WWE Raw TV report

WWE Monday Night Raw

June 24, 2013
North Charleston, SC

Rob McCarron

Last Week: Brock Lesnar returned and attacked CM Punk, Dolph Ziggler attacked Alberto Del Rio to continue their feud, and the Wyatt Family is coming soon! Oh, and Mark Henry made ten minutes of history with his emotional retirement speech... only to slam John Cena and set up a WWE title match at Money In The Bank.

This week...

Raw opened with Daniel Bryan getting rare solo promo time in front of the crowd. He said he's not the weak link, and doesn't accept his count out victory over Orton on Smackdown. Tonight, will he prove he is not the weak link... "YES! YES! YES!" he says. Orton came out and told Bryan to shut up and fight. Weak promo from Bryan, and it lead to pro-Orton chants to start the match.

Randy Orton vs Daniel Bryan
The match didn't last long because Orton and Bryan brawled like bitter enemies outside the ring, and ref Charles Robinson stopped the match. Orton and Bryan continued to brawl until being separated by more officials.

Backstage, Team Brickie was interrupted by an upset Daniel Bryan, demanding a rematch in any kind of match with Orton. Maddox refused, but Daniel demanded Vickie make it or else he wanted Maddox. Vickie agreed to Bryan vs Orton for later. He left, and in came Vince. He told Vickie that some think Bryan is too small to be champion, and he's embarrassing. Vickie asked what Vince thought, and he said he'd let Vickie figure that out. He left the impression that he wanted Bryan's push stopped. Well, after that first segment, he may have gotten his wish. Not a good start.

Sheamus & Christian vs Team Rhodes Scholars
Sheamus vs Sandow in a Dublin Street Fight was made for Smackdown. It was during this match that Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler brought up the death of Jackie Fargo, talking briefly about his passing. Sheamus got the pin on Cody after a brogue kick. They may be angling for yet another split of Team Rhodes Scholars.

Backstage, Vickie ran into CM Punk in a hallway. Punk was being super punk rock listening to his iPhone and Beats by Dre headphones... Punk asked if Heyman was here yet. Vickie announced Punk in a match, but Punk wouldn't listen. He walked off telling Vickie to tell him when Paul or Brock show up.

Kaitlyn vs Aksana
During the match, Kaitlyn's music started playing. Out came AJ Lee in a body suit, imitating Kaitlyn. The distraction almost allowed Aksana to roll Kaitlyn up for the win, but she kicked out, hit a spear, and won via pinfall. AJ then cut a promo as Kaitlyn. Out came Big E. Three ain't enough, he need five. AJ and Big E re-created the scene from weeks ago with the Admirer reveal. AJ had a funny line about Kaitlyn's deep voice. Kaitlyn wanted to attack AJ but Layla El held her back.

Cole said social media was going crazy about the Wyatt Family.

Alberto Del Rio vs Chris Jericho
Chris Jericho beat Alberto via DQ when Ricardo broke up the Walls of Jericho by clocking Y2J in the back of the head with his water bucket. Less people were chanting along with Ricardo during Del Rio's entrance, so that's a plus. Dolph vs Del Rio for the title was announced for Money In The Bank. I liked this match quite a bit, as did the crowd, until the cheap ending. Dolph attacked Del Rio after the match, hitting the Zig Zag. Then, Dolph and Jericho stared eachother down. As Jericho tried to leave, Dolph hit the ZigZag on him and left with his music playing.

Backstage, HHH met with Vickie & Brad Maddox. Vickie was going to cancel the Orton-Bryan match, saying Bryan is too small and an embarrassment to WWE. Hunter said it was a bad idea, but said it matters what the people think. He said the WWE Universe wanted Orton vs Bryan tonight. Hunter implored Vickie to allow the WWE Universe to pick the stipulation of tonight's main event. He then made a crack at Maddox, which is a shame.

Triple H is great in the Vince role, in my opinion.

WWE 2K14 Cover Reveal
Team Brickie was in the ring with Jerry Lawler. Lawler mentioned a fan contest to design the backside cover. Vickie then, to numerous boos, announced the poll for the Orton-Bryan stipulation. Street fight, lumberjack match, and Falls Count Anywhere were the options. Next, in a suck up attempt, Vickie revealed her design for the video game cover. It featured Steph, Vince, and HHH. Maddox then showed his design featuring himself, along with Cena and Punk. Lawler revealed the real front cover of the game. The cover featured former WCW Champion, The Rock. The show needs more Brad Maddox.

The Ryback vs The Great Khali
Ryback won a short back and forth match, pinning Khali with Shellshock.

John Cena Responds to Henry's Attack
John Cena came to the ring and said Henry needs a legacy in WWE, and he won't have that unless he wins the WWE Championship. Henry's window is closing, and he knows it. Henry's legacy goes through Cena at Money In The Bank.

Triple Threat Tag Team Contender Match
Justin Gabriel's favorite tag team, Jimmy & Jey Uso, beat Tons of Funk and 3MB to get a tag title shot. A charity auction winner, Scotty Campbell, came to ringside with Tons of Funk. After the match, The Shield, while in the crowd, stared down the Usos.

The Call on DVD tomorrow.

Punk Confronts Heyman
Heyman came out and said he has ignored Punk's calls, texts, and emails all week because he wanted to discuss Brock's attack face-to-face in the ring. Punk came out and shot on his history in WWE, from signing his contract to going to OVW to going to ECW. He went over his history with Heyman, as well, explaining why he is a Paul Heyman guy. He said Heyman, in 2005, with immense pressure, never got rid of Punk. Punk told Paul to tell Brock that he's coming for him. He then asked if Paul told Brock to attack Punk. Paul swore on his children that he didn't know Brock was at Raw last week. He said Brock's WWE contract ended after Extreme Rules, and Paul wasn't involved in the attack. Paul explained that Punk picked a fight with Brock when Punk said that Brock needed Heyman's help in WWE. There is professional jealousy between Punk and Brock, he explained. Paul put his friendship with Punk ahead of business with Brock. The crowd was getting bored with all this business talk at this point. Paul told Punk that he loved him, and it is his dream to walk Punk to the ring in the main event of WrestleMania. He said he'd never screw their friendship up by representing anyone against CM Punk. Paul turned the tables on Punk, to "We want wrestling" chants, saying it was his turn to decide if Punk would get rid of Heyman. Punk was contemplating. Punk said he was sorry for doubting Heyman, and the two hugged. Obviously it will play into the story as we go along, and this was a setup segment... but this was a not so good fifteen minutes of TV on its own.

CM Punk then beat Darren Young via submission to the Anaconda Vise in a bit of a competitive match. Afterwards, Darren and Titus were double teaming Punk until Curtis Axel made the save. Curtis and Punk fought off the PTP'ers. Paul tried explaining that Axel making the save was his way of helping.

Backstage, Vickie lost Brad Maddox. Stephanie McMahon came in to ask why Vickie hasn't announced the WWE title Money In The Bank ladder match yet. Steph said she'd do it instead.

I don't get this show so far. It's a far cry from last week's offering. They have regressed in both the Punk story, and moreso the Daniel Bryan story. Of course, Punk-Brock will pick up steam and be okay. Bryan, however, depends a lot on tonight's finish.

Brie and Nikki Bella were giving out copies of WWE Magazine to those at ringside.

WWE Championship Money In The Bank Announcement
This crowd is dead. Steph announced the MITB ladder match participants for the John Cena title. The entrants...
- CM Punk
- Daniel Bryan
- Randy Orton
- Sheamus
- Christian
- Kane
- Rob Van Dam

Backstage, more Brad Maddox! Brad said he was working with Stephanie on the participants, and Vickie was upset. Are they building to Vickie/Maddox tension!? Ryback came in, demanding a rematch with Cena. He's tired of getting screwed over. Jericho came in, saying he deserved to be in the MITB ladder match. Ryback vs Jericho was made for Money In The Bank.

Backstage, Paul Heyman explained why he had Axel save Punk from the Prime Time Players. Next week, PTP'ers vs Axel & Punk on Raw.

Mark Henry On To Save The Show
Henry came out to brag about his performance last week. He said Hollywood directors, and Tyler Perry, have reached out to Henry. Henry doesn't want Hollywood, he wants the WWE Championship. Henry's coming home, alright... as the WWE Champion.

A new Wyatt Family video aired. "They say we're coming... but we've been here all along."

Daniel Bryan vs Randy Orton - Street Fight
Fun little match, featuring the most heat from the crowd on the show. A big table spot in the middle saw Bryan powerbomb Orton through after failing on several attempts to dropkick Orton through it. The next weapon was a kendo stick. Bryan was beating Orton with the stick until Orton hit an exploder out of nowhere, which sent Bryan through a table posted up in the corner. The match went back and forth for a while longer, going well past the 11:05 PM mark. The great finishing sequence saw Bryan backslide Orton out of an RKO attempt for a nearfall. Then, Bryan locked in the Yes! Lock using the kendo stick for the submission victory. Big win for Bryan here, with Orton taking a lot of punishment. If this victory was in front of almost any other crowd, it'd be much better.

There you go. A Raw main event win for Bryan against a top star of the past decade. Orton shook Bryan's hand after the match, and walked off, allowing Bryan to celebrate his win with his "YES!" chants.

Show was blah, but Bryan finally getting his big win was a fine end.

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