Smackdown spoilers from Dayton

For Main Event

The Shield b Justin Gabriel & Usos when Ambrose pinned Gabriel with a DDT

Antonio Cesaro b Sin Cara

Kaitlyn b Aksana with a spear


Smackdown opened with Daniel Bryan doing an interview.  He said that he never had a match stopped due to an injury before.  He turned it into storyline saying he thinks the company stopped it because they thought he was the weak link.  He said that Randy Orton shouldn't have allowed it to end the way it did and wanted another match with Orton.  Orton said he helped him out of respect, but that if Bryan wanted a match tonight,he was going out on a stretcher.  So the advertised Bryan vs. Ambrose match was off.

Sheamus b Cody Rhodes with the Texas cloverleaf

Curtis Axel b Wade Barrett to retain the IC title

Miz, on commentary, got in the ring to challenge.  Axel wanted to go after him but Paul Heyman talked him down saying that he shouldn't fight for free.

A.J. b Natalya with the Octopus

Aksana was mouthing off to Kaitlyn backstage and Kaitlyn beat her up.

Alberto Del Rio b Chris Jericho via DQ.  Ricardo Rodriguez attacked Jericho.  Dolph Ziggler then went after Del Rio. The ref saw Ziggler's interference and called for the DQ.  Jericho was mad at Ziggler costing him the match so hit him with the codebreaker.  Del Rio came back in and put the boots to Ziggler.

Christan b Drew McIntyre.  Christian did a promo when The Shield came out, beat him down and laid him out with a Triple team power bomb.

Renee Young was interviewing Paul Heyman.  Heyman was insulting her, saying she's got Daddy issues because all she cares about in his personal life issues and he won't talk about his personal life on televisoin.

Daniel Bryan b Randy Orton via count out.  Bryan hit a tope and jumped back in to beat the count.  Bryan refused to accept the win and wanted the match restarted, but the referee refused.

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