WWE Raw TV report - Cena vs Del Rio falls count anywhere

WWE Monday Night Raw

September 3, 2012
Rosemont, IL

Rob McCarron

Tonight is the Night!...
- Daniel Bryan and Kane turn in their anger collages.
- CM Punk returns to the Allstate Arena for the first time since destroying The Rock at Raw 1000.
- Vickie Guerrero pushes for the ouster of AJ Lee.

Michael Cole began the show, alone at ringside, explaining why Jerry Lawler wasn't at ringside for commentary. Cut to video of Punk and Lawler brawling backstage just before Raw went on the air. 

Sheamus made his way to the ring, and said the party was going to end for Alberto Del Rio. CM Punk cut him off, and made his way to the ring in street clothes. Crowd welcomes him as if he were a local hero or something. Punk recapped what happened last week between he and Lawler. Punk says that it is John Cena who has turned his back on the WWE Universe, which brought Sheamus back into the mix. Sheamus was booed when he cut Punk off. Sheamus challenged Punk to a fight, but Punk refused, saying he has nothing to do with him. AJ Lee came out to the stage and made some matches for later. Alberto Del Rio vs John Cena, and CM Punk vs Sheamus. She then skipped all the way down to the ring, around it, and back up the stage.

Match: Dolph Ziggler vs Randy Orton
He's here to show the world. Michael Cole is still alone at commentary. Story is that Ziggler demanded the return match after his loss on Smackdown last week. Dolph hit a dropkick early, and followed up with an imitation Flair strut. Orton had control for most of the match, including on the outside where he slammed Dolph into ringside barriers. Once the match came back from a commercial, Ziggler began to control the match. Late, this match almost had a PPV like feel. Orton hit a slingshot suplex, top rope superplex, his draping DDT, but missed the RKO. Dolph reversed an Orton schoolboy into a rollup of his own, and with the tights held, got the pin. Dolph wins!

As Dolph was exiting, The Miz made his way to the ring. How foolish of me, I thought he'd be coming out to start a program with Orton or something. Nope, he's replacing Lawler for tonight on commentary.

Anger Management class~! Harold was rubbing his neck, apparently getting mildly choked by Kane one week ago is still affecting him. Daniel Bryan presented his anger collage, which was a piece of paper with 'No!' and 'Yes!' written all over it. Kane shared his collage next. It was a blank piece of paper. Daniel laughed. Kane threw his blank piece of paper in the trash, then magically made the trashcan burst into flames. Daniel called him a teacher's pet, which brought a smile to Kane's face. Seemed like he was holding back laughter. Fun!

This was an interesting dynamic with Miz out on commentary. Cole was playing more a babyface character in the first hour, and was much less annoying than usual.

Match: Sin Cara & Rey Mysterio vs Cody Rhodes & Tensai
Rhodes was again obsessed with Sin Cara's mask during the match. This was actually a pretty slow match until the end, which saw Mysterio hit the 619 followed by a swanton by Sin Cara on Rhodes for the pin. This match bled into the 9pm hour, which was surprising. 

Anger management class~! The group circle were all joined in hands for a trust fall exercise. Bryan and Kane were encouraged to demonstrate first. Bryan was told to fall back and let Kane catch him. Kane caught him! This led the doctor to move Kane and Bryan into phase two, which meant they were being trusted together to catch Harold. Harold fell, but they did not catch him. Kane and Bryan were bonding!

Match: Sheamus vs CM Punk
Punk came to the ring in street clothes. Not a good sign. Punk said he was nothing less than a main event wrestler, and he is going to do what a lot of the people in the audience probably did today... take the day off. Punk walked off, and got booed. Sheamus got the mic and said Punk just disrespected the audience.

Backstage, Punk was walking off, smiling. AJ stopped him, saying he couldn't leave. He said he's using a personal day, and then left in a Chrysler 300 being driven by who I can only presume wasn't Vince McMahon. Matt Striker, your teacher, appeared. He asked AJ what she's going to do about her main event. She asked Matt Striker "Who are you?" AJ said she'll find Sheamus an opponent and walked off.

Match: Sheamus vs Jack Swagger
Alberto Del Rio came out the ringside to scout. Swagger entered, looking as if he actually thought he might have a shot to win. He didn't. Swagger tapped out to the cloverleaf, which Cole said he had never seen Sheamus use before. Then he must have not been paying much attention during 2011. Del Rio attacked Sheamus afterward, but that backfired. Sheamus hit a brogue kick to Ricardo as Del Rio bailed.

Miz was awful on commentary during that segment. He just couldn't complete any thoughts and was unsure of what to say. Cole, on the contrary, has been very good tonight.

Match: Eve Torres vs Kaitlyn
Layla joined on commentary, and Miz called her a '2'. Miz and Layla argued throughout the match, while in the ring Eve beat Kaitlyn with a neckbreaker. If you're wondering which one was the #1 contender to the Diva's title, well, it's the girl who lost. Eve went for a handshake with Layla, and Layla timidly accepted. This segment oddly built up a Miz vs Layla match more than anything else.

Backstage, Jack Swagger was leaving saying he's taking some time off. AJ tried to stop him. AJ listed all the guys who have left her, including Brock, Punk, and now Swagger. She is losing it.

Anger management class~! Daniel offered a rematch to Kane. Kane thanked him, and said he'd do his best not to eviscerate him. The two started arguing, and Harold tried to jump in but they shouted him down. Dr. Shelby screamed, saying the two don't listen, and he stormed off.

Michael Cole said it was up to us to determine the fate of Bryan and Kane tonight. #WWEmatch, #WWEtag, and #WWEhug were the options.

Backstage, Matt Striker questioned Del Rio about Ricardo's condition, but Del Rio's lawyer, David Otunga, said he had no comment.

Match: Jinder Mahal vs The Ryback
Ryback has a T-Shirt now, and Jinder got the jobber entrance. Super loud 'Goldberg' chants early. Quick one, Ryback winning with his finisher that has not yet been named.

Backstage, Striker questioned AJ about how Raw is falling apart. She makes Cena vs Del Rio a falls count anywhere match, then twitches a bit.

Daniel Bryan came to the ring, with the crowd going wild with "Yes!" Daniel was trying to stay calm. Kane entered next. Miz was trying to imagine what will happen if Bryan had to hug Kane.

#RAWactive Results: #WWEhug won with 55%. The two had to "hug it out." Neither liked the idea. The two would go back and forth, closing in then backing off. The eventual hug took forever, but that's okay because the crowd loved every bit of it. After the hug, Bryan and Kane started to push eachother. Their issues apparently aren't worked out. Things broke down and Kane and Bryan went at it. Kane gave Bryan a chokeslam, and put a chair around Bryan's neck. As Kane went to the top rope, presumably to eviscerate Daniel Bryan, referees came out to break things up. As they stopped Kane, Bryan attacked him with the chair and then ran off.

Match: Antonio Cesaro vs Santino Marella
Santino hit his cobra right away, without the sock puppet on, so it didn't affect Cesaro. Santino then went for the sock, but Cesaro stopped him and it fell to the ground. Santino kept trying to reach the sock, and when he finally got it, Cesaro quickly hit his equalizer for the win.

Match: Heath Slater vs Zack Ryder
Cole recapped the Twitter War between these two prior to the match. Twitter wars are real, folks. Miz put over Ryder huge on commentary. Slater's tan was all sorts of uneven tonight. Just bad. Now, as for the match, it wasn't much, but Ryder got the win with the Rough Ryder. Miz went crazy for Ryder getting a win.

Vickie Guerrero came out to state her personal issues with AJ. She called out AJ, who finally answered after a commercial break. Oh, but before AJ came out, Vickie reenacted the Clint Eastwood-Empty Chair deal from last week's Republican National Convention. AJ said she just got off the phone with the Board of Directors, who said she's been acting inappropriately lately. They said she can't touch any superstar or official. She apologised for her recent behavior. Vickie then demanded a direct apology from AJ. AJ apologised, but Vickie slapped her in the face. AJ couldn't do anything about it due to the Board's orders. Vickie left laughing, while AJ stood powerless in the ring.

For what had been a hot crowd, this segment got no heat. AJ beat up the ring canvas with a chair, and screamed wildly to end the segment. Her days as GM are numbered.

Match: John Cena vs Alberto Del Rio
This match started at 10:48, leaving it almost 20 minutes of TV time. I don't think we've seen the last of CM Punk tonight, so we'll see. This match actually did get to be pretty great. Lots of brawling around ringside and some big moves being hit, including Del Rio giving a backdrop to Cena through the announce table. Once Del Rio had control, he took a mic and told John Cena that he was beneath him. Alberto went for the cross armbreaker but was countered into the STF. Del Rio grabbed the mic that had fallen onto the mat nearby while in the hold, and hit Cena over the head to cause him to let go. The two then brawled again outside, eventually getting backstage to continue their brawl. I was right, CM Punk came back. Punk kicked Cena in the head and put Del Rio on top for the pin. Punk then dropped Cena head first onto his Chrysler 300, then simply said 'Respect'.  Punk got back in the car, and while the car drove by a prone Cena, we see that Paul Heyman had been driving.

Summary: Dolph beat Orton, Rey & Sin Cara beat Tensai & Cody, Sheamus beat Swagger, Eve beat Kaitlyn, Ryback beat Jinder Mahal, Antonio Cesaro beat Santino, Ryder beat Slater, and Alberto Del Rio beat John Cena. Punk said ''respect" many times, caused problems throughout the show, and beat up John Cena to end the show. Daniel Bryan and Kane bonded, then battled. AJ Lee went crazy again, snapping when her job was put in jeopardy.

Final Thoughts: This show was good, and fun for most, but there was little build towards the PPV in two weeks. Except for the Punk vs Cena main event, we got almost nothing. Daniel Bryan and Kane continued their fun, and I assume they will wrestle at Night of Champions, although that wouldn't fit with the theme of the PPV, so who knows.


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