UFC main card live coverage from Omaha Ellenberger vs. Sanchez

Welcome to our live coverage of the show from Omaha:

Tim Means b Bernardo Magalhaes via decision on scores of 30-27, 30-26 and 30-26

Justin Salas b Anton Kuivanen via decision on scores of 30-27, 30-27 and 29-27

Jonathan Brookins b Vagner Rocha via knockout from hard punches on the ground 1:32

The scheduled debut of Buddy Roberts was postponed when Michael Hayes gave opponent Sean Loeffler four flat tires.  No, actually Loeffler suffered an ankle injury (Freebird backstage attack) warming up and didn't come out for the match.  Somebody may have given some pro wrestling bookers an idea.


First round: Albert landed a knee to the body. Albert grabbed a clinch and a few knees and a punch before letting Menjivar loose. Menjivar with a headlock takedown and is on top. Albert trying for something from the bottom. Menjivar landing big hammer fists and now elbows to the body. He’s trying an armbar but Menjivar blocked it and landed punches from the top. Menjivar looking for a heel hook, as is Albert. Menjivar spun to Albert’s back and kicked to the body. Albert back up. Great kick to the jaw by Albert and he’s taking off landing hard knees and punches as Menjivar is in trouble. More knees to the head and lots of punches. Menjivar is in a lot of trouble. Albert tried a guillotine and Menjivar got out and Menjivar landed on top. Menjivar moved to Albert’s back and is working for a choke, and now punching from back position. This is a hell of a round. Menjivar locked in the choke and Albert had to tap. Excellent one round fight.


First round: Dillashaw immediately working for a takedown. Watson doing a hell of a job defending. Watson showed some awesome balance got eventually got a takedown and a second one. Dillashaw has him on his back. Dillashaw landing a few punches. Dillashaw go this back. Dillashaw workignfor a choke but it’s arond the chin. Elbow by Dillashaw. Dillashaw landing some lefts and Dillashaw again working for a choke. Watson defended it. Dillashaw landing some punches. Ref Josh Rosenthal warning him about punches to the back of the head. He’s again trying for a choke. Dillashaw now landing punches fro the top. Dillashaw landing good punches on the ground. Dillashaw landing a lot of hard punches as the round ended. 10-8 round, not sure the judges will say that, tho.

Second round: Dillashaw landed a hard punch. Another takedown by Dillashaw. Dillashaw landing elbows to the head and now punches. Dillashaw got his back again. Now he got the top and throwing punches. Now he’s got his back and throwing a lot of punches. This is close to over. Dillashaw keeps landing punches. Dillashaw working for another choke but it looks like Watson got out again, but all he’s done is get out of submissions and he’s getting creamed here. Dillashaw again working for a choke. He hasn’t been able to complete any of the choke attempts because Watson is able to block the second arm from securing the move. Now more punches by Dillashaw. Dillashaw landing tons of hard punches. This has to be close to a stoppage at this point. He’s landing more hard punhes. Watson lasted the round but that’s all he did. This has to be a 10-8 round so 20-16 at this point.

Third round: Watson in with a kick. Body kick by Watson. Dillashaw landed a left to the jaw. Spin kick by Watson nowhere close. Dillashaw moved in for a takedown and moved into side control on the ground. Watson back to his feet. Knee landed by Watson. Uppercut by Dillashaw and Watson pulled guard and locked in a triangle from the botttom. It was really almost a flying triangle but Dillashaw out. Watson working for a kneebar . Dillashaw escaped it. Dillashaw got his back again. Dillashaw working for a choke again. Watson defended the other arm. Watson is in trouble here. Dillashaw gave up the choke and is throwing punches and elbows. Dillashaw is landing a lot of elbows late. Dillashaw’s round, should win 30-25. Strike difference was 172-12 for Dillashaw.

Scores: 30-25, 30-25 and 30-26 for Dillashaw


First round: DeFries landed several good shots. Now both are landing big shots but Miocic’s shots were harder. A couple of hard rights to the jaw put DeFries down and after several punches on the ground it was over with a stoppage by ref Dan Miragliotta.  Time was 43 seconds.

Jon Anik asked Miocic who he wanted to fight next.  He had no answer.


First round: Markes in with punches and trying for a takedown. Not sure wrestling Simpson is the best idea. The ref broke the clinch. Simpson missed a big overhand right. Low kick by Markes. Simpson back with a low kick. Markes landing a lot of punches. Now a body kick and two low kicks by Markes. Simpson landed a good left. Simpson nailed him with an uppercut that knocked Markes silly. Markes is in a lot of trouble. Simpson landing a lot of punches and elbows on the ground. Markes going for an armbar but Simpson landing more punches. Simpson told Markes to stnad up. Markes chasing him. Trading punches. Simpson’s round 10-9.

Second round: Simpson landed a right. Simpson’s left leg all red from the low kicks. Simpson put Markes against the fence. Markes danced away. Markes landed right hook. Low kick by Markes. Markes landed a few punches and an elbow. Simpson tried a takedown but couldn’t get it. Simpson with a kick to the jaw and now going for a takedown. Now the two are in a clinch against the fence. Markes powered Simpson down with a bodylock takedown. Crowd booing since little is happening. Markes elbowing the left leg. Markes with elbows and punches to the head. Simpson got back to his feet. Markes’ round so 19-19.

Third round: Low kick by Markes. Markes landed a straight right. Now Markes pushed Simpson against the cage. Ref ordered a break from a long clinch. Simpson with two body shots. Markes back with a low kick. Simpson with a front kick but Markes got the clinch. 2:00 left and which ever guy does something here will have a good chance of winning the fight as this round is close. The ref separated them from the clinch again. Simpson landed a few good punches moving in. Markes with a knee but Simpson landed. Simpson tried a takedown but didn’t get it. Markes landed something and Simpson went down, may have been a slip, but that could decide the fight. Markes has control and took Simpson down. That may clinch the fight. Simpson back up and Markes just holding him against the fence until time ran out. Markes’ round and should win 29-28.

Scores: 29-28 Markes 29-28 Simpson 29-28 Markes. Crowd booing. Really I could see a draw with a 10-8 first but Markes clearly won rounds two and three.


First round: Herman is sporting an Eric Young look. High kick by Struve. Herman landed two punches. Herman with a body punch. Struve missed an overhand right. Herman landed a few good punches. Body kick by Struve. Herman landing more and Struve landed a coutner. Struve landed an overhand right. Herman landing more punches. Struve not getting his game going. Herman landed a straight right. Low kick by Herman. Trading kicks to the body. Herman with a body and head shot. Herman with a front kick. Low kick by Herman. Struve missed and Herman landed. Struve threw a kick, it was blocked and Herman landed another one. Herman’s round 10-9.

Second round: Low kick by Herman and Struve back with a low kick. Struve took him down right into the mount landing in great position. He got Herman’s back but Herman backdoored out of trouble. Hard body kick by Struve. Struve now moving forward. Herman landed three shots. Herman with a body kick. I think Herman is getting tired. Struve sensed it and moved in. Struve landed a left. Struve landed several punches which hurt Herman. Herman bleeding under the left eye. Struve moving forward and landing punches. A right uppercut knocked Herman down. Struve has side control. Struve now is in full mount. Struve landed a ton of punches and Herman is just covering up. Herman is in a lot of trouble and it’s over. Herman was mad it was stopped and the crowd booed it but that was a lot of unanswered punches.


First round: Ellenberger super over, like you really see since he’s from Omaha. Sanchez looks a little soft. Big staredown. Sanchez really giving him the evil eye. Loud Jake chants. Body kick by Ellenberger. Ellenberer landing punches. Ellenberger moved forward and throwing punches but Sanchez is blocking. Ellenberger landed a knee. Sanchez landed a punch moving in. Trading punches and Sanchez landed better. Sanchez moved in landed punches, both swinging, Ellenberger tried a takedown and couldn’t get it. Sanchez with a kick to the body. Ellenberger landed a punch that knocked Sanchez down, a left hook stunned him and the right put him down.  Fighting in close. Ellenberger landed a knee. Sanchez moving forward with a body kick. Ellenberger landed a hell of a punch late. Sanchez cut on the nose. 10-9 Ellenberger.

Second round: Spin kick by Sanchez but nothing there. Ellenberger with a body kick but it was blocked. Trading low kicks. Spin kick but nothing there either. Good left by Ellenberger. Ellenberger landed anther left. Sanchez landed a right hook. Ellenberger landed a left. Takedown by Ellenberger. A big move because that will likely clinch him the round. Hard left elbow by Ellenberger. Ellenberger with punches and elbows. Crowd going crazy. 10-9 Ellenberger so 20-18 at this point.

Third round: Ellenberger landed a left jab. Left by Ellenberger and a trip and Sanchez stumbled but didn’t go down. Ellenberger landed another left to the nose. Ellenberger landed two more left jabs. Trading punches and Ellenberger with a knee. Ellenberger tried a takedown and couldn’t get it. Knee to the body by Ellenberger. Sanchez blocked a takedown. Ellenberger bleeding and nailed another punch. Sanchez started to land solidly. Ellenberger got the takedown. Sanchez got back to his feet and Sanchez got Ellenberger’s back. Sanchez pounding on Ellenberger with 63 seconds left. Ellenberger is in trouble now. Sanchez is pounding on Ellenberger. Ellenberger landing one left after another. Sanchez pounding on him. Ellenberger got up and started throwing back. Super finish. Sanchez clearly won round three big but not enough to take the fight so 29-28 Ellenberger. Great fight.

Scores: All three have it 29-28 for Ellenberger

Sanchez noted that he injured his ankle a few weeks ago and only by the grace of God was he able to get into the cage.  Crowd was not happy thinking he was making an excuse and booed him.

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