WWE Raw TV report

WWE Monday Night Raw

June 10, 2013
Richmond, VA

Rob McCarron

Curtis Axel Beats HHH Twice
Raw began this week with Triple H, as promised, coming out to wrestle Curtis Axel. Well, after wrestling for a bit, Vince McMahon came out and told the timekeeper to ring the bell. Vince then had Justin Roberts announce that Triple H lost via Disqualification. Triple H, upset, restarted the match after Vince had left. So, they wrestled again briefly until the Chairmen made his return to end this restarted match. Justin Roberts announced Axel as the winner via forfeit this time. Triple H had none of this, and demanded the match restart as a 60 Minute Iron Man match. As if the length of the match would stop Vince from stopping it again. Well, Vince cut it off again, before any wrestling this time. Vince, angry, took the microphone and the ring bell to the back so that Triple H couldn't play his games anymore. So, Axel wins a match, then the restarted match, which was taken as "two victories."

Backstage, Triple H and Steph argued about Vince. Stephanie cried, telling Triple H to think of the grandfather that is Vince, sobbing while telling Triple H not to hurt Vince.

Kane vs Dean Ambrose
Kane won via DQ when Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns interfered while Kane was setting up for his chokeslam. Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan rushed in to even up the odds, sending The Shield backtracking through the crowd.

Damien Sandow vs Sheamus was announced as the Payback kickoff show on Yahoo!, WWE.com, Facebook, WWE App, Youtube, and I think that's it.

#RAWactive: The WWE Universe voted 3-1 that Seth Rollins would take on Daniel Bryan later tonight.

Backstage, Kane was the voice of reason as Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton argued. Bryan made fun of Orton, while Orton insinuated that Bryan was weak. That upset Bryan. Vickie walked up and made Orton & Bryan vs The Shield for the tag titles at Payback. Kane couldn't believe it. Vickie then offered Kane a title match with Dean Ambrose at Payback. He hugged Vickie.

The Miz Wrestles
The Miz beat Cody Rhodes via submission with the Figure Four. Wade Barrett was on commentary. After the match, Paul Heyman came out and said that the Intercontinental championship match at Payback will still be a triple threat. FANDANGO is out with a concussion, so Curtis Axel is in the match on Sunday.

The Hall of Pain returns on Monday. Somebody gonna get their wig split.

Backstage, Stephanie wanted Vince to talk to Triple H. She failed.

Chris Jericho came out to talk trash about CM Punk. Dolph Ziggler, along with AJ and Big E, interrupted. Dolph talked about his title match on Sunday, then put Big E in a match with Chris right now.

Chris Jericho vs Big E Langston
Jericho pinned Big E after a Codebreaker. Dolph jumped on the ring apron late to distract Jericho, but Alberto Del Rio ran out and attacked Dolph. Big E was concerned, but then tried to rush into Jericho in the corner. Jericho moved, then hit his big move on a dazed Big E for the win. Dolph and Alberto stared off with each other to end the segment.

Antonio Cesaro... WINS~!
Antonio Cesaro somehow won a match on Raw, beating Sin Cara via pinfall after the equalizer. Zeb Colter was on commentary putting over Cesaro, while bashing the government of the US and Sin Cara's questionable legality. We had the usual fun Cesaro-Cara match, but it didn't last very long.

Replay of last week's Wyatt Family video.

Backstage, Brad Maddox impressed Vince with an awesome idea for the Ryback-Cena face off later tonight. The segment was mostly an advertisement for Hardee's/Carl's Jr. as Vickie was eating a gross sounding burger before Vince entered her office.

Orton vs Reigns / Bryan vs Rollins
Randy Orton vs Roman Reigns was set to take place. It went a no contest, as Seth Rollins interfered before any finish. Daniel Bryan was at ringside for it, so we quickly got into our #RAWactive match.

Fun. Mr. Small Package Daniel Bryan beat Seth Rollins in the match of the night, even though there was little competition for that title tonight. Daniel Bryan hit Doug Williams' Chaos Theory during the match, which was one of a number of stellar moments during the well worked match. The finish saw Roman Reigns try to interfere, but Randy Orton took him out. Rollins tried a splash on a standing Bryan in the corner, but missed. Bryan then rolled Rollins up for the pin. The crowd went crazy for Bryan all night, and even more so here. After the match, Rollins tried to sneak an attack on Bryan, but Daniel countered with a spin kick sending Rollins into an RKO from Orton.

No Orton or Bryan turn here. With them teaming on Sunday, any storyline progression may take place there. As for rumors of Bryan vs Cena taking place on the July PPV, inside info aside, hard to envision that taking place based on where everyone is in their programs right now. However, it is indeed a likely scenario, even though it may not be advertised ahead of time. (See: MITB match.)

Backstage, Kaitlyn was getting ready for her admirer to be revealed. Come on Matty K.

Big E Admires Kaitlyn?
Nope. THREE AIN'T ENOUGH, HE NEED FIVE! A very nervous Big E, dressed up, came to the ring with flowers for Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn was confused. Big E said he cares about more than just beating people up, he cares about Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn didn't get it. Big E went in for a kiss, dipped Kaitlyn, and DROPPED HER! On purpose. This was all a set up, you see. AJ Lee and Big E set Kaitlyn up for this big joke. Kaitlyn was crying. AJ came out and mocked Kaitlyn. She said that Kaitlyn may be able to beat AJ up, but AJ is smarter. She blamed this joke on Kaitlyn abandoning AJ when she was being used by men last year. She called Kaitlyn trash, and said that Kaitlyn has nobody. Kaitlyn continued to cry. AJ said she's coming for the title on Sunday. AJ went on to mock Kaitlyn some more, and Kaitlyn couldn't take it. She slapped AJ and brawled with her until AJ escaped to the back. Both women were actually great here. This segment was quite good.

New Wyatt Family video! They're coming... RUN!

Damien Sandow came out. Not going to lie. I wasn't paying attention to this. It's too late in the show for Sheamus bullshit. And R-Truth, for that matter. Sandow beat R-Truth with his new finisher, the Silencer (Matt Hardy's side effect), in a match that probably had moves and stuff. I'm guessing. Sheamus then came out to try to put me to sleep. Almost did. Fella.

Backstage, Stephanie McMahon was looking for Vince McMahon, her father. She asked a scrub to go find him. She had him alone an hour ago. Why didn't she tell him her message back then? She then had another scrub run off to find Triple H, her husband.

After break...

Backstage, Triple H and Vince met in Steph's office. Vince again said that Trips was too good and too big for a match with Curtis Axel. Vince said HHH should be bigger than a legend, bigger than a match with Axel, he wants Triple H to be the man. He then said that HHH vs Curtis Axel can happen next week. It's up to Triple H to accept it. Trips then said Vince was right, and he refused the Axel match. Vince then wanted to see the match... they went back and forth arguing again. Steph came back in and asked for a group hug. The crowd chanted "YES!" This went from a serious angle, to bad comedy, and made no sense whatsoever. It also buried Axel. Again.

John Cena & The Ryback FACE OFF
The Ryback and John Cena faced off. Kind of. Ryback was on the stage, Cena in the ring. Cena was surrounded by the lumberjacks. Ryback said he was going to take Cena's spot. Cena said payback was a bitch. He tried to rush The Ryback, but the lumberjacks kept throwing Cena back in the ring. Ryback finally ran into the ring, so the lumberjacks totally failed with him. Ryback and Cena brawled, as the lumberjacks did their "best" to stop the two from fighting. The show went off the air with Cena and Ryback being held apart.

I don't know if this show was bad, or good, or what. I was never bored until the Sandow-Truth bit, but it was short so I don't care. It was odd. And I have no idea what they're doing with Triple H now. Legit, no idea. Unless this was all a set up for him actually taking over as the Chairman role that Vince has held onto on TV. Who knows. Axel vs HHH seems to be a dead issue now, though. As does the Triple H concussion angle. All gone.


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