Wrestlemania Through Twitter: Photo of set, John Cena's new shirt

Hi all - Wrestling Observer web editor Josh Nason here and I'll be perusing Twitter all night to see if there's anything cool or noteworthy to share. If I find some cool stuff, I'll post it in this thread.

Amy Jo-Martin of Digital Royalty (Rock's social media advisor) tweeted the following pic of the setup around the ring:

Wrestlemania 28 Set

In addition, Mike Tyson tweeted out the following picture of his family and John Cena backstage. Cena is wearing what appears to be his new t-shirt:

Mike Tyson John Cena

- Former UFC champion Rashad Evans, Cole Miller and agent Malki Kawa are all at the event. Evans has been a bit critical, saying the UFC experience is better while Kawa is having the time of his life.