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So for reasons only they can fathom, the WWE has decreed that Jim Ross is to be sidelined for the forseeable future while they use a host of people, some of whom they're only now getting a clue are hurting the product (though that's not necessarily the personality's fault).
So why don't they have JR come in and give some constructive criticism to guys like Cole?  I recall the days when the Uber-Protected Jonathan Coachman (before he bolted for the greener pastures of ESPN) would say that the WWE didn't want him to learn the craft of calling pro wrestling matches, not that he really wanted to anyhow.  It would seem to me that someone like JR could be of invaluable service in this regard; giving pointers on how Michael Cole (just to use him as an example) could improve what he does without trying to imprint a particular style onto him (which the WWE seems happy to do themselves).
It just astonishes me that the WWE has people who have and can do things that could be of benefit to others in the company yet instead of allowing them to be they seem to do their level best to make sure that Arn Anderson IS NOT giving pointers on cutting promos or Zach Ryder isn't telling people some of the stuff he does on YouTube that helped him get over.
Just seems like such a needless waste.

Michael King


Hi Dave, I watched TNA last night for the first time in quite a while and was pleasantly surprised. The atmosphere was excellent with a crowd that seemed large and hot. It made TNA come across so much more major league than the last time I watched. Too bad they can't keep that up.The booking also seemed more straightforward, although I had thought Hogan and Eric Bischoff were aligned.
I also saw Broadus Clay this week and while I thought his gimmick was entertaining I wonder if it has legs. I think people may tire of it after the 4th or 5th time through. It may not seem fresh and interesting for long.
Sonnen may have to tone down his act if he is doing a stadium show in Brazil. He may get a lot of wake up calls and fire alarms at his hotel and bad food in restaurants. He seemed awfully cocky for a guy who barely beat Bisping-I thought it was a draw. I stopped watching the Davis-Rashad fight it was so boring and frustrating.  Davis never seemed to try something new after what he was doing wasn't working. I think the UFC may have peaked.
Take care.

Mark Takada

Thumbs way up
Best Match: Austin Aries vs Haskins
Worst Match: None
Random Thoughts:
~Shot out to the Brits.  You crazy fucks  were the highlight of the night!
 ~It was nice to see the Impact  guys perform in front if a big  crowd as it made very match come across as a big FK'N deal. 
~ I loved the commentary from Taz during the Haskins match specifically taking Haskins to task for making the outrageous claim that England is where wrestlers go to prove there worth.  It was a ridiculous claim and someone needed to address it.  Taz did.  Thank you for not insulting my intelligence.
~Austin Aries is having a helluva a title run and this match with Haskins (despite the nasty shooting star bump) really made me a fan of" A Double" It's refreshing  to see the heel get clean finishes but man o' man that little gay cape has got to go.   Solid match.
~Magnum and Joe are gaining credibility as threats to the Tag Straps.  The Buckingham Brawl was nice wrinkle to a tag match and allowed JoMag to show off some nice tag team wrestling.
~The TNA Knockout division have delivered some very nice matches as of  late.  Somehow they have found a way to make every girl n the roster seem DTF while maintaining credibility  as athletes
~I will always mark out for a Hulk Hogan return no matter how lame.  Great promo after the angle. 
~Bully Ray has nice calves.
~Did James Storm really lose the front end of his Roode/ Bully gauntlet?
~Did James Storm stuff napkins in the waist of his trunks? Weird bandage job.
~Haven't yet decided of Garrett Bischoff is a complete tool or a cool dude.
~Things is thought I'd never hear.  10k people chanting" We want Devon"

Leon Stancil


So from storyline perspective, could someone explain why the Undertaker wants to face HHH at Wrestlemania?  According to storyline, Undertaker already beat this guy last year, and is still undefeated.  Why on Earth would he want to come back to WWE, just to beat him again?  His victory wasn’t decisive enough?  Is that the angle we’re supposed to buy?  Maybe if HHH was claiming he was screwed in that match somehow or injured beforehand, or maybe spent the past year claiming he actually ended Undertaker’s career, despite the pin, going so far as to sport a Greg Valentine/Wahoo-type shirt to illustrate that claim I could buy this?  Or if HHH simply challenged him.  But why would Undertaker go out of his way to challenge HHH?  I can’t even remember the last time HHH even mentioned the Undertaker except for earlier last year.  And if he said anything, it certainly was not on anyone’s mind before Undertaker showed up on Raw.

The fans popped because the big superstar Undertaker was back, and popped because he was challenging another big superstar to wrestle at Wrestlemania, but I’m sure no one in the arena could give an actual reason as to why, other than it’d be “cool” to see HHH fight Undertaker.  This reminds me of the Rock teaming with John Cena at Survivor Series for absolutely no storyline reason.  I think this pretty  much sums up the disconnect between WWE Creative and the fans.  Once again forcing fans to fill in the blanks, or overlook certain realities, like the Undertaker has absolutely nothing to gain from beating a guy, he already beat.  His undefeated streak is still intact, and HHH doesn’t even have a championship he could win from him.  I’m sorry, but “Mark wanting to work with Paul one more time for a big payday” is not a good angle to present to wrestling fans no matter how “knowledgeable” they are.

Steve Te Tai ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )


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