UFC feedback

Thumbs up. Mostly entertaining.
Best fight: Menjivar vs. Albert
Worst fight: nothing was really bad
KO: Brookins
Sub: Menjivar
This time it's Glazer and Stann at the table and Anik and Kenflo ringside. Glazer is still an idiot. Stann is the best commentator they have next to Rogan. He's the most verbally agile of the fighters. Anik has potential but like I was afraid of, is falling into the trap of trying too hard to be clever. Kenny comes up with the occasional insight but is otherwise horrible. He really seems like he took one too many to the head. And they need to stop this stupid shit of trying to manipluate every winning fighter into calling somebody out. It isn't working. The fighters are too honest and they go 'Hey it's not my call.' The ones who have the potential to act like rasslers are going to do it without prompting. It looks horseshit. And please spare us the punchstat crap especially in the middle of a round.
First prelim fight was a basic squash of debuting guys with the very tall Means doing a paint jon on another Magalhaes, this one not named Vinnie. Means nearly finished it with Thai knees in the first then somehow forgot to throw them for most of the rest of the fight, and should have finished it. Much better judging in Nebraska than most places, with two judges having the sack to score it correctly at 30-26 with a 10-8.
Another debut fight, very good, with Salas taking a UD over the Finn, Kuivanen. Both guys are young and have upside.
Not That Buddy Roberts vs. Loeffler cancelled as Loeffler apparently injured his ankle warming up in the dressing room. Maybe a little more attention to MMA and a little less to stupid hair and painted toenails would be useful for him.
In the undercard main, Jonathan Brookins reversed a TD on Wagner Rocha and when Rocha reached for something from guard and apparently forgot this was not a JJ match and left his head open to strikes, Brookins bounced several right hands off it till he was unconscious. Both guys really need to tighten up their striking.
Menjivar and 'Prince' Albert blew the roof off in the top card opener, trading high tech fast paced both standing and on the ground. Albert stunned Ivan with an accidental illegal knee the local yokel ref was too fat to see and had him in some trouble, but failed to close the show and Ivan slipped up on his back, secured hooks and pounded to open the RNC for the tap. This will be in the Round Of The Year voting.
TJ Dillishaw gave the elongated Waleel Watson a three round drubbing, beating the much taller man to the punch standing and taking him down and controlling him at will, but could not hurt him with G&P and could not lock a sub despite multiple attempts. Kenny observed correctly that he was leaving way too much daylight on the chokes. Watson revivied in the 3rd and threw some subs of his own up, which was enough to make it interesting, but it was a totally dominant yet at the same time unimpressive Sonnen-ish performance for TJ. Again the scores were close to on point with 30-25, 25, 26.
In a match of undefeated heavyweights, English grappler De Fries made the mistake of tagging Stipe Miocic (who despite his name and Croatian bg is a totally midwestern American guy with a Danny Hodge type boxing/wrestling bg) with a couple good shots right after the bell, waking Stipe up and causing him to fire a short right counter and series of followups that finished the fight in less than a minute. Guy bears watching.
Young Brazilian Ronny Markes drops to MW and for the second fight in a row outwrestles a decorated wrestler, surviving a 1st round KD from Aaron Simpson and dominating the rest of the fight to take a 29-28 SD in Simson's hometown. You have wonder how Markes would have done as a wrestler if he grew up in the US or another wrestling-intensive country. Seems to have good striking too and as yet unseen BJJ, and at 23 has time to put it together. The negative is that a lot of this fight, like his previous one, was a grind and not much fun to watch.
The transformed Amish/Neanderthal/werewolf Dave Herman has a good first round, beating an inexplicably passive Struve to the punch, but the wheels come off for him as Struve gets more aggressive in the second, powering him down then later dropping him and finishing with G&P. Struve is strarting to look like 3/4 of Semmy Schilt, not half, and seems to be heading for full. Dana does not like Herman's new look.

The main, not unpredictably, consisted of Jake Ellenberger (Buffer still thinks 'Ellen' is his middle name) doing a paint job on a rather fat looking, mouth breathing Diego Sanchez for two rounds, then gassing himself in the 3rd and Diego nearly pulling off a come from behind finish, but was too tired to close the show and Jake probably saved himself from a 10-8 and a draw decision with a last second escape. Diego's whining on the prefight and postfight promos kept the fans turned against him in Jake's hometown, despite his performance. They should match him with Diaz for the Interim Whining Championship, but he's fun to watch. The fight clarified that Diego has the heart but not the skill for the top echelon, and that Ellenberger needs to work on his cardio if he expects to compete with Condit, Diaz or GSP over 5 rounds.

Crimson Mask

Superb debut.  Had a better feel than a Spike show, and didn't feel so much like an varied infomercial with a few minutes of fighting mixed in.
Worst--Markes/Simpson     Markes was an incredible drag and should be cut if he ever fights like this again. I also predict he will fail the drug test.
Mike Devlin

I give UFC Fight Night: Sanchez v. Ellenberger a thumbs up.
Best match: the main event.  I have the fight 29-28 for Ellenberger, I thought he won first two rounds and Diego the third, and although there were a few 10-8 rounds on the card, this was not one of them. It actually would have been interesting to see it go another 2 rounds. I liked Diego's entrance, while I'm not really a big fan of his, I thought it just worked for him, right down to the song and band. Ellenberger vs. Condit could be a decent fight.  Struve had one of the best finishes of the night with his combination to finish off  Herman.  Although there were a lot of nice finishes.  Also liked Simpson/Markes, I thought Markes had it 29-28.  Means and Magalhes was good I had it 30-26 for Means
Jason McNeil

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