OVW TV tapings 2-8 Louisville

By Trent Vandrisse

 Here's the Ohio Valley Wrestling Television taping report for February 8th, 2012. This was the taping coming off the February 4th Saturday Night Special show, which was not a good show, or important, show. Little to nothing to note came out of the latest OVW Saturday Night Special, but they did use some footage from it to further some angles on the TV taping tonight, which I'll get to in this report. The next Saturday Night Special will be on March 3rd.

Dean Hill and Gilbert Corsey were the TV announcers for this taping. No Kenny Bolin tonight. Ron Hed and Brittany DeVore were the ring announcers. The attendance was again a bit over 100.

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1. Paredyse, CJ Lane & Taeler Hendrix beat Bull Bronson, Bobbie Bardot & Epiphany in a mixed 6 person tag

Dark match, real dark. Bull Bronson is a large, tattooed, fat man. He has a bit of a look of an 1800's Circus strongman to me. Bobbie Bardot is Bobcat, the wife of Al Snow. She's doing a Burlesque dancer gimmick here. Much arguing before this match began. CJ Lane was a heel Saturday night, but back on the face side tonight. Don't try to make any sense of it. Like many OVW matches tend to do, this broke into a chase scene, but this one fell apart badly, to a pitifully comic degree. Paredyse finally DDT'd big Bull to win it for his side, but clearly, that wasn't the planned finish. Just hideous.

2. Rob Terry w/Christian Mascagni beat Elvis Pridemore

Also a dark match, but the announcers appeared to be doing commentary during it. I wouldn't have thought it going in, but these two really clicked. Elvis fought Terry hard, and got a bit in on him early. Terry dropped Elvis down hard face first, then beat him with a chokeslam. This match worked well for what it was.

3. Dylan Bostic beat Joe Coleman w/Prince Bolin & Mickey

Another dark match. Prince Bolin was holding his neck in pain from losing a lumberjack strap match to Raul Lamotta on Feb. 4th. Coleman dominated Bostic early on here. Bostic came back with some flying forearms. Bostic then won with a top rope crossbody block, which was an outcome that surprised me. Bostic was over here, and the finish got a good pop.

The TV taping opened with clips from the February 4th Saturday Night Special when one legged Iraq war hero Michael Hayes came to the floor as a Janitor, and accidentally on purpose sprayed cleaning chemical into the eyes of Mohamad Ali Vaez, causing him to lose to "Smooth" Johnny Spade in the finals of an 8 man elimination tag team match. They then showed clips of the Mascagni Family heels beating up the babyfaces after the loss.

Out came the Mascagni family, Mohamad Ali Vaez, Rob Terry, Jessie Godderz and OVW Heavyweight champion Rudy Switchblade, all in their wrestling gear. Christian Mascagni, the current "Talent arbitrator" of OVW, said he's had it with Michael Hayes, because he costed them two matches in the last week. Mascagni started to call Michael Hayes to come out to the ring, but Jessie Godderz suddenly interrupted the proceedings saying he had a "Pec-Tacular exhibition" for us all. Godderz then struck a series of several different muscle poses, as music played during this. An annoyed Mohamad Ali Vaez finally cut Godderz off, saying as Pec-Tacular as this is, they were supposed to be correcting an injustice here. What a unique way to tease some dissension within the Mascagni family. Christian Mascagni then demanded Michael Hayes come out now. Instead, out came the OVW Director of wrestling operations, Trailer Park Trash. TPT told Mascagni that Danny Davis has hired Michael Hayes, and that he is now an employee of OVW. Vaez said that Hayes was supposed to quit. TPT said Hayes is no longer a wrestler, he's an employee, and that Hayes was just working in the concession stand. Out came Michael Hayes, holding two hot dogs. Vaez started to go after Hayes, but TPT said since Hayes is an employee here now, if anyone lays one hand on him, that will be an assault. Hayes got in the ring and offered The Mascagni family the hot dogs. He found no takers, but Hayes then suddenly tripped, and fell into Mohamad Ali Vaez with the hot dogs, so Vaez ended up with Ketchup and Mustard all over his chest. Obviously, this didn't make Vaez very happy, but he couldn't do anything to Hayes back physically.

Mascagni then talked about the TV main event for tonight, OMG(Johnny Spade & Shiloh Jonze( defending the OVW Southern tag titles against Sean Casey & Raphael Constantine. Mascagni said TPT made that match, but as Talent Arbitrator, he gets to make the stips for it. Mascagni said OMG would lose the tag belts tonight, and that Johnny Spade would leave OVW tonight. Curiously there was no mention of Spade beating Marcus Anthony here last week in a loser leaves OVW match. Anthony is said to have signed with the WWE.
Mascagni and Trailer Park Trash have a checks and balances of power angle going on here now, but don't look for logic in it, cuz it's not there, which is what I don't like about it. OVW in general does an above average job in the logic department, given the extremely low standards of pro wrestling in general, but not with this Mascagni and Trailer Park Trash who's really has the power here stuff. And don't even get me started on the shadowy OVW Board of Directors dreck. Plus, with the way things are now, virtually any important match is about guaranteed to have all kinds of stipulations and interference marring it, which knowing that before a match even starts, takes the enjoyment out of matches a great deal for me as a fan.

Lady JoJo was backstage on her cell phone with someone doing the "What are you wearing" bit. She got off the phone quickly when she saw referee Chris Sharpe coming towards her. JoJo and Sharpe were supposed to go on a date last week, but we found out here that JoJo stood Sharpe up. JoJo started lying and making outlandish excuses as to why she couldn't be there last week like her hair caught on fire, she backed over her cat, and she had a bad cold. Sharpe asked if they could go out next week. JoJo lied and said yes, since next week is Valentines day. JoJo then beat a hasty retreat, leaving Sharpe standing there looking confused.

4. Brandon Espinosa beat Andrew Patton

This was the first match of the TV taping. Espinosa pounding on Patton in the corner, while the crowd chanted "You are gay" at Espinosa. The maniacal Espinosa hit a rocker dropper on Patton, and then beat him with his Cobra Clutch into a face plant finisher. Espinosa put a dress on Patton after the match, and then smeared red lipstick all over his face, while he directed comments at Paredyse. Espinosa then gave Patton a stiff running kick to the face for good measure.

5. Los Locos(Anarquia & "Rudo" Raul Lamotta) & Randy Terrez beat Tony Gunn, Lennox Norris & Jose Del Barrio

Los Locos and Terrez all had fun beating the crap out of Lennox Norris early. Norris really amped up the comedic style bumping for this match, and it was funny. Del Barrio is a huge, but super duper green, rookie. Los Loco's tried to give Del Barrio some chops, but he had no idea how to take him, and clearly didn't want to take them anyhow. OVW clearly has plans for Del Barrio because he didn't go down from the chops, and he finally went for the eyes of Anarquia. Los Locos gave Norris a double DDT to win it, with Anarquia pinning Norris. Norris took more comedic, cartoonish style, bumps on the floor after the match.

Prince Bolin was very upset backstage over losing a lumberjack strap match to Raul Lamotta, and was taking it out on his Bolin Service 2.0 members, especially Mickey, the personal assistant. Bolin again screamed at Mickey for bringing him the wrong brand of water, and for Mickey not being able to find Rocco Bellagio for 6 weeks now. Bolin took off his belt and was threatening to whip Mickey, but Bolin finally just stormed away. When he did, BS 2.0 member James "Moose" Thomas patted Mickey on the shoulders, with a legit sympathetic look on his face. Joe Coleman was there too, but where was Jack Black?

Trailer Park Trash was talking to Randy Terrez in an office backstage. I couldn't hear the first part of this, but TPT asked Terrez for some sort of a favor, and a battle royal was mentioned. If Terrez did TPT the favor , Terrez would get a shot at the OVW heavyweight title at the February 25th OVW house show in Elizabethtown, Kentucky. Terrez was agreeable to this.

6. Chris Silvio w/Mo Green & Mary Mary beat Randy Royal to retain the OVW TV title

The new chick with Silvio and Green was called Mary Mary last week, not sure if that's her name here or not though. I forgot to mention last week she had a hula hoop, and spent much of this match hula hopping, she's really good at it. Royal in new ring gear here, which looked really good. It said "Double Superstar" on his read end. Silvio worked this match in Indian Moccasins. Back and forth early here. Silvio went down with a fake knee injury, then made the miracle recovery, and hit Royal with his Rocket punch finisher to retain the OVW TV title. Why does anyone in pro wrestling fall for the fake injury bit in 2012? Hell, it's a title match, if the opponent is hurt, beat him, win the belt, then say, "You OK Dude?"
Out came Adam Revolver, wearing different tights for a rare change for him. Revolver talked about Ted McNaler supposedly beating him with one arm tied behind him on February 4th. Revolver said he had a reality check for all of us. Revolver said McNaler was a cheater, and that "Mom" always liked him better, and he was a better athlete and student. They are now trying to sell that McNaler and Revolver are legit brothers. Revolver said he was also the better wrestler. Revolver then showed some clips from the Saturday Night Special to clear his name. The finish of the Revolver vs McNaler match was shown a few times, with Revolver saying McNaler's shoulders were down, which they did appear to be. Out came Ted McNaler wearing ripped jeans. McNaler said it didn't matter what the replay showed, that he controlled over half of that match against Revolver with one arm tied behind his back, and last week at TV, he beat Revolver in a two on one handicap match, which did happen.
McNaler then tried to extend an olive branch or sorts to Revolver saying they used to be tag team champions as The Elite, that they both used to be OVW TV champions, and both got shots at the OVW Heavyweight title, but McNaler asked, now where's the gold? McNaler said this was due to Revolver's jealousy. McNaler said he spent an hour on the phone today with "Mom", who was in tears over the situation. McNaler said he doesn't have to be Revolvers tag team partner, or his friend, but he does have to be his brother. McNaler told Revolver to let it go. Revolver said "Mom" was crying because of McNaler. Revolver then brought up McNaler's girlfriend, ring announcer Brittany DeVore, calling her a "Street troll". McNaler then decked Revolver. Revolver went to the floor and threw DeVore out of her chair, and then hit McNaler in the back with the chair in front of the babyface entrance. Several refs came out to tend to McNaler, who was down. It was notable that Revolver exited here thru the heel side. He's been a heel for awhile actually, but was still coming out of the babyface entrance. The end of this segment had by far the most intensity of anything on this show. I was left wondering if we viewers are going to be meeting "Mom" soon.

7. OMG("Smooth" Johnny Spade & Shiloh Jonze) beat Sean Casey & Raphael Constantine w/three ladies to retain the OVW Southern tag team titles

TV main event time. Casey and Constantine "earned"(?), if you want to call it that, this title shot by beating a couple of scrubs on February 4th. This was Casey and Constantine's first TV match as a tag team here, but they've been stinking out the joint on dark matches for a few weeks now. OMG dominated Constantine early here, but Christian Mascagni came to the floor, took the mic, and announced that any double team moved by OMG were banned for this match, and if they do any, not only will they be disqualified, they will also lose the tag titles. Mascagni stayed at ringside, and then suddenly announced that this match would be held under Texas Tornado rules as well. Johnny Spade got knocked from the ring, and Casey and Constantine double teamed Shiloh Jonze. Trailer Park Trash came out and stood in front of the babyface entrance. The next several minutes were the exact same thing, Spade kept getting knocked back to the floor, while Jonze got double teamed in the ring by Casey and Constantine. In fact, this went on far longer than anyone in the match wanted it to, but they were clearly told to stretch this out to fill time on this episode. The three ladies with Casey and Constantine got caught slapping Shiloh Jonze by referee Chris Sharpe, but Christian Mascagni said Sharpe couldn't DQ Casey and Constantine cuz the ladies are part of their team. Mascagni took a slap at Jonze himself at one point. Trailer Park Trash looked exasperated. Johnny Spade finally got back in the ring and got some offense in. Spade went to superkick Constantine, but Mascagni said the superkick was banned for this match, while Spade was in mid-kick. The match fell apart some at this point. Jonze hit a flying forearm on Constantine, and Spade then hit Constantine with a Swanton to win it, and retain the OVW Southern tag team titles, in spite of the bevy of stipulations against them. Mascagni's stacked deck turned out to be just a house of cards on this night. An Ok show overall tonight.  Send any feedback to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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