WWE Main Event TV report

By Chris Aiken
Airdate: July 3, 2013
WWE Main Event from Topeka opened with the entrance of Christian. Josh Matthews and Cody Rhodes provided commentary and Rhodes' tag team partner, Damien Sandow, came out next and cut a promo. He quoted a "great man", which happened to be himself, and said he would beat Christian.
Christian beat Damien Sandow via pinfall. They started slow and played to the crowd in the beginning. Christian kept clapping his hand together to get the crowd into the match. He did it enough that later on some of the crowd began clapping on their own when Sandow was getting heat on Christian. After Sandow escaped a head scissors and the two exchanged headlock takeovers, the pace quickened until Sandow bailed outside. Christian followed him out and came back into the ring with a sunset flip for a nearfall. Christian began working the arm but Sandow rolled through and escaped before doing a cartwheel. Rhodes put over the cartwheel on commentary. Sandow had the advantage when Christian made a brief comeback that Sandow tried to cut off. With Sandow standing on the arpon, Christian slid out of the ring, grabbed Sandow's legs and pulled him down as he bumped on the apron. Chrisitan hit a baseball slide to the outside but, when back in the ring, he missed a cross body off the top rope. Moments later, Chrisitan used the Cactus Jack clothesline over the ropes and both spilled out on the floor before the first commercial.
After the break, Christian was on offense until he tried to crotch Sandow on the ring post only to get rammed into the post himself. Sandow got heat on Christian and worked him over including using the Elbow of Disdain for a nearfall. Chrisitan fought back with punches and climbed to the top turnbuckle. Sandow tried to cut him off and Christian shoved him off the ropes down to the mat. From the top rope, Christian hit a missile dropkick then seconds later used a reverse DDT. Chrisitan springboarded off the second rope into a sunset flip roll up. Sandow blocked a tornado DDT and hit a somersault neckbreaker. However, Christian made a quick comeback and used a flying back elbow off the second rope. Sandow blocked the killswitch finisher only get the back of his neck draped over the rope moments later. Then, Christian hit the killswitch for the pin.
Jack Swagger beat Sin Cara via submission. Zeb Colter came out with Swagger and cut a promo on Independence Day and turned it into a tirade against Sin Cara with his usual illegal immigration ranting. Under the yellow and blue lighting, Swagger dominated most of the match. After a few moments in the ring, the action spills outside where Swagger throws Sin Cara into the barricade before a commercial. After the break, Sin Cara got some offense but not much although he did get some lucha spots in. After blocking a hurricanrana, Swagger gets caught with a cross body from Sin Cara off the top rope. Sin Cara looked to make a comeback but Swagger turned a tilt-a-whirl into a gutwrench powerbomb then applied the patriot (ankle) lock for the submission.
Afterwards, a video hyping the Wyatt Family aired as well as a video hyping the return of Rob Van Dam. Later on, a commercial plugged the Wyatt Family debuting next week on Raw. Also, the announcers talked about Money In the Bank and plugged CM Punk appearing on Smackdown. Another video package aired that highlighted the career of Mark Henry (like the one that had previously aired on Raw).
Big E Langston beat Curt Hawkins via pinfall. AJ skipped to the ring with Big E and joined Matthews on commentary while Rhodes left the booth. She may have been more entertaining than the match as it was mainly a glorified squash. The story of the match was Big E was too powerfull and constantly cut off any offense from Hawkins. Hawkins did a good job of bumping for Langston's power moves. Eventually, Langston hit the big ending finisher for the pin.

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