WWE NXT TV report

WWE NXT: Redemption
Season 5, Episode 49
February 15, 2012
LIVE! From Fresno, California

by Emerson Witner
Senior Pain In The Ass

Before we kick off this weeks report, I do wish to thank Phil Strum, once more, for transcribing the brilliant diatribe by Mr. William Regal last week. Phil's blog can be found at http://blogs.poughkeepsiejournal.com/underthering

The show starts off with Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins coming to the ring. Last week Hawkins punched Matt Striker, who was running in to try to reverse the decision.

They mention that they should be on Raw, SmackDown and pay per view. But instead they are begging for matches on NXT. Striker will come out here and say he was bullied, but Rekins are more like politicians without the suits: they seize opportunities.

Hawkins runs down Striker's in ring and announcing abilities. NXT doesn't need a host, it needs change! Hawkins is wearing a Barack Obama shirt with Hawkins face on it.

Matt Striker walked out and Reks begged him to get in the ring. Striker said Hawkins doesn't hit too hard and has brought in a substitute to help him out.

It turns out the substitute is none other than Mr. William Regal! Mr. Regal mentions that tonight he is in charge, so William made our opening match.

Match #1
Tyler Reks is banned from ringside
Curt Hawkins vs Tyson Kidd

Mr. Regal, at the announcers desk, is unsure over whether he should have power, because it goes right to his head.

The first spot is amazing as Hawkins is sent outside and Kidd swings himself around the ring post and hits Hawkins with an amazing hurricarana!

Kidd celebrated to the audience, but Hawkins dropped him on the ring apron to get the heat. Back in  the ring and Tyson tries fighting back with kicks, but Hawkins trips him back up.

William drops Lance Storm's name, saying Tyson trains with him when he is not training with Bret Hart as Curt misses a corner splash.

They fight back to the outside as Kidd kicks Curt in the face. Kidd then scores a near fall with a springboard elbow drop.

A series of reversals ends with Curt getting a 2 count off of an Impaler DDT.

Tyson with a victory roll for a 2 count. Curt goes for a superplex, but Tyson knocks him off, rolls through and locks on the Sharpshooter for the win!

Winner: Tyson Kidd
Time: 6:35

Titus O'Neil is in the ring for a match when Mr. Regal brings out Yoshi Tatsu as an opponent!

Match #2
Titus O'Neil vs Yoshi Tatsu

Yoshi runs all around the ring, chopping Titus early on, but the big man catches Yoshi and hits a vicious looking back breaker to take over.

Not a whole lot early on as Titus just beats down Yoshi and yells to the crowd that he is the big dog.

Yoshi fights back and gets a 2 off of a running knee. Yoshi gets kicked in the leg and hit with the Clash of the Titus for the win.

Winner: Titus O'Neil
Time: 3:25

After the match Titus takes the mic and tells the fans to shut up, before asking for competition, saying he wants the fans hero, Alex Riley. I wasn't aware of such a thing.

This brings out A-Ry, who says he lives by the phrase “Don't talk about it, be about it.” Alex is ready for this fair fight, but Titus, like a good chicken shit heel, rolls out and says he just won a match so he will fight Alex next week.

Titus mentions he has a Valentine's Day date. That's great since the show airs on the day after Valentine's Day.

Backstage Alicia Fox is talking to Kaitlyn about Maxine. Kaitlyn wants Bateman to break up with Maxine.

Dirty Curty walks in and invites them to his band.

Someone who looks a lot like Dennis Haskins brings in flowers and candy for Derrick Bateman, but Curtis signs for it and takes it.

Match #3
Percy Watson vs Michael McGillicutty

William made this match because he wanted to see what Percy can do against a real Superstar. So he brought out Percy's rival from Season 2? Alrighty then.

I think this is Michael's first tv match since losing the Tag Team Titles back in August.

Michael slaps on a rear chin lock after taking Percy down and starts screaming at the ceiling to look at him now. Michael with a blow to the back of the head. Isn't that a 1 point deduction and an automatic stand up? Scott Armstrong didn't even bother warning him.

Percy hit The Rock's Float-over DDT and a standing dropkick, showing off his leaping ability.

Percy hit a double under hook suplex and went for The Heisman splash, but Michael got his knees up. Not that it mattered since Percy immediately hit a F-5 for the win.

Winner: Percy Watson
Time: 4:02

Backstage, Maxine found a box of chocolates that “Derrick” left for “Kaitlyn”. Obviously this was just Johnny Curtis leaving them for Maxine to find.

Match #4
Derrick Bateman & Justin Gabriel vs Heath Slater & Johnny Curtis

Kaitlyn is at ringside doing commentary, which is high comedy to our Substitute Host. Curtis' trunks read “Don't get weird”.

Derrick takes out Dirty Curty with a suicide dive to the outside, as Gabriel takes out Slater with a similar dive, as we go to commercial 43 seconds into the match!

We are back from commercial just in time for Gabriel to be crotched on the top rope. Kaitlyn says that her and Bateman hang out, watch Full House and do each others hair. Derrick, don't let Kaitlyn anywhere near your hair!

The former Tag Team Champions battle in the ring as William and Kaitlyn hit on each other while talking about the romance between Maxine and Bateman.

William asks Kaitlyn to be Wife #18. Kaitlyn says she hates children and William must have loads. Josh tries to call the action as Curtis scores a close 2 count.

Gabriel makes the luke warm tag to Bateman as Slater tags in. Derrick hits a front DDE and the Mantastic for the win!

Winners: Derrick Bateman & Justin Gabriel
Time: 5:36

Maxine struts out dressed like a street walker and attacks Kaitlyn with the box of chocolates. Bateman breaks it up, but Maxine shoves Derrick off. Derrick carries Maxine off as the show ends with Johnny Curtis creepily watching on from behind the ring steps.

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