Pro Wrestling Eve iPPV report 2-18

Pro Wrestling EVE held their first iPPV, No Man's Land, on Diva Dirt tonight, and it was quite the show for European Women's Wrestling.

Nikki Storm comes out to rant about not being given a title shot for the iPPV, despite having lost the final for the first Pro Wrestling EVE Title back in April against Britani Knight. She hates that an "MMA fighter" (Jenny Sjodin) is champion, and that the Alpha Female is getting the shot instead of her.
Hannah Blossom vs. Nikki Storm
Hannah slaps Storm, and Storm bails. Commentary is too low in the mix, we can mainly hear the in-ring and the fans, but this gets fixed. Storm cheats to take the advantage. Storm works submissions, Hannah fights back, but Storm keeps control. Hannah comes back with some big clotheslines and a suplex. However, Storm traps Hannah in a Fisherman's Suplex for the win.
WINNER: Nikki Storm
Holly Blossom vs. Sara Marie Taylor
SMT is accompanied by her Glamour Gym partner Carmel Jacobs, and uses hairspray on Holly to start. Holly fights back, and hits a couple of nice dropkicks on SMT, but Jacobs trips her up. Hannah comes out to counteract Jacobs. Taylor takes the ring, allowing Jacobs to interfere. SMT takes control, but Hannah trips her up to even the odds. Taylor keeps putting herself over with the fans instead of concentrating on Holly, and Holly kicks out when it should be over. Jacobs and Hannah get involved, and the ref throws the match out. Big confrontation between the Glamour Gym and the Blossom Twins, as things get out of hand.
April Davids vs. Rhia O'Reilly
Davids offers her hand, but O'Reilly slaps her. Davids slaps her back. O'Reilly takes a walk, but Davids dives off the apron onto her, and stomps her. O'Reilly drops Davids' throat across the rope and takes advantage. Davids gets the heat for a bit, but a big side slam puts O'Reilly back on top. O'Reilly applies a chinlock to wear Davids down. Davids comes back with a couple of big kicks to the face in the corner, and a big kick to O'Reilly's side. Electric Chair drop by O'Reilly gets two. O'Reilly boasts to the fans, but Davids kicks her in the side of the head, and pins her. Really good match.
WINNER: April Davids
Kay Lee Ray vs. Carmel Jacobs
Jacobs out with Sara Marie Taylor again. Due to the earlier DQ, Taylor is banned from ringside, and she's not happy about it. Jacobs demands that KLR lies down, and demonstrates it, but KLR covers her, and the match starts. Jacobs runs off, but KLR dives onto her. KLR goes for a victory roll and gets two. Jacobs locks on a Tarantula, and uses the full count. KLR takes advantage with some dropkicks and gets another two. Jacobs cheats to get the advantage, and declares that she's "beautiful and brilliant". Sunset flip off the top rope by Ray. Suplex by Ray, but Jacobs kicks out. DDT and a spear by Jacobs for two. Jacobs calls out for Taylor, she comes out, but the Blossom Twins come out to confront her. Kay Lee Ray gets Jacobs off the distraction and hits a Senton Bomb for the win.
WINNER: Kay Lee Ray
The announcer informs us that Nikki Storm will not get a bye, and instead, we get a replacement quarter final three way, with the winner to face Storm.
Janey Britannico vs. Kirsty Love vs. Big Van Viper
Love requests a dance off, Britannico does some lucha rolls, Viper decides to try and kill them. The other two try to work together, but Viper overwhelms them with her sheer size. Big bodyslam by Viper on Love. Britannico sneaks up and dives onto Viper, but she catches her and slams her. Britannico puts an Octopus hold onto Love, but Viper breaks it up. Viper hits an avalanche slam on Love for the win.
WINNER: Big Van Viper
Intermission. EVE had advertised two bonus matches - Jenny Sjodin vs. Britani Knight (Paige in FCW), and an Ice Ribbon tag team match, but due to technical difficulties, those couldn't be shown.
Big Van Viper vs. Nikki Storm
Theoretically, Storm should be fresh, whilst Viper wrestled the last match before intermission. Storm ducks a corner splash, and works Viper over in the corner. Viper chops Storm down in the middle of the ring. Another big splash by Viper, but Storm rolls out of the ring. Slight miscue, and Storm takes advantage. Storm has a sleeperhold applied on the big Viper, but Viper fights out of it and overwhelms Storm in the corner. Storm is faring incredibly well against the much larger woman, but the earlier rest probably came into play. Corner uranage by Viper, and she's running wild. Dueling chants for both women. Viper slams Storm face first from her shoulders, and Storm barely kicks out at two. Both women spill over the top, but Storm barely keeps herself on the apron. Viper pummels Storm in the corner, but Storm spits in her face. Viper is pissed, and shoves the ref, who disqualifies her. Storm qualifies for the final.
WINNER VIA DQ: Nikki Storm
April Davids vs. Kay Lee Ray
They lock up to start, and KLR takes control of the arm. Scientific battle to start, and they exchange holds and hit dropkicks at the same time. Fans are up for this one. Davids takes control with her kicks, and slams Ray. Another kick to the back of the head gets two for Davids. Kay Lee Ray ties Davids up in the ropes, and hits a phenomenal stomp from the top rope. Davids gets revenge by tying KLR up and dropkicking her low. Suplex gets two. KLR with a suplex of her own for two. KLR hit her head on that suplex, but in the confusion, KLR somehow rolls Davids up for the win. Think KLR is legitmately injured, so the finish was improvised. Was a great match up to that point.
WINNER: Kay Lee Ray
Jenny Sjodin (c) vs. The Alpha Female
Staredown to start - Sjodin has her gameface on, Alpha Female is programmed to kill. Sjodin takes Alpha down early, but Alpha barges Sjodin down with a shoulder tackle. Early crossarmbreaker by Sjodin, but Alpha Female gets out too easily, and slams her down. The match goes to the outside, and it's a brawl. Sjodin slings Alpha into the ringpost, but it barely fazes Alpha. Alpha has Sjodin perched on the top rope, but Sjodin takes her arm and drapes her over the top rope. Alpha shrugs off a Yakuza Kick with another shoulder tackle. Guillotine choke by Sjodin off an Alpha Female suplex attempt. Alpha Female powers out and slams Sjodin into the corner. Alpha hits a spear, and both women are down. Another charge by Alpha, but Sjodin gets a foot up. Shining Wizard by Sjodin. Senton by Sjodin gets two. Belly to back suplex by Sjodin gets two again. War between the two women on the apron, and Sjodin shoves Alpha Female through a table at ringside. Both women can't make the count, and it's a double count out. Sjodin retains. Both women struggling to get up, a rematch will definitely be required. Just as well this isn't the main event...
DOUBLE COUNT OUT (Jenny Sjodin retains the title)
Team Blossom (Hannah & Holly Blossom) vs. The Glamour Gym (Carmel Jacobs & Sara Marie Taylor)
An impromptu match to fill out time to allow Kay Lee Ray to recover from her bump. Carmel Jacobs starts with... one of the Blossoms. Jacobs hits a shoulder tackle, and does some star jumps, but gets tripped up. SMT in with the other Blossom Twin now. Bit of confusion, not knowing which Blossom Twin is which. Believe it's Holly in with Jacobs, who tagged back in. Monkey Flip by Holly on Jacobs gets two. Holly takes the arm, and tags in Hannah. The Glamour Gym double team Hannah. SMT working over Hannah, and grabs her hair to force her down. Effective tag team work by the Glamour Gym here, keeping Hannah near their corner. Think the Blossoms are confusing us by saying who's in the ring right now. Jacobs choking Hannah in the corner, whilst Taylor takes the ref. Excellent submission hold applied by Taylor, Hannah tries to fight back, but Taylor gets a two count. Tag to Jacobs, who forces Holly off the apron before going back to work on Hannah. Jacobs misses a leg drop, and Hannah makes the tag to Holly, who runs wild on both the Glamour Gym members. It's turned into a wild fight now. Holly tries to flip Sara Marie Taylor, but SMT sits on her, and grabs Jacobs' hands for leverage for the win.
WINNERS: The Glamour Gym
Kay Lee Ray vs. Nikki Storm
KLR still selling the neck from earlier, and Storm jumps her before the bell rings. Storm puts a cravate on KLR, and works over her neck. KLR comes back with a dropkick and a crossbody for two. Bodyslam onto the knee by Storm, her knee hitting KLR's neck. KLR comes back with a clothesline, and both women are down. Storm Warning fireman's carry slam by Storm, and she heads to the top rope, Benoit headbutt off the top, but Ray kicks out at two. Big boot out of the corner by Ray, and a leg lariat. KLR heads to the top and misses a senton bomb. Perfect Plex by Storm, and KLR kicks out. Storm pissed with the ref, taking her eyes off Ray, who rolls her up for two. Storm cranks Ray's neck and cradles her for two. Double clothesline, and both women are down. Storm hits the Dynamite Neckbreaker, and only gets two. Superkick by Ray. Senton Bomb by Ray, Storm kicks out at two. Storm rolls out, comes back in, and hits a draping Dynamite Neckbreaker for the win.
After the match, Kay Lee Ray is helped to the back, having suffered further damage to her neck. Storm calls Jenny Sjodin out, and Sjodin answers the challenge. The Alpha Female comes out as well. Big staredown, and Storm decides against an immediate challenge. Sjodin stands tall in the ring as the iPPV ends. Promoter Dann Read announces a return date for July 14th, possibly again on iPPV.
Apart from a choppy feed (the company Diva Dirt used to host the iPPV were doing one for the first time), weird commentary mix and some music errors, this was a fantastic first iPPV for Pro Wrestling EVE. Many of the wrestlers used this opportunity to make great showings of themselves, especially Nikki Storm, Kay Lee Ray, April Davids, Rhia O'Reilly and the Glamour Gym. They have all come so far in two years since the promotion started, and they did so well to showcase their skills to a larger worldwide audience. Pro Wrestling EVE also presented an intriguing angle to head into their next show, which should hopefully persuade people to buy the next iPPV as well.
Diva Dirt announced that the replay will have a better quality picture, so I suggest you check it out, as it was solid to great action all the way through, with some very good matches.
Martin Bentley

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