WWE Superstars TV report


WWE Superstars TV Report – 20th June 2013

By James Cox


Matt Striker’s last ever WWE show saw two average matches and some awesome Raw Rebound.


We kick off R-Truth coming out. Tony Dawson is pushing the moniker “the sun tan superman” for Truth now. Either this will completely disappear next week or he’ll be Paul Heyman’s new guy on Raw next – see Michael McGillicutty: labelled ‘big country’ by Dawson three weeks ago on Superstars, now Intercontinental Champion.


Out next are the Prime Time Players, with Darren Young representing the duo tonight for the match up against Truth.


Match 1 – R-Truth v Darren Young


R-Truth pinned Darren Young in 7:41. Dawson and Striker talk about Darren Young’s hair, Dawson claiming that Young says it takes two and half hours to have it trimmed when he goes to the barbers. Striker points out that “urban barbers” are “the place to be”. It’s a wonder he’s been released… The two lock up and the first thing Truth does is mess up Young’s hair. Apt timing. He then slaps him, too. What a bully and a heel.


This is not the first Superstars opening match where there’s no hard cam. I can only assume that this is because it is yet to be set up for the Raw taping that takes place after but it’s weird to watch; comes across as some really glossy HD Indy taping where guys can’t work that well. Truth does about 5 hip tosses in this bout but weirdly botches two in quick succession. Striker actually groans when he misses the first, realises his error and sells that Darren Young is a heavy guy. The second time it happens, they claim Truth must have sustained tendon damage in the match.


There’s a great spot where Truth is back dropped on to the apron by Young – it looks really stiff and gets a great heel reaction from the fans. Young rolls Truth back into the ring and hits him with a northern lights suplex for a 2 count. I swear this was the first time I have ever heard Tony Dawson call a move and he chose this one. Young gets some good heat here and dances his millions of dollars dance while Titus blows his whistle and shouts “what’s up R-Truth? What’s up?” The guy is money. Truth powers out and hits Young with a spinning heel kick and a gourdbuster for a 2 count.


O’Neill hits the apron but R-Truth hits him with a European uppercut to see him off. He turns round, blocks Young and hits the Lie Detector for the pin. A decent match.


We get a great Money in the Bank promo video next. No doubt about it, this and Extreme Rules are the best B shows. Then it’s the Raw Rebound – we get the awesome Cena and Henry segment and the Bryan and Orton match with the stoppage.


Out come Cameron & Naomi next. They’re followed by Layla and Natalya. Presumably Cameron and Naomi are playing heels here? If so, I’d guess this is E! Divas show related.


Match 2 – Cameron & Naomi v Layla & Natalya


Layla & Natalya pinned Cameron & Naomi in 4:24. The match starts with Cameron and Layla in the ring who produce some nice mat wrestling. Cameron hits a nice fireman’s carry into a head scissors on Layla. Layla puts on a headlock as Dawson reminds us that these two are both former NBA cheerleaders to which Striker replies “oh yeah, you’re really over with the cheerleaders”. I hope Dawson’s not married and if he is that his wife wasn’t paying attention.


Although the hard cam is up and running for this match, there are lots of drop cuts to the crowd in the early stages of this match. I’m really not sure why. Cameron hits Layla with her rear end out off the ropes and gets a two count. In next is Natalya who rolls up Cameron for a 2 count. Cameron then applies a wrist lock which is reversed and Natalya applies a head scissors. Natalya is a great mat wrestler. The two face off, Cameron hits Natalya with a big slap and dances (finally showing her heel side in this match) but then Natalya slaps her back harder.


Their partners pile into the ring and we get a momentary brawl before the referee calms things down. When they have returned to their corners, the ref makes Natalya and Naomi shake hands. Seriously. They do and then as soon as Natalya turns her back, Naomi hits her from behind. Layla tags herself in and hits her with a standing kick to the back of her head for the win. A finish really out of nowhere.


The show ends with a video package of Punk v Del Rio from Raw followed by Lesnar’s attack.




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