OVW Saturday Night Special report 2-4 Louisville

By Trent Vandrisse

 Here's the Ohio Valley Wrestling Saturday Night Special report for February 4th, 2012.
The attendance was around 175 tonight. Dean Hill, Gilbert Corsey and Kenny Bolin were the announcers for the upcoming DVD release of this show. Brittany DeVore were Terry Boddie were the ring announcers. Boddie usually serves here as the annoying raffle pitchman, and he serves as ring announcer at some of the house shows, but he's no great shakes as a ring announcer.

In fact, I think the phrase "No great shakes" pretty much describes this whole show to a T. It was obvious that not a lot of care or planning went into this particular Saturday Night Special, for reasons I don't understand. It was as if OVW creative more or less just decided to sort of take this one off. There was no title matches on it, nothing at all important about it really. Didn't feel like a deep roster for it either. People around me straight up said the show was terrible. I don't know that I'd call it terrible, but it certainly wasn't good, and more than anything else, it was entirely skippable. The show was short too, clocking in at just under 2 hours long. It was over with before 9:30, which was good because it allowed us to get to what turned out to be a jam pakced Buffalo Wild Wings to watch UFC 143.

"Superstar" Bill Dundee was back again selling copies of his new book, but he didn't appear to be doing much business.

1. Raphael Constantine w/Sean Casey & Miss Cinnamon Twist beat Elvis Pridemore w/Jimbo Onno

Constantine and Casey only had one girl with them tonight instead of three as it's been lately, but we found out this one is named "Miss Cinnamon Twist". She looks like a combo of Miss Elizabeth meets Maria Kanellis meets Elvira the Mistress of the dark. This was a "Captains match" with the winner going on with his team member to get a match to determine the new #1 contenders to the OVW Southern tag team titles. By the way, wouldn't Sean Casey be considered to be the "Captain" of the Casey & Constantine team? Pridemore was faring well against Constantine, and was looking passable, if not decent, in there at least. Constantine made the mistake of knocking Elvis' red off his head, which only fired him up more. Constantine though beat Elvis by holding his tights on a roll up after Sean Casey distracted the ref, and Miss Cinnamon Twist distracted Jimbo Onno.

2. Nick Dumeyer w/The Assassin beat Randy Terrez w/Jose Del Barrio

This was a "Captains match" as well. Terrez had a red braid in his long black hair. Del Barrio is a huge guy, who is a student here. Dumeyer, after weathering the storm early, took control of the match, but then missed a second rope legdrop attempt. Terrez took back over, but Raphael Constantine and Miss Cinnamon Twist came back out to run a distraction, while Sean Casey shoved Randy Terrez off the top rope. Dumeyer then pinned Terrez in what has to be considered a huge upset. I think that's Dumeyer's first singles win ever here. Dumeyer has a body, even though he has lost weight in recent months, that reminds me of a pat of melted butter.

3. Sean Casey & Raphael Constantine w/Miss Cinnamon Twist beat The Assassin & Nick Dumeyer to become the new #1 contenders to the OVW Southern tag team titles

Casey and Constantine ran in and attacked The Assassin and Dumeyer, with Casey wanting this match right now, so referee Chris Sharpe finally said ring the bell. By the way, Nick Dumeyer actually worked under a mask as an Assassin with this other goof in a dark match a few weeks ago. The guy that works as The Assassin here is hideous beyond belief. Can't walk across the ring without literally falling down basically. Heel vs heel match here, and it blew goats the short time it lasted. Sean Casey pinned Dumyer with his feet on the ropes to put this wounded dog out of its misery. This was pure crap, and the crowd couldn't have cared less. They were totally dead. In fact, this whole three match sequence to start the show was really poor. Didn't get things off to a rollicking start here, or give the crowd much of a good vibe going forward.

So now I guess Casey & Constantine will get a tag title shot at OMG("Smooth" Johnny Spade & Shiloh Jonze) soon. That will be two teams both doing a male stripper gimmick going at it, which is kinda funny, but it's more just goofy and lame. Sean Casey has been a male stripper in real life for many years now.

4. Chris Silvio w/Mo Green beat Dylan Bostic in a non title match

Silvio is the current TV champion here, and his grip on that title seems fairly strong. He has no real sustained challengers in his sights at the present time. Bostic with a dive on Silvio, who didn't really catch him. Bostic then beat on Silvio on the floor. Mo Green ran a distraction to give Silvio the edge. Silvio with a German suplex on Bostic. Bostic answered back with a German of his own, followed by a Northern Lights suplex on Silvio. Silvio had to be wearing some elses boots here as the boots he was wearing were not his normal ones, and were way too big for his feet. In fact, they were so big they looked like clown shoes on him. Damn. Bostic with a top rope cross body. Green with another distraction, allowing Silvio to hit Bostic with his "Rocket Punch" finisher to win it. An unimportant match, but it was fun enough, and a breath of fresh air after what preceded it. Bostic looked good here, and I wouldn't be a bit surprised to see these two go at it again on a TV taping in the very near future.

5. Ted McNaler beat Adam Revolver with one arm tied behind him

McNaler was forced to wrestle this match with one arm tied behind by the heelish "Talent arbitrator" of OVW, Christian Mascagni. At this past Wednesday's TV taping McNaler, in a seemingly throw away line, said he could beat his long time tag team partner Adam Revolver with one arm tied behind him, so Mascagni added that stip to this match. McNaler, one armed and all, totally dominated Revolver early. Revolver took over and dominated McNaler for a good while. McNaler came back with a one armed back suplex. McNaler went for his spear finisher, but Revolver moved out harms way. Revolver went for his Russian leg sweep finisher, but McNaler countered it and cradled Revolver for the win, one armed and all. Match was decent.


6. Taeler Hendrix & Aleida Ortiz beat Bobbie Bardot & CJ Lane

Stripper music played, and out came Bobbie Bardot and CJ Lane, doing a Burlesque like act with feathers. Who is Bobbie Bardot you ask? Well it's none other than Bobcat, who is the wife of Al Snow. Aleida Ortiz is a student here, a stocky, strong looking girl wearing jean shorts, with a manly walk, and way about her. Ortiz is no girly girl, but she did have a red rose in her hair. Taeler Hendrix is the current OVW Womens champion, but it has certainly been an undistinguished title reign thus far for her. Ortiz took the heat here, as slim as it was. Hendrix hit her legdrop across the chest finisher on CJ Lane to win it for her team. I guess that finisher is designed to show off Hendrix' impressive flexibility, but the it's a move that never looks good. A lousy, nothing match.

7. "Rudo" Raul Lamotta beat Prince Bolin in a lumberjack strap match

This is the one match that was at least somewhat built up for this paltry Saturday Night Special. These guys have been feuding for months now, with being whipped with a belt, and frequent kidnappings being the focus of it lately. It started because Bolin wouldn't let Lamotta officially join his stable. The Lumberjacks were the somewhat motley crew that worked the undercard, plus a few other guys, and all had leather belts with them. The other stip here was the rest of Bolin Services 2.0 banned from ringside, and Lamotta's "Los Locos" tag team partner, Anarquia, had to stay backstage as well. The crowd was chanting "Whip Bolin" here long before The Prince came out, which Kenny Bolin clearly did not appreciate. Prince Bolin was in no hurry to come out for this match. When he finally did, he was wearing a black and green sweatsuit, and black gloves, as always, because he's a germ a phobe. Lamotta lifted The Prince' shirt early and chopped him, revealing The Prince to be a chubby guy, with pasty white skin. Bolin tried to get away, but the Lumberjacks whipped him back into the ring, albeit in a half hearted fashion. Nobody got a good belt shot on him, or even really tried to. Lamotta gave Bolin his curb stomp finisher, and it was over with quickly. Bolin correctly worked the match as a hapless manager. The rest of Bolin Services 2.0, James "Moose" Thomas, Joe Coleman, Jack Black and Mickey the personal assistant, ran out and attacked Lamotta after the match, but Anarquia ran out and chased all of BS 2.0 away with a lead pipe.

8. "Smooth" Johnny Spade, Shiloh Jonze, Jason Wayne & Paredyse beat Mohamad Ali Vaez, Jessie Godderz, Rudy Switchblade & Brandon Espinosa w/Christian Mascagni in an elimination match

Main event time. Christian Mascagni, along with all of his family members, came out limping here, and holding various body parts in mock pain. Mascagni took the mic and said all of his men were hurt, and none of them were medically cleared to compete tonight. Mascagni said he had replacements though. Out came Sean Casey, Raphael Constantine, Tony Gunn, Chris Silvio and Lennox Norris, who brawled on the floor with the good guys while the Mascagni family watched. The good guys then pinned all of the replacements one by one in quick order, which caused confusion. After they all got pinned, Mascagni's men made a "miracle man" recovery, and Mascagni said the real main event starts now. This was never said to be an elimination match, but that's what it was. Gee OVW, thanks for explaining that ahead of time...Not! There was much fighting on the floor early. Mohamad Ali Vaez hit his running neckbreaker finisher and beat Jason Wayne quickly here, which was a surprise. I guess this was Vaez' revenge, since Wayne beat him at the TV taping this past Wednesday. Vaez took some hard chops from Johnny Spade. Paredyse came in grabbing and spanking asses. Also at TV on Wednesday, it was supposed to be Rob Terry in this match as part of the Mascagni family, but he wasn't here tonight, as was replaced by Brandon Espinosa, who isn't even a Mascagni family member. Espinosa has been feuding with Paredyse though. Espinosa was going to smear some lipstick on Paredyse' face, but Paredyse rolled Espinosa up and pinned him instead, which got a good pop. Jessie Godderz then pinned Paredyse. Shiloh Jonze then pinned Godderz after he and Johnny Spade gave Godderz a double superkick. OVW Heavyweight champion Rudy Switchblade then pinned Shiloh Jonze after hitting Jonze in the back of the head with the OVW title belt. Switchblade was wearing new trunks. Johnny Spade then pinned Switchblade, so it came down to Johnny Spade vs Mohamad Ali Vaez. Like he did this past Wednesday night, one legged Iraq war hero Michael Hayes came out to the floor with a spray bottle and some paper towels. Hayes went to work cleaning the ringposts, and the bottom rope. Hayes lost a cage match to Vaez here last month, with the stip that Hayes had to quit wrestling if he lost. Vaez was again extremely unhappy that Hayes was out here on the floor during his match. Hayes then accidentally on purpose sprayed the cleaning chemical into Vaez' eyes, and Spade hit a superkick, which actually whiffed, on Vaez to win it for the good guys. The Mascagni family beat up all the faces after the match, with all the eliminated ones from both teams coming back out, with the babyfaces all left laying at the end.

I guess Johnny Spade is the top babyface in OVW at the moment. He won this match tonight, and beat Mascagni family member Marcus Anthony in a loser leaves OVW match this past Wednesday. Marcus Anthony is said to have been signed by the WWE. Send any feedback to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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