WWE Superstars TV Report

WWE Superstars Report

By Matt Barker

Match One - Usos vs Primo and Epico

When we say Oooose y'all say O. The Usos start off this weeks show with their usual entrance routine as Matt Striker and Tony Dawson welcome us along. Primo and Epico have another new entrance song, and are accompanied by Rosa Mendes who looks very overdressed by her standards. The sons of Rikishi start off in dominant fashion. Primo attempts a headbutt, but is met by the classic Somoan no sell of the move. The Puerto Rican duo eventually begin to take over and isolate Jimmy, until Primo misses a dropkick, in the corner and ends up in the tree of woe position. Hot tag to Jey and he cleans house, until Rosa gets up on the apron and distracts him. Epico then creeps up behind and goes for the back stabber, only for Uso to hold onto the rope. Jey then hits him with a great superkick, tags in Jimmy who hits the big splash from the top for the win.

We return from commercial at the announcers desk where Dawson asks Striker how he feels after the shellshock from Ryback. Striker says he is ok but his neck is still sore. The announcers then send us to Raw for Cena vs Rhodes. I, like many, did not enjoy this burial of Cody. Cena's promo then aires, with him seeing into the future and knowing Rock is facing Punk in a rematch before either of them did. The Shields attack on the three top babyfaces is shown. I am hoping this leads to a six man with the up and comers going over. Won't hold my breathe on that though.

After the next commercial, the Rocks speech is joined in progress. I thought the back and forth with him and Punk was great, as expected, with two amazingly skilled talkers.

Match 2

Kofi Kingston vs Michael McGillicutty

Nice to see McGillicutty in action, who in my opinion is one of the most underrated wrestlers in WWE. Hopefully the man will see better things in 2013. Early highlight of the match, is a wonderful dropkick by M Mc, one which his Hall of Fame father would have been proud of. After just under 5 minutes of a back and forth encounter, Kofi attempts the S.O.S only for McGillicutty to block it. Unfortunately this counter is a whip into the ropes, which Kingston rebounds off of with the Trouble in paradise kick for the win.

After our final commercial the show raps up with the ending of RAW. Another golden segment here, featuring Brocks impeccable timing, great mic work from Vince and Heyman and the announcers dramatic reaction to the return of 'The Beast'. Unlike with SmackDown, non of the post show with Vince on the stretcher is shown. The show simply signs off as it did on Raw.


Another good show this week, would be nice to see a longer match up between Kingston and McGillicutty, hopefully in the upcoming weeks. The tag bout was given lots of time and developed into a good outing. Finally the choice of video packages was spot on again, highlighting the major points off RAW and building up Wrestlemania and Elimination Chamber brilliantly.......fortunately non of the Brodus Clay/ Tensai segment was recapped.

Have a great week everybody

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