WWE Smackdown TV report - Dublin Street fight and Fiesta Del Rio

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SmackDown had a new video to open this week. A piñata hanged from above the ring in preperation for a Del Rio party later.

Match Number One: Sheamus Vs. Damien Sandow, Dublin Street Fight.

They ran through Sheamus and Sandow's history during Sheamus' entrance. Sandow cut a promo on the city as he entered. Cody didn't come out with Damien. He finished by saying they'd rename the stipulation to Sandow Street Fight after he wins tonight.

There were little bars and stools around the ring to set the theme. They kicked off outside the ring with Sheamus beating Sandow on the different bar set ups. He used a keg to knock Sandow off his feet, though the illusion was broken when the keg of Guinness bounced around so easily that Sandow had to weigh it down with his arm. Sheamus then used a sack of potatoes to lay out Sandow.

They finally got in the ring so that Sandow could take over. Sandow sandwhiched a chair in the corner but was hit with a stool before using it. Sheamus then made his comeback which included a shoulder charge that forced Sandow's back into the cornered chair. Sandow took over again with a chair and drop toe holded Sheamus' neck and face into a chair that he had set up so the legs were on a 45 degree angle upwards. That could have been hideous. He only got two after that and his neck breaker, so he took to a series of Kendo stick shots. Sheamus came back with Kendo stick shots of his own, then threatened a White Noise onto two set up chairs. Sandow got out but Sheamus knocked him so Sandow sat down, then Brogue Kicked him out of them for the pinfall.

Winner: Sheamus, Pinfall.

They hyped a match between Randy Orton and Kane tonight by Showing the final moments of Raw. They then cut to Kane backstage. Bryan walked in whistling. Kane warned him not to brag about Monday, then congratulated him on the match and upset. Bryan said the only upset was he didn't win the first time. Kane yelled at him to leave. Bryan stayed and said he knew he didn't need Kane's help Monday but if Kane needs his help tonight, he'll be on commentary. Bryan then gave him a giant smile and hug as Kane growled. They were much more likeable here than they have been opening the show lately. Though I still don't know if Bryan should be cheered or jeered by the way he was acting.

Paul Heyman's time on Raw was recapped to set up his appearance on MizTV. Heyman said he wouldn't be talking about personal issues. Miz brought up Heyman bullying Renee last week and wanted to know if he'd try it again tonight. Paul said he had nothing but respect for Miz but knew someone who did have the ability to bully him, Curtis Axel.

Axel came out and Miz said Paul fooled him into believing he'd get a one on one interview, just like he fooled Punk into believing Paul wasn't involved in Brock's attack. Miz called Heyman fat by referencing Star Wars, then asked Axel what he'd do when he loses the title to Miz and Heyman no longer found him worthy. Axel said he took Miz's threats very personally. Miz challenged him to defend the title right there and then, but Paul stepped in and said his clients don't fight for free. Miz cut off Paul while he made fun of Miz's catchphrases, so Axel kicked him and hit the McGillicutter. One out of three were good in this segment.

Match Number Two: AJ (C) w/ Big E. Vs. Natalya, Non-Title Match.

Natalya came out smiling and before the bell rang we found out why. AJ's music hit again and out came Kaitlyn in AJ getup. She listed off all the men AJ had been affiliated with, then suggested she was with the time keeper, the ringside doctor and Lillian.

AJ was angry but stayed in the ring. She took over with a hair pull and Kaitlyn skipped down the ramp and around ringside. AJ threw a fit screaming that it wasn't funny. It wasn't. Natalya rolled up AJ and got the three count.

Winner: Natalya, Pinfall.

AJ screamed at the ref after the match then turned around into a spear. Big E. was great in his one spot, dragging AJ's limp body from the ring and walking out with her over his shoulder.

Wyatt Family promo.

Long was in the back when Vince walked in. Vince said Long had his support like always, then wanted to know how he'd match the announcement of what people are calling the all star MitB match. Teddy said Vickie took the easy option by picking all the top WWE superstars in one swoop. He wanted to do something different by thinking of the future. He said between them, Booker T has never thought outside the box like this. He then announced: Wade Barrett, Jack Swagger, Antonio Cesaro, Fandango, Dean Ambrose, Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow. Vince was feeling him, saying that neither Booker, Vickie or himself would have thought of it. He then coached Long on Fandango's name.

Match Number Three: Kane Vs. Randy Orton.

Bryan was out before either guy to join commentary. He was very happy to be considered an All Star. They put over Bryan not being worried about being the weak link. He's now overly cocky about making Orton tap.

Kane pushed Orton to fire him up after some clean back and forth action. When Kane was on top, Bryan got on the commentary booth to conduct the crowd into a yes chant to support Kane. When Orton took over Bryan started a no chant. The two men in the ring started their counters, with Orton escaping two chokeslams and Kane pushing away an attempted RKO. Orton then hit the draping DDT and Bryan was worried Kane needed his help. Kane was taking his time recovering outside when Bryan threw him under the bottom rope as he yelled that Kane could do it and needed to get in there. Orton immediately hit the RKO and pinned him.

Winner: Randy Orton, Pinfall.

Bryan was happy with himself as he quickly walked up the ramp. When Kane looked his way Bryan mouthed that he was sorry. The ref's count was below five and the story was Kane just needed a few more seconds to collect himself.

Match Number Four: Justin Gabrielle Vs. RyBack.

Gabrielle got in far more offence than you would have expected, unless you'd seen the Khali match. Same script. RyBack caught him in the corner and hit Shellshock for the pinfall.

Winner: RyBack, Pinfall.

Jericho came out and ran down RyBack as the big man was checking his knee on the floor. Jericho ran him down for his excuses. He had the crowd chant Cryback. Jericho said he'd come down and give him something to cry about. RyBack got in the ring and they met with Jericho attacking the leg that RyBack had been selling. He nearly got the Walls on when RyBack pushed him away and sulked up the ramp. RyBack was near tears.

Another great Wyatt Video.

Match Number Five: The Shield Vs. The Usos & Christian.

They showed footage of the Usos saving Christian on Main Event from another Shield attack.

Christian and Ambrose were great together. The match had broken down and they did an extended spot until Reigns threw out Christian. An Uso then clotheslined Reigns out, tumbling over the ropes himself. The other Uso then hit a splash off the apron to Reigns. Rollins dove over the top rope and took out both Usos himself. It left Ambrose to tease another dive, but ran into a spear from Christian. For the pin. That's not good.

Winners: Christian & The Usos.

Reigns and Rollins weren't happy with Ambrose in the ring. Nothing overt, just frustration.

The main event was billed as Fiesta Del Rio. The piñata had been lowered, showing a cut out of Dolph's face over it. Ricardo teased the crowd and their accents and for not having energy for Del Rio's introduction. They were celebrating that Del Rio regained his championship and that he's a four time world champion. He asked for the WWE to turn on closed caption, because he was doing things his way. He would only speak Spanish for the rest of the show. The crowd chanted USA.

Del Rio spoke in Spanish for a long time then spoke to Ricardo again in English. He wanted to begin the games. He smashed the piñata and told the fans he did it to show how he bashed in Ziggler's brains at Payback, and he'd do it again at Money in the Bank. Del Rio said Ziggler promised to ruin this party but was nowhere to be seen. He told Dolph to come out and face him. Ziggler wasn't already in the band, instead he came out to the ramp.

He slowly took off his watch and suit jacket. Del Rio pointed the bat he used on the piñata at Dolph. Dolph charged the ring and avoided the bat to double leg Del Rio, but Ricardo quickly distracted him. Del Rio kicked Ziggler in the head as he threw out Ricardo. Ziggler kicked Del Rio away though and stopped Ricardo before he could jump back into the ring off the top rope, instead sending him through a table that had been set up in the ring. He then hit the ZigZag on Del Rio. Dolph eyed the guitar and the crowd reacted on cue, but Del Rio ran from the ring before he could use it. Ricardo had been left behind and ate all of the guitar. Dolph wrapped up the show by playing the broken guitar with the rest of the band as red, white and green balloons fell from the roof.

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