY MMA fighter on the planet.


This is a OMG I'M SO HAPPY THIS IS HAPPENING fight. Two mother fuckers that love to FIGHT AND SWING. The true definition of FIGHTERS. THIS is going to be what I like to call, DOPE. OK, WTF. That cunt referee Kim Winslow is the ref. God, I hate her.

Diaz is getting EXTREME bad guy hear. AWESOME STARE DOWN. THEY GET INTO EACH OTHER FACES. NICK REFUSES TO SHAKE HANDS. They're testing each other out right now. Jesse thinks Nick doesn't look as confident. I think it's that Carlos looks wicked confident. Whereas Diaz is just comfortable. Condit chant. Good leg kick by  Condit. Nick returns. NICK'S TALKING SHIT NOW. TALKING SHIT. Condit with another missed spinning back fist. This one reversed into a clinch. Diaz is landing like LIGHTNING right now. Now chants for Nick Diaz. Nick continues with his tactics.
I give this one to NICK DIAZ. 10-8 round, maybe. I dunno. I hate scoring, so fuck it.

Carlos isn't looking as "confident" as he looked in the first round right now. Nick Diaz with his arms STRAIGHT OUT saying "COME ON" with his hands DOWN, BITCH SLAPS HIM, and Condit looks SCARED OF THIS MAN. Diaz is putting more pressure into his punches now. Him and his Brother like to throw this nice combos, at almost 50-60%. Then they get harder, and stronger. Diaz with more shenanigans. Tremendous. After a shot to his midsection, he pretends to sell that it's hurting in a clearly satirical way. Diaz landing some awesome body shots with Carlos against the cage. NOT WHERE ANYONE WANTS TO BE. Another NICK DIAZ round.

GSP is at ringside. He is pulling for Diaz because he actually WANTS to fight this man, and fight him BADLY. Now we start round three. I can't hate on Carlos, though. Nick Diaz is just SO good. He's doing well at landing and getting out of the way, which is an intelligent key to avoid playing Diaz's game. One this Nick Diaz has yet to do is smother Condit. Condit is starting to lay on HIS attack. The one that got him to this point. 30 seconds left in round three. Condit looking better. I have a theory for this, though. Condit slips at the last 5 seconds. Round ends. 
Talk about a close fucking round. I think I'd give this 10-9 to NICK DIAZ.

The CHAMPIONSHIP ROUNDS. I see Diaz really starting to push even harder in this round. What Nick wants to do is smother Condit, but simply cannot do it. Condit with a great right hand. Strong work from Condit here. This is a fight. Another good point from Goldberg, this fight hasn't gone to the ground one. And as I say that, Diaz attempts a double leg, but fails. Condit finally hits his spinning back fist. Which only makes Diaz give hi the "WTF?" look. Wow is Condit looking good. I'm very nervous if I'm Gilbert, Nate, Cesar and the rest of his camp. Diaz goes for a single-leg, but doesn't get it. Condit does train with Greg Jackson. I love Jackson. He produces FIGHTERS.  Diaz with a high kick. Tries to smother him against the cage, but AGAIN, he gets away. At the end of the round, when the horn sounded, caught, and wouldn't let go for a good 3 seconds after the horn. Haha.  I'd give that round to probably CARLOS CONDIT. No scoring, dammit.

This sucks. Because this means we don't get Diaz vs. GSP. Even GSP is going to be pissed about this. Jesse did say it first in round one: Condit has looked SO confident. That's the Greg Jackson style. Carlos Condit doing some more swell work at avoiding. TWO nice leg kicks from Condit. Nick has the clinch, but break. Nick is PISSED and frustrated. This time with Condit's back to the cage, Condit nails some significant strikes from the cage. NICK HAS THE BACK. FULL BACK MOUNT WITH ONE MINUTE TO GO. WHAT THE FUCK. THEY STRUGGLE. DIAZ WANTS THE NECK, BUT DOESN'T GET IT. This is some of the craziest shit ever. WITH TEN SECONDS LEFT, CONDIT REVERSED TO GE DIAZ'S BACK. Fuck you. I'm not scoring that. But I'd definitely give this round to NICK DIAZ for the ground work at the end. OH SHIT. DECISION TIME.

This blows. I wanted Diaz vs. GSP. As did GSP. GSP and I are just as disappointed about this right now. Clearly, him even more. They show a shot of his face, and he has his head down looking pissed. This is so underwhelming.
Diaz thinks he won this fight. He "won't take this as a long". Cuts his typical promo where he says he's gonna quit. Not getting the money he wants. Being a winy baby. Says he doesn't need this shit and doesn't want to play these games anymore. Ugh. Crowd seemed really irritated, and didn't even seem to care.

-- Matt Daniels

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