WWE Main Event TV report

By Chris Aiken | This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it | Twitter: @lariatrope

Airdate: June 19, 2013

WWE Main Event from Dayton, OH opened with highlights from Payback featuring the new champions and the important outcomes. Miz returned on commentary to join Josh Matthews and guest analyst Cody Rhodes.

The Shield beat The Usos & Justin Gabriel. Dean Ambrose started the match with Gabriel and got the advantage before tagging Seth Rollins. Rhodes made a Freebird reference when talking about The Shield and their teamwork. Gabriel hit a springboard crossbody and tagged out moments later. Jey Uso looked to go for a splash in the corner but Ambrose made the save by pulling Rollins out of the ring before the first commercial. After the break, The Shield was getting heat on Gabriel when he began to make a comeback and got a tag. One Uso tried to run wild until Roman Reigns cut him off and The Shield got heat on him until a collision spot that led to a hot tag. For the finish, Gabriel went to the top rope and fought off Reigns trying to cut him off. One Uso threw Rollins through the ropes to the floor then the Uso brother ran across the ring, dove over the ropes and splashed Reigns on the outside. Ambrose crotched Gabriel on the top rope then hit the bulldog DDT for the pin.

Afterwards, an commercial aired plugging the upcoming Total Divas show. Also, highlights aired of CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho from Payback and the follow up on Raw with Punk vs. Alberto Del Rio and Brock Lesner hitting the F5 on Punk.

Antonio Cesaro beat Sin Cara. Zeb Colter, Cesaro's new mouthpiece, cut a promo before the match running down Sin Cara, who got no pyro during his entrance but got the yellow and blue lights during the match. Cesaro dominated the match but Sin Cara got to use a some lucha highspots including a springboard hurricanrana. Still, Cesaro got most of the offense and threw Sin Cara into the barricade on the outside. Sin Cara tried to make a few comebacks but kept getting cut off. He used a plancha off the top rope to the floor and a hurricanrana after jumping off the top but Cesaro grounded Sin Cara after doing so. Eventually, Cesaro hit a big uppercut and then the neutralizer for the pin.

An announcement of "breaking news" set up a Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton on Smackdown (which was taped on the same night after this show)

Kaitlyn beat Aksana. Before the match, highlights aired of the brawl between the two on Smackdown that set up this match. Aksana got the advantage early on but Kaitlyn made a comeback. Parts of the match were kind of sloppy. Kaitlyn missed a spear in the corner only to hit the spear moments later to get the pin.

A video package aired featuring Rob Van Dam and it hyped his return. Then, a replay aired of the great angle with Mark Henry attacking John Cena.

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