Tragic death of five year old girl beaten by brother and WWE response to being linked to story

The WWE issued a statement tonight regarding the death of Viloude Louis, a five-year-old girl who was beaten to death by her 13-year-old stepbrother, who has been charged with second degree murder.

The stepbrother at first claimed his sister had a stomach ache while he was babysitting her on Sunday afternoon.  She went to the bathroom, and found her on the floor 30 minutes later, complaining of stomatch pains.  He then called 911, saying his sister had stopped breathing and when Sheriff deputies arrived, the child was unresponsive, rushed to the hospital, where she died.

However, the brother was confronted with evidence of a number of injuries, including broken bones, a lacerated liver and and internal bleeding.  He said he was babysitting and started to wrestle, with the AP story saying he told authorities he was using pro wrestling moves.  Other stories have said he used the term World Wrestling Entertainment-style moves.  There are also questions of the mental competency of the stepbrother who in particular described jumping up in the air and landing on her with his elbow, and talked of punching her in the stomach several times.

Detective Matt Vasquez said the brother said his sister had told him he was hurting her, but he continued to throw her around for another two or three minutes until their mother called and he picked up the phone.  He also reported that the boy was smiling when recounting what happened and said he "appeared to enjoy talking about the wrestling moves and physical abuse."

The WWE stated, "The death of Viloude Louis is a tragedy, and our condolences go out to her family.

WWE urges restraint in reporting this unfortunate incident as if it were the result of a WWE wrestling move.  As in similar cases, criminal intent to harm and a lack of parental supervision have been the factors resulting in a tragic death.

Authorities have already charged the accused with second degree murder and determined that this was not an accidental death due to a wrestling move."

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