Swagger delcared guilty of DUI (updated)

Jacob Hager, who wrestles for WWE as Jack Swagger, was found guilty of Driving Under The Influence, stemming from a February arrest after a television taping.

Hager was arrested in Gulfport, MS, after a Smackdown taping in Biloxi, on 2/19, for speeding and charged with speeding a DUI and possessoin of marijuana.

He was found guilty of the DUI, while the other charges were dropped.  He was sentenced to a two day suspended jail sentence, which he will not have to serve, six months probation, a $500 fine and having to pay all court costs, which totaled $998.  He also has to take an alcohol/substance abuse education class for first-time offenders.

Jack Swagger wasn't punished by WWE for his arrest and continued on with his program with Alberto Del Rio.  The program ended when Hager was injured, and is currently out of action after surgery on his hand.

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