WWE Raw TV report

WWE Monday Night Raw

July 1, 2013
Somewhere, USA

Robert McCarron

Vickie Guerrero opened the show announcing WWE Title vs World Title in a non-title match, Del Rio vs Cena, as the main event. Raw must be in some small nowhereville city tonight, because Cole didn't announce where they were from, nor was their a graphic. You know what, I'm not going to look it up, either.

MITB All Stars Speak
Daniel Bryan came out, with a ladder in the ring, to talk about whether or not he was the weak link. He said he's not, but there is a new question - Can he win the WWE Title. They're calling the Raw MITB match an "All Star's Match." Bryan has fully gone back to his "Yes!" chant, but this crowd didn't care as much as usual. Sheamus came out. He mocked beating Bryan for the title in 18 seconds, then called Bryan a troll. Orton out next. He's starving, and needs the WWE title. Kane out next. Didn't care what he said because he's not winning the MITB match. Christian Cage out next to say that he's the king of the ladder match. CM Punk entered to call himself the best, saying he's won the MITB match twice. Bryan interrupted saying that if Punk called himself the best one more time, he'd make Punk tap faster than Orton did. Orton stepped towards Bryan, but Kane got inbetween and Orton RKO'd Kane. Everyone faced off in a pretty weak segment that had low crowd involvement. Bad omen for the show.

They showed classic clips of former World champions. Apparently tonight is a full on honoring of the championships.

Bray Wyatt is past the point of no return. They're coming.

In a clear sign that tonight's crowd will suck balls... The Shield came out to practically no reaction.

The Shields vs Usos & Christian
Dean Ambrose pinned Christian to get revenge on the Shield's loss on Smackdown. Chaos broke loose at the end, and Ambrose was able to get the win with the assist of Seth Rollins.

Backstage, Kane and Bryan argued some more. Bryan said that Kane gets a rematch with Randy Orton tonight, with Bryan as referee.

Dolph Ziggler vs Jinder Mahal
Dolph Ziggler out next, sans AJ and Big E. He beat Jinder Mahal in a quick match with the ZigZag. Dolph sold for Mahal quite a bit in the beginning. Heath Slater and Drew McIntyre tried to gang attack Dolph afterwards, but he escaped and made 3MB look like complete fools.

A tribute video to Bruno Sammartino aired.

Backstage, Vickie was whining to Brad Maddox about how she's tired of the McMahons pulling her in different directions. Triple H walked up and said Vickie's doing great tonight. Love Triple H in this role.

Kane vs Randy Orton
People didn't care about this at all until the end. There were two finishes... The first finish saw Orton punching Kane in the corner until Bryan forced Orton to break. Orton pushed Bryan, causing the DQ. Kane didn't want to win that way. He told Bryan to restart the match, which he did. The second finish was a Kane victory. Orton was gearing up for the RKO, but Bryan got in his way. Kane landed a boot to Orton's face, covered Orton, and Bryan made a quick count to give Kane the pinfall. Kane was still unhappy with the unfair Bryan, and contemplated a chokeslam until letting Bryan go. Orton came back in an landed an RKO on Bryan. Don't know how on earth any of this helps Bryan. Or any of these guys, really.

Backstage, Punk told Paul Heyman and Curtis Axel that he will beat the Primetime Players by himself. Heyman doesn't get why Punk is so mad at Axel. Punk says he doesn't trust Axel, but does trust Heyman. So Heyman made the logical argument that if Punk trusted him, he should trust that Axel is on his side, too.

FANDANGO Returns~!
Sheamus beat FANDANGO via count out. This was an even, back and forth match until FANDANGO left ringside and bailed while Sheamus had the momentum. FANDANGO looked good in there, and being in there with Sheamus actually elevated him, in my opinion. The finish helps no one, but the match was fine.

Chris Jericho came out to ringside for the next match, wishing everyone a happy Canada day. No confirmation yet if that's a real thing.

The Ryback vs The Miz
The Miz won when Ryback quit with his hurt knee. Jericho was good on commentary. That's the only nice thing I have to say about this match. Jericho is selling the story that Ryback is vulnerable, and is doubting himself in the ring. He's allowing weaker opponents to get advantages over him because of his self doubt. Ryback had most of this match, but when Miz had the advantage he worked Miz's knee among other things. The Ryback quit in the end because his knee was hurt. Jericho called him CryBack. Cole wondered if Ryback was really hurt, or just saving himself from losses. Jericho gave the codebreaker to Ryback after the bout.

Mark Henry Speaks
Henry said no one will deny him at Money In The Bank. He cut a babyface promo in my book, except for calling the crowd puppets.

Backstage, Vince's turn to push Vickie in a different direction. Vince was angry that Vickie was pushing Daniel Bryan. Then, he was angry that Vickie was giving away Del Rio vs Cena for free instead of making it for a Pay Per View. He threatened Vickie with termination if she doesn't start doing what he says.

Punk & Axel vs Primetime Players
Curtis Axel pinned Darren Young to win this tag team bout. Punk & Axel didn't get along in the match. Punk didn't trust Axel, more specifically. This allowed the PTP'ers to have control most of the match. Finish saw Punk hit the GTS on Young. Titus tried to rush Punk, but he sidestepped the PTP'er. While near the ropes, Axel tagged in and made the cover on the fallen Young for the win. Punk was upset that he didn't get the pin, because he had said he'd beat the Players all by himself.

In another set of clips, WWE honored former World Champion Sting. Yes, Sting video on Raw. This was another of many classic title holder videos throughout the show.

Total Divas
Kaitlyn beat Alicia Fox in the best women's match in the history of this episode of Raw. Kaitlyn won via pinfall after a spear.
AJ Lee and Big E came out immediately. AJ showed off some unsavory modeling photos of Kaitlyn on the big screen. Well, one photo. A 'shopped fat picture of Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn was more amused than angry.

Backstage, Stephanie McMahon showed up in Team Brickie's office. Stephanie wants Vickie to be harsher on AJ Lee. She also wants Vickie to keep order on her show. Vickie complained about all the McMahons hounding her. I really wish Shane was still around. Stephanie announced that Vickie will have an official job evaluation next week. Vickie could be promoted! Or fired.

Damien Sandow said that he and Cody will remain best friends, even though they are competing against each other at Money in The Bank. Zeb Colter and Antonio Cesaro came out. Zeb Colter came out against the goverment, the US Supreme Court, and others. He introduced the returning Jack Swagger.

Cody Rhodes vs Antonio Cesaro
Cesaro pinned Rhodes with the neutralizer. Cesaro was toying with Rhodes early. Swagger and Cesaro left as a strong alliance, while Sandow was disappointed that his best friend lost.

Backstage, the new WWE Divas on 'Total Divas' appeared. They were berated by the Bellas, who said that they were the real stars of the show. Cameron, Naomi, and Natalya came in. And I stopped caring. If you're upset I didn't recap all of this backstage segment, go watch Raw, Mondays at 8pm Eastern on USA.

The Wyatt Family is coming... NEXT WEEK~!

Alberto Del Rio vs John Cena
John Cena pinned Alberto Del Rio after an F5 in a fine match with a clumsy finish. No Ricardo tonight. They played this match up as a big deal all night, and it in turn had the most heat on the show. The people were here to see Cena, and it was obvious. Normal match with a ton of near falls towards the end, with each guy exchanging finishers and such. Cena had Del Rio in the STF late, but Mark Henry walked down to ringside which caused Cena to break the hold. Cena was awaiting Henry when Del Rio got up and tried for the armbreaker. Dolph Ziggler then ran down and distracted Del Rio, which allowed Cena to counter and hit the AA for the win.

Mark Henry asked the timekeeper for the WWE title belt. Henry took the belt in the ring and dropped it at Cena's feet. When Cena went to pick it up, Henry feigned an attack. Henry smiled and left while Cole wondered if Henry respected Cena. Cole and Lawler gave the final push to the Wyatt Family debuting next week.

A wolf will never lose sleep worrying about the feelings of sheep. THEY'RE COMING~!

This was a completely skippable edition of Raw. Nothing of serious note happened. The big stuff is next week with the Vickie performance review, the Wyatt Family debut, and the go home to Money In The Bank.

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