WWE house show results 6-29 Fargo, ND

By Dusty Becker
Just driving home from the house show in Fargo, ND.  Sat front row which was awesome.  Here are the results:
Show started with Tons of Funk vs. Prime Time Players.
Tons of Funk b. Primetime Players.  Brodus hit his finisher and pinned Young.
Vikki came out and announced a match between Brie Bella and Naomi.
Naomi b. Brie 
Nothing match.  Pretty sure I heard every move Brie called.
Yoshi Tatsu b. Drew McIntyre
Good stiff match. 
Dean Ambrose b. Zack Ryder in a no DQ match.
One of the longer matches.  Ryder was surprisingly over.  Ambrose won via his bulldog finisher.  
After the match the Shield ran in to beat down Ryder.  Daniel Bryan and Christian came in for the save.  This spawned into the next match.
Bryan & Christian b. Rollins & Reigns via DQ
Best match of the night.  Shield controlled Christian most of the match with Bryan finally getting the hot tag clearing everyone.  Match ended with Reigns hitting Bryan with a chair prompting a DQ.
Bray Wyatt b. Alex Riley
Wyatt family came out and Bray cut a great promo on the way to the ring. 
Curtis Axel b. The Miz via Count Out
Brawl on the outside.  Axel threw miz into post and slid in at 9.  A lot of McGillicutty chants here.
Sheamus b. Ryback in a Tables Match
Pretty decent match.  A lot of brawling. Finish saw Sheamus hit a Brogue kick through a table to win. 
Sheamus ended the show going around the crowd.  Stopped to take a few pics.  
Biggest Pop: Sheamus
Most Heat: Vikki

By Wade Haugen

Tons of Funk d Prime Time Players
Naomi d Brie Bella
Yoshi Tatsu d Drew Mcyntyre
Dean Ambrose d Zack Ryder in a fans choose a no Dq match to retain US title
Daniel Bryan/Christian d The Shield by Dq in a tag title match, Shield retains titles
Bray Wyatt d Alex Riley
Curtis Axel d The Miz by Co to retain IC title
Sheamus d Ryback in a tables match
Biggest Pops
1. Daniel Bryan
2. Sheamus
3. The Miz
Biggest Heat
1. The Shield
2. Ryback
3. Prime Time Players
Wade Haugen

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