Smackdown spoilers from Tulsa

The show opened with Sheamus out for an interview, again saying he will choose which title he will challenge for after the Elimination Chamber.  Wade Barrett, Cody Rhodes and Big Show all came out and got into it.  They all talked about how if Sheamus challgned for the title, he would be facing them and not Bryan.  Sheamus & Show cleaned house on Barrett & Rhodes, with Show choke slamming Rhodes, to set up a tag match.

Great Khali b Jinder Mahal

Beth Phoenix b Alicia Fox - Tamina ran in and she and Phoenix were about to go at ti when Phoenix bailed.

Sheamus & Show b Rhodes & Barrett when Sheamus pinned Rhodes after the Brogue kick. 

A.J. did an interview with Michael Cole.  Cole told A.J. that Bryan set her up and everyone in the locker room knows it and she should smarten up.  Bryan came out and threatened Cole, who ran away.  Bryan talked about not eating meat and not watching the Super Bowl on Sunday either, and that everyone is treating A.J. badly so he's leaving and taking her home.  Teddy Long came out and said they will arrange for A.J. to get home safely, but if he leaves with her, he'll be stripped of the title.

Ted DiBiase b Hunico.  DiBiase worked with a cast on his wrist.

Daniel Bryan b Randy Orton via DQ.  Bryan grabbed the belt and was walking out.  Show tried to block him and threw him back in the ring for Orton to hit the RKO.  However, the ref DQ'd Orton for Show interfering.  Orton then got mad at Show for costing him the match and they starting fighting, until Show choke slammed Orton while Bryan escaped.

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