WWE house show report 6-14 Terre Haute

Matt Striker served as the babyface ring announcer for the evening. As
part of their social media movement, WWE invited fans to text or tweet
comments, which were shown on the arena's videoboards as well as on the
WWE stage before the show and during intermission. I'm assuming the
comments were legit, as one of them shown was "#WWE in Terre Haute
tonight. I'm not going but I'm here to see the parade of mullets."
1. Show opened with Brodus Clay and Sweet T over Cody Rhodes and Damien
Sandow. Rhodes and Sandow did an extended monologue on the mic before
the match and Cody implemented some kung fu-like moves during the match
that he'd probably not be allowed to do on a televised match. Tons of
Funk won with a double splash on Sandow with Clay picking up the
Brad Maddox came out to represent Raw management. He thought he was at
Indiana University instead of Indiana State University. Perhaps it was
supposed to be a heat moment but when he was corrected by Striker, he
apologized for his mistake and moved on to his next topic.
2. At the start of the Diva's Championship match, Maddox distracted
Kaitlyn to give A.J. Lee an early advantage. Kaitlyn, working very slow
and methodical won with a too-realistic looking spear. Feel sorry for
A.J. -- if she has to keep working this match, she's going to be
injured by Kaitlyn, who nearly dropped her on more than one occasion.
3. Fans were allowed to vote by text for the stipulations of the next
match. The final percentages were never given, but when the voting
started, the video screens showed that a 2 out of 3 fall match had less
than 20% of the vote while a No DQ match had over 80%. In a No DQ
match, Miz defeated Antonio Cesaro with the figure four. At one point,
Cesaro brought the ring bell into the ring. He didn't hit Miz with the
bell, but placed it on his chest. Miz, lying on his back, then adjusted
the placement of the bell to keep it from falling off while Cesaro
climbed to the top rope. Cesaro landed on mix with a kneedrop, but
stayed clear of the bell, which didn't play a part in the match.
After the match, The Shield's music hit and they entered the ring to
attack Miz during his celebration. This led to Team Hell No and R-Truth
making the save.
4. In a six man tag, Daniel Bryan, Kane, and R-Truth defeated The
Shield by DQ when Reigns was disqualified by using a chair on Kane.
5. Following intermission, Intercontinental Champ Wade Barrett defended
against Sheamus. Since the WWE already spent their DQ finish in the
previous match, a different ending had to be used for this match. After
being pounded by Sheamus, Barrett left the ring, grabbed his title, and
tried to return to the dressing room. Sheamus pursued and they brawled
back to ringside, with Barrett managing to roll back into the ring as
the ref counted to 10, giving the champ the win by COR.
6. The next match leads to me to believe that Dolph Ziggler may not
have fully recovered from his concussion yet, as Ziggler teamed with
Big E Langston to lose to Alberto del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez. This
type of match-up would seem better suited for TV with a build-up to put
Ricardo in the ring. Langston and Rodriguez worked the majority of the
match, with Ricardo given a lot of offense. Del Rio won the match with
the armbar submission on Ziggler, while Rodriquez prevented Langston
from interfering.
7. Table match for WWE championship: John Cena defeated Ryback in a
tables match in 13 minutes. For the finish, Ryback had Cena on his
shoulder for the shell shock but Cena escaped and turned it into an
Attitude Adjustment to put Ryback through a table. Before the finish,
two other tables were used during the match. Cena was completely over
with this crowd and despite it being a by-the-numbers match that
prevented both from being injured (as much as you can with
unpredictable tables), this match had the greatest fan reaction of the
No standout matches. Best match was the main event only because of the
fan reactions.

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