WWE house show report 6-7 Fort Lauderdale

WWE house show: Friday 6/7/2013
BB&T Center, Sunrise, Fla.


-- There was record rainfall before and during the event, in parts of Dade and Broward counties. Localized flooding made it difficult for many to get to/from the show. Our part of the parking lot was flooded with at least a foot of water than fans had to wade through to get to their cars.

-- No Fandango, which disappointed a lot of people. But they did play his theme music as people were leaving the building, which came across odd since a lot of people were discussing his absence as they were filing to the exits anyway. When his music came on for no reason, it almost felt like a rib.

Matches (sorry for the incomplete report here and there... concession stands had long lines):

-- Tons of Funk (with the Funkadactyls) def. Rhodes Scholars when Broadus Clay pinned Cody Rhodes after a double splash. The invited kids into the ring to dance afterward, just like the Junkyard Dog used to do in the 80s. Crowd enjoyed it.

-- NXT title match: Bo Dallas (champion) def. Leo Kruger via pinfall after an armdrag powerslam to retain the title. Good match, but nobody really cared.

-- Ted DiBiase vs. Curt Hawkins (didn't catch the result here; stuck in line at concessions)

-- Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton & The Miz def. The Shield (Ambrose, Reigns, Rollins) via DQ after Reigns hit Orton with a chair. Excellent match. Afterward, The Shield tried to group powerbomb Orton but Daniel Bryan broke it up with a chair. All three babyfaces hit their finishers on Shield members to clear the ring.

-- Bray Wyatt (with the Family) def. R-Truth via pinfall. The aired the Wyatt family vignette prior to his entrance. Decent match, and the family definitely came across a little creepy. R-Truth got confused on the cheap pop promo and asked the fans whether they were in Sunrise or Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.

-- Zack Ryder def. Antonio Cesaro in a pretty good match. Ryder got a nice entrance pop, but crowd was dead for the match itself.

-- Brad Maddox came out and said Vickie Guerrero wasn't here tonight, which was good news because that meant he was in charge. And he was ordering Zack Ryder to wrestler one more match, against him. Ryder pinned him in about 30 seconds with a Rough Ryder.

-- John Cena def. Ryback in a tables match with an attitude adjustment through a table. Pretty decent match. Cena had a table leaned against the corner, and Ryback brought the steel steps into the ring. He tried to push Cena through the table using the steps but Cena moved, and the steps went through the table. Cena brought one more table in, and Ryback got his finisher countered into an AA for the Cena win.
The building was only about a quarter full when the show started (lots of late arrivals due to flooding). By the main event, it was probably a little over half full, taking into account they had a lot of seats blocked off near the entrance setup. Don't know for sure that flooding hurt attendance, but I wouldn't be surprised.

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