WO/FFW Twitter Feedback: Who should CM Punk face at Wrestlemania if Undertaker sits out?

CM Punk - Wrestlemania

By Josh Nason

It was a surprise to a lot of people that The Undertaker didn't appear at this past weekend's Royal Rumble and if you listened to Bryan Alvarez's 10-minute update Monday, you know that there is at least some speculation for several months that he may skip this year's Wrestlemania in April.

Of course, that would likely affect former WWE Champion CM Punk who was thought to be an obvious opponent given that the Rock, John Cena, Brock Lesnar and HHH will already be booked with their own programs. However, if 'Taker decides to take a pass in 2013, that leaves a gaping hole of top level talent for Punk to work an interesting program with.

We took to Twitter to ask you -- the WO/FFD Univ...never mind -- about what direction you'd like to see Punk go in if the unfortunate happens. There was a few consistent answers, some interesting ideas and even a Dennis Stamp reference.


@MaulerMMA (Paul Lazenby)
Bring in Chael Sonnen!

Or Shane O' Mac….

might not be too late to put Punk in a title program with Del Rio. Probably wouldn't be compelling, but last-minute stuff rarely is

would Punk vs Vince be feasible?

Austin, can they beg him to do it?

call Austin!!!!!

turn Ziggler face in hot angle w Sheild and do punk dolph

Put him in smackdown title match since Smackdown and Raw one in the same these days.

Rock/Cena/Punk 3way

has to be a three way then for the title. Who cares if Rock loses, world knows he's not staying long term

Jericho or Alberto Del Rio.

Jericho II because you might as well just have the same show as last year.

Feed him to Ryback (pardon the pun). If he's third tier at that point, use him to try to repair Ryback. Can use the Shield, too.

Maybe a 4 on 4 match Punk and The Shield vs Foley, Orton, Ryback and Sheamus

Team Heyman vs. Team McMahon. Brock/HHH, Punk/Michaels, DX (Road Dogg,Gunn,X-pac)/ The Shield. YES!!

Work an angle in with him being pissed at the shield for costing him his title

pray hbk will come back for a brock/punk vs hhh/hbk tag match?

Cena/Punk, they have been on the same journey for most of the year, no rehashing of last years story that way.

ryback which is why punk should still have the title

make rock/cena/punk. Punk wins you can still get a rock/cena ppv

I hear Dennis Stamp is not booked.


Threeway with Rock/Cena, Punk beats them both.

Shawn Michaels

CM Punk vs John Cena vs The Rock (c) Triple Threat..With Rock as champ vs Cena as Rumble winner vs Punk with the new Design belt as he never lost.. Apparently..

Punk and Brock vs Triple H and Vince

Punk vs Mr. McMahon for Mania ... I don't see any other choice

bring back Kevin Nash #stillgotit

Triple threat with Rock and Cena.

They took the belt off the man with the most momentum in the business without him having a program for Mania, genius!

if Taker bails on mania before EC, then i'd have Punk beat rock setting up a triple threat at mania


turn Ziggler

3way rock vs punk vs cena

might as well let Ryback finally get his win

Alberto Del Rio

Finally feed Punk to Ryback.

No one. He stays off and gripes about the lack of respect he's still getting despite his title reign. Make it a storyline.

simple. Stone Cold.

what they usually do in that situation, throw punk in a make it a triple threat

Definitely don't like the prospect of a Taker-less Mania :(

add him to Rock/Cena or Del Rio


Orlando Jordan in a Time Machine match.

Punk/Cena/Rock in the main event.

Stone Cold Steve Austin


Has nothing more to achieve now he is the #PWI no1 best wrestler in the world the only thing he can do is end the streak

I would put him in the WHC picture. Can lead to a title unification angle. Add to his ego and Best in the World insanity.

good question punk should be the guy now cena n rock r gettin old

HHH can have Lesnar another time. Undertaker deserves Lesnar. There is great history/chemistry there. They had golden matches.

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What was the best match of the weekend in G-1?


Who was g-1 MVP


Whcih show are you most interested in?