Mick Foley comedy show review 6-22 Fairhaven, MA

Mick Foley's Comedy Show
A report filed by Senior Reporter Emerson Witner

This past Saturday Night in Fairhaven, Massachusetts the one and only Mick Foley graced the Seaport Inn and Marina for one of his comedy shows.

Before I begin, this was actually the culmination of a day long series of events, which included the New England Fan Fest and the 7th Annual New England Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame Banquet. I did not attend the banquet, but thoroughly enjoyed the Fan Fest and meeting a boat load of guys I somehow haven't met at previous conventions in Atlanta, Miami and New York. It wasn't until later on that I realized that some of the advertised guests, including Jerry Lawler, Men On A Mission, Rob Terry, Ashley Massaro and Teddy Long all didn't appear, at least at the Fan Fest. To be honest the only one people kept mentioning was Jerry Lawler, with the rumor floating around that he canceled at the last minute.

Chris Masters put me in the Masterlock. I know you will be surprised to hear this, but the guy that saved his Mother from a burning house by ripping a tree out of the ground is really strong. 

Onto Mick!

I purchased a VIP ticket, which included a meet and greet with Mick before the show, listed at 10:30. I'll be damned, but it actually started right at 10:30. We made it through the line and Mick lived up to his reputation by being one of the nicest people you will ever meet. 

The most shocking part of the evening? Mick was not wearing a flannel shirt. 

The comedy show started at 11 and ran for about 70 minutes. Now Mick doesn't stand up there and give you a list of one-liners and what have you. He tells stories about his career, some of which you may have heard or read a dozen times in his books and interviews, but they make you laugh each time. 

His delivery is top notch and his ability to go from story to story, naturally transitioning is amazing, especially when he goes from telling a story about Santa Claus, which then morphed into a story about Hulk Hogan's sex tape.

Of course, no retelling of the night would be complete, without my favorite moment: Mick Foley calling me a son of a bitch.

Mick was telling the story about he was the one responsible for getting the WWF kicked out of the Catholic Youth Center in Scranton, Pennsylvania. The CYC wasn't thrilled with the adult language on the show. Jack Lanza went around and told everyone not to curse...except for Mick, since Mick didn't curse. This led to the New Age Outlaws having the fans scream “Suck it” instead of them. Mick then grabbed the mic and told Paul Bearer that “He didn't want to suck it. (The Outlaws) couldn't make him suck it, etc...”, which got them kicked out of the building

Back to the story about me..

I lived in Hazleton, which is about 35-40 miles from Scranton for 13 years of my life. Me being a doofus, when Mick mentioned Scranton I hollered. Mick asked if I was from Scranton, I mistakenly told him the truth, which led to him cutting a promo on me.

Mick made mention of my “Maybe! Maybe! Maybe!” t-shirt and after 10-15 seconds, which were funnier than it sounds, he called me a son of a bitch. 

Anyway, Mick moved on, told stories about wanting to be flown away in a sleigh at the Hall of Fame, his horrible haircut that he had when he did the promo with The Ryback in April and Jake Roberts convincing him to buy a new $400 air conditioning unit for a family in need before pissing all over him in their hotel room later that night. 

Afterwards Mick took a few questions from the audience, before spending more time, signing things for the people who didn't buy the VIP tickets, which was nice of him.

By the way, before anyone thinks I was mad at Mick and/or Mick was mad at me, I later Tweeted Mick that he was the only person who could call me a son of a bitch and not only would I not get angry at him, but I laughed through the whole thing, to which he replied back thanking me for being a good sport.

So a big thumbs up to Mick!

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