Mark Henry teases retirement

Mark Henry, who was promoted as returning at tonight's Raw show in Grand Rapids, MI, teased on Twitter that he may be retiring tonight.

Henry wrote, "I have spoke to my famliy and hope to talk to all of you fans tomorrow (this was written last night) live from Grand Rapids. Guys Father Time is undefeated."

He also wrote, "Whether you loved me or hated me in my career, I was always there fr you.  I appreciate it all.  Good or bad I will live forever with the fans."

The decision must have been recent since a few days earlier he wrote, "The only reason I'm breaking my silence to the twitter world is to tell u I'm not retiring!!!  I have hate in my heart that's too dangerous."

He also made several other posts noting that he was hurt.  He had been out of action with a shoulder injury, came back, but then after the last PPV, informed WWE officials he was hurt again, removing him from a significant planned storyline.

Whether this is a retirement or an angle isn't clear.  It was not major talk in WWE as those in the company we contacted were not aware of his twitter posts, only aware he was booked tonight. 

WWE had promoted for the past week his return on tonight's show.

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