WWE Raw TV report

WWE Monday Night Raw

June 17, 2013
Grand Rapids, MI

Rob McCarron

There are a lot of questions to answer tonight stemming from the Payback PPV last night. Is Dolph Ziggler's head okay? What will CM Punk focus on in his return? Who's next for John Cena? What will Rob Van Dam be doing at Money In The Bank.

Yup. RVD was announced for MITB if you hadn't heard already.

Raw Opens With Alberto Del Heel-o
Jerry Lawler was appalled that Del Rio went after Ziggler's head so vigorously last night. Del Rio was a heel here, after turning last night by being a dick. Sheamus, however, still a babyface being the same thing every week. Del Rio called himself Superman and the best, and Ricardo did an over the top entrance again. Del Rio addressed the way he won the title. He said he just did to Ziggler what Dolph did to Alberto the night after WrestleMania. He heeled on the people for cheering Ziggler the night he cashed in his briefcase. He said America is all about pigs and cowards.

CM Punk interrupted, along with Paul Heyman. He took issue with Del Rio calling himself the best, and he challenged Del Rio for tonight. Paul interrupted and said his clients don't fight for free. Punk took issue with Paul calling him his client, and getting involved with Punk's challenge. Punk brushed Heyman off and again challenged Del Rio. Del Rio basically said no.

Vickie Guerrero came out and said she'd make the decision on a match for tonight. So she made Alberto Del Rio vs CM Punk.

Punk's a good guy, Del Rio is a bad guy, and the split between Paul Heyman and CM Punk (which began last night at Payback) is continuing.

Daniel Bryan vs Randy Orton was announced for later in the show.

Backstage, CM Punk told Paul Heyman that he doesn't need Paul Heyman to win matches. He said Paul isn't welcome at ringside anymore. Brock vs Punk at Summerslam is so on.
Christian Returns
Wade Barrett was scheduled to take on Curt Axel, but before Axel appeared, Vickie Guerrero came out. Vickie instead made Wade vs the returning Christian. Christian got the win via pinfall with the Killswitch. JBL called Christian a former two time World Champion. For those thinking he made an NWA title reference, don't be silly. He was referring to his two ECW title wins.

Sheamus vs Team Rhodes Scholars
Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes beat Sheamus when Sandow pinned Sheamus via schoolboy. Sheamus was posturing for his Brogue Kick on Rhodes when he was caught with the sneaky pin. Sheamus dominated the match up until the finish.

#WWEApp Poll: Randy Orton vs Daniel Bryan would wrestle in either a No DQ match, No Count Out match, or 2 Out of 3 Falls.

Again, Rob Van Dam returns to WWE in July at Money In The Bank.

Backstage, the best duo in WWE, Team Brickie were asking what Triple H thought of Vickie's main event tonight. He loved the idea, but then asked a question that many wonder on shows like this when a main event is made after the show has started... If CM Punk hadn't walked out there to confront Del Rio, what was the original main event going to be? Vickie had no answer, and changed the subject to Christian's returned. Triple H asked why Vickie just now got around to bringing him back when Christian has been cleared for a month and a half. He quickly jumped to RVD, which Vickie and Brad both tried to take credit for. Triple H then took credit himself. Triple H told Vickie to be strong and cut off The Shield tonight, telling her to make an example out of them. YEAH! Make an example out of those wrestler who have won nearly every match and are fighting champions. CRUSH THEM!

Triple H left Vickie's office by joking about how it was great of them to put 3MB on the show tonight. Brad smiled, as it was his idea, but he didn't get that HHH was being sarcastic.

I wrote too much about that one segment.

Backstage, again, Kane confronted Daniel Bryan. Bryan said as long as he is a part of a team, he can never prove himself. Bryan said he's on Team DB now. He's going it alone. Bryan said he "needs to win the WWE Championship." Kane said the same.

WWE App: Randy Orton called Daniel Bryan the weak link, and blamed him for last night's loss on PPV.

Randy Orton vs Daniel Bryan
In the WWE App poll, NO DQ beat out 2/3 FALLS by a 20pt margin. 2/3 Falls got over 30% of the vote. It took a while before the two guys did anything that played into the No DQ rules. There was a lot of mat wrestling to start, and exchanging of holds. The match turned violent when Daniel Bryan missed his topé, and Randy Orton introduced the first weapon into the match - a kendo stick. Well, that weapon didn't last long and they went back to a more basic back and forth match. They played up that Bryan may have injured himself on his missed dive. In fact, the ringside doctor got involved a couple of times to check on Bryan, but Bryan kept brushing him off to continue the match. Eventually, ref Chad Patton stopped the match due to Bryan's injured ribs. He awarded the win to Orton, and Bryan looked miserable. Sad, distraught, then angry, then confused. More refs came out to check on Bryan, and Orton came by to offer his hand to Daniel. Orton helped Daniel up, and the two hugged before walking to the back together.

AJ is so cray
AJ Lee came out and said that her Ziggy will be back soon to share the spotlight with the greatest Diva's Champion of all the times. She called herself the hero of this story. AJ Lee called out any woman who thinks she could compare to AJ. So out came... STEPHANIE MCMAHON. Steph called AJ out for degrading women with her actions against Kaitlyn. She told AJ to act like a champion. So AJ agreed, and said that instead of just dating Superstars, she should marry one. Slam. Stephanie said that no one does crazy like the McMahons, and again said that AJ should start acting like a champion. AJ started to respond, but Steph cut her off and held her mic down. Away from the mic, she told AJ that she could easily be without a job. Out came Kaitlyn, followed by five other divas. She started to speak, but again Stephanie walked up the ramp and cut Kaitlyn off, and covered her mic. Steph told Kaitlyn never to interrupt her again. McMahons all over the show again!

Kaitlyn, nervous and put in her place a little bit, regained her composure and walked to the ring. She put over how AJ humiliated her, but said it was her turn now. Kaitlyn attacked AJ, who tried to fight back until Big E pulled AJ away and carried her backstage.

Segment was straight up weird. And again, I wrote too much on it.

Dean Ambrose vs Kane
This was a quick DQ as the entire Shield got involved and beat up Kane. No one came out to help Kane. Cole brought up how Vince had earlier told Vickie to stand up to the Shield. So the question is: How will Vickie respond to The Shield's antics!?

Backstage, Mark Henry was meeting with the PTP'ers and Tamina. Darren Young was flat out crying, as Michael Cole pondered whether Henry is retiring tonight. I await criticism for D-Young's bad acting.

Backstage, Vickie reminded the Shield that she is their boss. Dean wondered what Vickie would do to them. Vince came up to the Shield, and greeted them well. He told the Shield to keep it up! Vickie and Brad were confused. HHH and Vince are still world's apart, Lawler said.

William Regal vs Antonio Cesaro
Antonio Cesaro was introduced before the match as Zeb Colter's new guy. Cesaro is the new We The People guy, indeed. Cesaro made quick work of William Regal, finishing him off with a sleeper hold and NEUTRALIZER. After the match, Antonio laid down the Gadsden flag over Regal.

John Cena Celebration
John Cena came out and spoke. Same promo I've heard for 8 years now. 8 years. Can you believe it? Long time. He came out and said he looks forward to Money In The Bank, and awaiting his next challenger. He told the winner that he'd always be ready for a fight.

A suited Mark Henry came out while Cena was finishing his promo. He laid his wrestling boots down at the top of the ramp, and walked into the ring. Henry told Cena he could put his guard down. John started to leave, but Henry told him to stay. Henry started to tear up. The crowd was super behind him. Henry started to say that he has been very successful, but his one regret in wrestling was never being WWE Champion. He never quite got that point fully out, though, so JBL had to say it for him on commentary. Henry said he was out to formally retire. Mark was absolutely fantastic here. It was all made better when John Cena got back in the ring, raised Henry's arm, and HENRY SLAMMED HIM! This crowd erupted in shock. Henry took off his suit jacket, and screamed that he had a lot left in the tank. This was awesome. So awesome.

What made it better is that John just got done saying how he'd always be ready, and wouldn't let his guard down. LOL.

Backstage, Renee Young asked Mark about what happened. Henry called the people puppets. Henry challenged Cena for the WWE title.

Heath Slater vs Chris Jericho
Jericho pinned Henry after a codebreaker in a relatively short match. He then beat up the other members of 3MB pretty easily.

Backstage, Matt Striker asked Paul about his thoughts on Punk telling him no longer to come to ringside with him. Paul turned the talk to Curtis Axel and left.

The Sin Cara Lights Are Back
Curtis Axel beat Sin Cara via pinfall with the body scissor DDT. The blue and gold lights were back for Sin Cara. No idea why unless it was a goodbye gift to Sin Cara. Miz was on commentary and did very little.

Dean Ambrose vs Daniel Bryan set for Smackdown.

Backstage, Team Brickie were confronted by both Vince, Stephanie and Triple H. Vince said Brickie was doing a great job. Vince asked what Vickie would do about Henry. Vickie made Henry vs Cena for the title at Money In The Bank, and Vince approved. Stephanie came in and wondered why Vickie was allowing the show to get out of control. Triple H came in and wondered why Vickie didn't make an example out of the Shield. Hunter told Vickie to listen to him, while Vince told Vickie to listen to Vince. Vince and Hunter left, so Steph told Vickie to listen to her. The shot didn't cut away, and you could hear Vince in the background say "that's a pretty quick out." Brad Maddox was funny in the background with his facials. As usual.

Backstage, Paul Heyman ran up to Punk and said he loved him, and he'll be watching.

CM Punk vs Alberto Del Rio
Pretty long match, lots of back and forth. Punk hit a GTS late, but Del Rio rolled out of the ring in a daze. Del Rio never got back in, instead deciding to leave once he recovered, so Punk won via count out. As Del Rio was leaving, Dolph Ziggler ran from backstage and attacked Del Rio and Ricardo. Refs came out to try and pull Ziggler away. Del Rio eventually managed to escape. Back in the ring, Punk's arm was raised as the winner when...

Brock Lesnar returned. He was in great spirits. Punk stared at him in the ring confused. Brock circled Punk, then grabbed a microphone. Before speaking, he threw down the mic and F5'd Punk. Brock smiled and laughed as the show went off the air. Brock vs Punk for SummerSlam IS SO ON~!

Awesome. This show ruled. This was the best Raw in recent memory. This show was so great coming off of such a great PPV and leading into what will is an almost guaranteed great PPV. So good.

Is this an oversell? Maybe. Was it the best show ever? No.

On second thought, maybe it wasn't good. Nope, it was. Oh, and where is Evan Bourne at?

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