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TNA Against All Odds
Thumbs Up
Best Match: Austin Aries vs. Alex Shelley
Worst Match: Gunner vs. Garett Bischoff
If there was clear reason why I bought this show, I can't find it, other than random curiosity. Still, this show deserves a thumbs up, mainly because I thought Shelley and Aries had a great match, Styles and Kazarian had a very good match, and most everything was clean. From a standpoint of enjoying the show though, the crowd killed it. It's amazing to watch clips of them in front of huge crowds from London, and then come back to a PPV in front of a small, mainly disinterested crowd.
The main event had hard work but made no sense. Sting won't count for Bully (a heel who had a fair pin) but will count for Roode (A heel who had an unfair pin)? Sting's a face, right?
As far as Gunner-Bischoff goes, I seem to remember Eric Bischoff, years ago as a commentator on Nitro, during an angle with Ric Flair pushing David even though he wasn't ready. He even noted it once on Nitro when Erik Watts was wrestling David, talking about how Watts was pushed because he was the son of a booker.
And now, 12 years later, Bischoff's doing it himself. 
Obviously, the worst part of the show was Jesse Sorensen's injury. Here's hoping he's OK.
Zach Baker
Tiffin, OH
 TNA Against All Odds- Mild Thumbs Up
Best Match- Austin Aries vs Alex Shelley
Worst Match- Robbie E. vs Shannon Moore
Thoughts: The crowd was pretty awful tonight.  They got into the end of Aries-Shelley, but they were pretty bad all night.  Shannon Moore is still a black hole of charisma.  I like Joe and Magnus, can't stand Morgan and Crimson.  Aries vs Shelley was really good, best match on the last two TNA ppvs.  As mentioned the crowd didn't help much, especially in the AJ Styles-Kazarian match.  I am intrigued by Gunner, don't care about the feuding Bischoffs.  Thought the main event could've gone a little longer, I was fine with Roode getting under Sting's skin leading to the finish. 
Lee Hamilton
St. Louis

Best match: Aries/Shelley. This match was well worked and having Shelley back makes the x division solid. Aries is no Long Hair Harrison but he is definitely a top level performer
Worst match: the main event looked so bush league and scripted that it made Gunner/Bischoff look like Mad Scientist/Hybrid Scientist from Russellmania. Samoa Joe looks ok in a tag team but fits better with OIL and Whoppy Joe as the Strombolie Savage. Matt Morgan is just awful. He is big and impressive and you expect him to do something spectacular but then you get a pump kick. There are 300 lb plus guys in EWF doing moonsaults and this guy is stringing together a suplex in to a rock bottom. Just awful!
Kyle Blakeman.
Clearwater, Fl

Thumbs DOWN

Best Match: Aries/Shelley

Worst Match: Ion/Sorrenstien



The iMPACT! crowd is the shits. I feel bad for these guys busting their ass out there for a crowd that doesn’t care…The AJ/Kazarian match went way too long….I hope I never get to see another Garrett Bischoff match again. This match was just atrocious, especially the psychology. Clearly, Garrett Bischoff hasn’t been watching tapes of Ricky Steamboat heat spots.The kid clearly isn’t ready, let alone ready to be in a PPV semi-main event….Bully Ray is an awesome heel. He’s really upped his game since his Dudley Boyz days. I’m gravely disappointed he didn’t win the title…Speaking of the title match, the ending was a blatant ripoff from the Hart/Undertaker match where Shawn Michaels was the guest referee. The only difference was this ending was much more anti-climatic, where Sting waited forever to count the three. All in all, a bad show. It had a couple of really good matches but the Bischoff match and the ending just really did it for me. God I hope Lagana can help add some creativity to a much needed show….

- Rick Marshbanks

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