WWE Superstars TV report

WWE Superstars TV Report � 4th July 2013

By James Cox

A show that had Wade Barrett in the ring for the second week running; a show that saw the Superstars debut for Eva Marie as Natalya�s valet; and a show that really put over Money in the Bank for next Sunday.

We kick off with Zack Ryder coming out. Dawson and Riley are putting over Ryder�s �evolution� now, saying that he was part of a revolution with his social media work and now he�s moving on. Total crap; I feel bad for Ryder. Wade Barrett is out next � crazy to see him for two consecutive weeks on this show.

Match 1 � Zack Ryder v Wade Barrett

Wade Barrett pinned Zack Ryder in 8:52. Alex Riley has taken over where Matt Striker left off, by talking a lot of crap during these matches. He needs to watch it because that�s precisely why Striker was never given the time of day by the end. Anyway, he talks about Barrett�s degree in Marine Biology (which is legit) as the two lock up � hardly the most heelish of qualifications.

Ryder takes the early control, using wrist locks, chin locks and arm drag takedowns to dominate Barrett. Ryder sells the arm drags before Barrett is in position and looks a little off the pace here. He hits a facebuster (his go-to move) followed by a sweet drop kick and gets the first near fall of the match. Barrett rolls outside the ring, Ryder baseball slides him as we go to the break.

After the commercials, Ryder Irish whips Barrett into the ropes, hits a clothesline and sits up on the top turn buckle. Barrett gets up and pounds him with a big boot to turn the tables. He rolls Ryder back into the ring for a 2 count. A-Ry starts talking trash about how whenever the boys are out in bars, Barrett won�t drink without toasting the Queen first. Meanwhile in the ring Barrett hits his signature pumphandle slam for another near fall.

Barrett goes back to the rear chin lock, Ryder powers out, hits another facebuster to break the offence and Ryder climbs the ropes for a missile drop kick and a 2 count. He tries the Broski boot but Barrett kicks out again at 2. Ryder then tries for the Rough Ryder, Barrett ducks it and as Ryder turns around he�s hit with the Bull Hammer and pinned for the win. This was an ok match, Ryder works hard but I wonder where these two are headed. Barrett is in the Money in the Bank programme right now after losing the IC title. At 6� 7� and 246lbs, you�d think they would go with him at some point for a title reign at least.

Then it�s the Raw Rebound � we get the All Stars Ladder Match segment. Punk and Bryan are the stars here. Then we�re shown the end of the Kane and Orton match with Bryan as guest referee.

Out comes Natalya next accompanied by Eva Marie. Eva was signed recently to WWE and has been linked with Natalya for the foreseeable future while they film the E! show Total Divas. She�s beautiful and has long dark red hair � it�s no shock that she used to be a fashion model. Naomi comes out with Cameron in a beautiful dress next. This is presumably another Total Divas angle match. We seem to have this now every other week on Superstars; I�m never too sure who is supposed to be the heel. By the end of this one, everyone�s a babyface!

Match 2 � Natalya v Naomi

Natalya beat Naomi in 4:12 via submission. The match started like all Natalya matches do with a headlock takedown, a head scissors, some arm drags into wrist locks and some basic mat work. They run the ropes and Naomi hits the �rear view� � a move where she jumps and sticks her ass in her opponents face. Natalya then goes for the Sharpshooter but Naomi powers out and we return to the rear chin lock.

Natalya puts her in a suplex and holds it for a good 5 seconds, hits it and then sits on her � yes, sits on her � for a 2 count. Riley and Dawson talk about the marriage between Natalya and Kidd putting over how they were Hart Dungeon graduates and had been together since they were teenagers. Meanwhile, Natalya is drop kicked and rolls outside where Eva Marie comes to her aid. Eva looks pretty wooden and looks a bit clueless as to what is expected of her in this role. Naomi sportingly offers her the chance to back in the ring to compete by pulling the ropes apart.

The two get back in the ring, shake hands but Naomi pulls Natalya in and rolls her up for a quick near fall. Naomi then lands an impressive hurricanrana for another 2 count but Natalya gets up, no-selling it and puts her in the Sharpshooter. They tease that Naomi will break it and get to the ropes but Natalya pulls her back and gets the submission. Quite a good match by Divas on Superstars standards. Naomi and Natalya eventually shake hands in the ring as Eva Marie helps them to reconcile their differences and raises both their arms.

The show ends with the tremendous video package of Mark Henry�s WWE career followed by most of Cena v Del Rio from Monday. The matches were short this week to allow for more Money in the Bank build-up content.


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