WWE Smackdown in Minneapolis report

Report by: Myron Crawford

I was in attendance at the Smackdown in Minneapolis last night and wanted to give you the results.

The opener was a Battle Royal with the winner getting a Intercontinental Title Match later that night The following were involved:


Alberto Del Rio

Justin Gabriel

Michael McGillicuty

Alex Riley



Alberto Del Rio won with Ricardo Rodgriquez helping eliminate Drew McIntire and Heath Slater who were the final two against ADR, who is taking the face turn quite well.

Next was a Divas tag team match with Layla and Alicia Fox vs Tamina Snuka and Aksana Good match. Went about 12 minutes. Layla and Alicia pick up the win.

In fact, one of the best Diva matches I have ever seen. They actually got time to wrestle and not just do a botch fest for 2 minutes on TV.

Fandango made his debut in Minneapolis against Jamie Noble.

Many people near me had no idea who he was and really did not like him or his gimmick.

Decent pop for Jamie Noble after people realized who he was.

Noble started to get some chants for him right away when the match finally started.

Noble had most of the offense through out the night.

Finally Johnny Curtis, I mean Fandango, picked up the win after about 12 minutes.

3MB vs Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel

Started out slow. 3 MB is totally into their hamming it up "Rock N Roll" attitude.

During the match 3MB wanted to do a "Rock Off" against Kidd and Gabriel.

3MB did and the crowd booed them very well.

Gabriel and Kidd did and the crowd cheered and 3MB attacked them from behind.

Kidd and Gabriel pick up the win after about 18-20 minutes.

The Intercontinental Title was up for grabs with a Triple Threat Match featuring Wade Barrett, Alberto Del Rio and Kofi Kingston.

ADR had the support of the crowd after he turned on Barrett who wanted ADR to team with him against Kofi and ADR attacked Barret to start the match. Some great spots for each guy. Many near falls. Had the crowd at the edge of their seat. Many people near me thought that ADR was gonna walk out with the title. Then I reminded them that we were at a houseshow and their were no cameras.

Kofi wins after 20 minutes.

Loser has to sing a song match

Epico and Primo with Rosa vs Hornswoggle and The Great Khali

The crowd was on its feet to my surprise and popped HUGE or Khali and Hornswoggle (Biggest pop of the night, so far)

Epico and Primo made fun of Hornswoggle.

Khali came in and slapped the chests of both guys while the who place got quite. You could hear it.

Then Hornswoggle came back in and did it too.

Epico and Primo beat up Hornswoggle for a while.

Khali got the tag cleaned house in slow motion (it seemed like) and Hornswoggle did the tadpole splash for the win!

Again - Huge Pop!

Epico, Primo and Rosa tried to leave but Matt Striker, who was the host of the night told them to get back in the ring and sing or they would be suspended.

Epico said there was only one mic so only on could sing. The crowd voted on Rosa. While she was singing Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, Epico and Primo ran to the back leaving here there by herself

Michael McGillicuty vs A-Ry Alex Riley

Matt Striker told everyone to "Keep and eye on this next guy" when introducing Michael McGillicuty who hails from Champlin, MN.

Most of the crowdd was unsure of who he was, except for those of us that know he is a 3rd generation wrestler and son of Mr. Perfect.

A-Ry started with about 3-4 moves then McGillicuty won with convincingly with a great finishing move in about 3 minutes.

The Main Event

Sheamus vs Big Show

Steel Cage Match

Good Pop for Big Show when he came out from alot of the guys.

Biggest Pop of the night by far when Sheamus came out.

Great match!

Typical Show/Sheamus match. Lots of spots and strengths of feat for Sheamus.

At one point, Sheamus tried to go over the top of the cage and Show came over and they were both walking the top rope. The rope was bowed into the second rope. Sheamus jumped off and nutted Show. Whle Show was there Sheamus ran the ropes and and plowed Show into the cage 2-3 times. He was bowing the cage out.

Show tried to climb over cage in a corner and Sheamus came over and picked up Show on his shoulders like they were going to play chicken and walked him to the center of the ring and dropped him. BIG POP! A few Holy $#!T chants. Sheamus picked him up and delivered White Noise then also.

Sheamus tried to escape over the top again and Show climbed and gave the KTFO and Sheamus crumpled between the ropes and cage with his head hitting everything on the way down. That had to hurt.

Finally after many near falls and many people standing, Show pulled himelf to the floor after escaping through the door.

Winner - Big Show.

To send the fans home happy though, Show went and got a chair and brought it in. Sheamus moved and kicked the chair out of Show's hands and got it hit Show with the chair and then hit the Brogue Kick for another cheer!

Bravo WWE! Very good house show. Best one that I have been to.

Plus, they are very good at treating their fans really good. They were letting fans ringside to ring the bell. touch the title belts and even, of course had some give aways.

Thanks for everything!

Myron Crawford

What was the best match of the weekend in G-1?


Who was g-1 MVP


Whcih show are you most interested in?