WWE Raw TV report - Punk vs. Orton, Wyatt family, Vickie fired

WWE Raw is Wyatt

July 8, 2013
Baltimore, MD

Robert McCarron

Tonight: They're coming.

Raw opened with Vickie Guerrero in the ring, with a ladder behind her. The people, for the most part, let her actually talk without too much interruption tonight. Vickie said the ladder represents her climb within WWE during her career. She then climbed the ladder. Brad Maddox was yelling at her to be careful, while referees made sure the ladder didn't fall. Brad then followed her up, before climbing back down. Vickie, from atop the ladder, said she did everything for the people. Jerry Lawler interrupted, calling bullshit on Vickie's ass kissing promo. He announced that the WWE Universe would get to voice their opinion on WWE App, grading Vickie's job with a Pass/Fail option. Vickie announced a Henry vs Cena confrontation in the main event, and then a few matches featuring MITB All Star entrants.

Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus
Finally, after two weeks, we got a hot pro-Bryan crowd. And Mr. Small Package delivered. Bryan beat Sheamus clean in a hot, very good, and long opening match. Bryan went for the Yes! Lock, which Sheamus countered into a cloverleaf. Bryan struggled out of the move and rolled up Sheamus for the pinfall. My favorite Sheamus match all year quite possibly. The crowd was going crazy with Bryan afterward. Sheamus and Bryan shook hands after the match. This was worth making sure to watch a replay.

We got a video of some camera man looking for the Wyatt Family. He went up to two guys, said nothing, and the two guys told him to look for the buzzards. Okay.

Backstage, AJ Lee and Big E were in a hallway. They were making fun of Kaitlyn. Dolph came up. AJ hugged him, saying she missed him. Apparently they haven't caught up at TV the last two weeks. Dolph wondered why AJ hasn't been coming to the ring with him lately. AJ dismissed Dolph's worries, and said she'd do anything to make sure the two both leave Money In The Bank as champions.

Oh wow, it was announced that the tag team title match on Sunday will not be on the Pay Per View, but rather the Yahoo! and WWE.com preshow. Also available on a bunch of other websites, except not UFC.com.

Reigns & Rollins vs Tensai & Clay
The Shield won when Reigns speared and pinned Tensai. This match went way longer than it should have. I still have no idea why Tensai bothers putting those fake tattoos all over his face before each match.

A reporter, still looking for the Wyatts... found them. Luke Harper told the reporter to follow him.

John Cena is Yellow
His shirt color, that is. John Cena and Mark Henry were in the ring for a face to face confrontation. The first minute pissed me off so much. Henry came out saying that Cena should be afraid, and for 17 years, he starved. He was in serious mode. Cena broke in and joked about Henry eating a Snickers bar. Stupid. Anyway, Henry continued and was great. Henry has been great since returning. D'uh. Give the director and camera crew credit. They shot this behind Henry's back, making him look gigantic compared to Cena. After the initial Cena idiocy, he began being more serious, putting over how Henry better win or his whole career is for nothing. Henry said that there are lines Cena won't cross, but Henry doesn't care to cross those lines. When it looked like Henry was going to leave with no physical altercation, he sneak attacked Cena. Cena tried to come back and hit the AA, but Henry's weight crushed Cena. Henry hit the World's Strongest Slam to end the confrontation. Another segment worth watching the replay for, mostly for Henry.

Backstage, Josh Mathews with Randy Orton. Orton said he may cash in the contract on Sunday when he wins Money In The Bank.

Curtis Axel vs Chris Jericho
Jericho beat Axel with the codebreaker, giving Axel his first loss since becoming a Paul Heyman guy. Miz was on commentary. Axel and Miz were barking at each other near the commentary table during the match. Heyman was trying to get Axel back in the ring before risking a count out. When Axel finally got back in the ring, Jericho caught him for the finish.

Backstage, all the competitors in the Smackdown ladder match on Sunday bantered with each other. Wade punched out FANDANGO while Team Rhodes Scholars and Team Real America faced off to end the segment.

The WWE.com reporter found Bray Wyatt.

Alberto Del Rio vs Sin Cara
The Sin Cara lights are back. Pretty sure this is just a rib on Sin Cara now. Dolph Ziggler's music hit mid-match. Dolph did a mock introduction of Del Rio, however, it was so weird because Del Rio and Sin Cara kept wrestling. The crowd didn't know what to pay attention to. Then, as Dolph was finishing his mock intro, Del Rio ran at him, abandoning the match. The two brawled until Sin Cara hit a plancha onto Del Rio outside the ring. Ziggler left smiling. There was no match result announced, so I guess we just have a no contest.

WWE Gut Check
Vickie was in the ring with Brad Maddox. The three McMahon's then came out. Vickie looked worried, while Brad Maddox looked as cool as ever. Vickie spoke and kissed up to the three evaluators. She went over her accomplishments, which including bringing the Rock back to Raw and Undertaker back to WrestleMania. Steph called her on that, and then blamed her for bringing back Brock Lesnar, who beat up her poor husband. Vince now, saying that Vickie is entertaining and that bringing back Brock was a good idea. Triple H spoke up and said Vickie was terrible at her job. He blamed the crowd booing her like crazy as a reason to fire her. Vince said that Vickie should be named permanent General Manager. Triple H disagreed, and wanted Steph to decide Vickie's fate. HHH and Vince then began to kiss Steph's ass to make her decide what they wanted her to decide. Steph bailed on the decision, instead letting the WWE Universe's vote stand as the final decision. It was 75% in favor of FAIL. Vickie cried. Brad was stunned. Steph fired Vickie. Vickie fell to her knees in shock, as the crowd sang Goodbye at her. Vickie was begging for her job, as the McMahons slowly left the ring and walked away. Vince stayed, however, and asked if the people were happy that they broke Vickie's heart. Vince said that Vickie didn't fail, but EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THEM failed. Vince, with Vickie still in the ring, announced that the new Raw GM was BRAD MADDOX~!


This show just got a million times better.

Backstage, Vince was consoling Vickie on her firing. Vince promised to make it right somehow. Brad Maddox walked up, and Vickie beat him up and yelled at him to get out.

Kane vs Christian
Kane won clean with the chokeslam. Immediately after the match the TRON cut to a video of Bray Wyatt, rocking in a wooden chair in the Wyatt compound. He has no followers, only brothers and sisters in the name of cause. It's time for the masses to wake up!


The Wyatt Family Debuts
This crowd popped for Bray like he was a superstar. Or like they were just curious as to what all the fuss was about. The arena lights were out, and Bray carried a lantern to the ring. He was flanked by Luke Harper and Rowan, with Rowan wearing his sheep mask. When the lights came back on, Rowan and Harper attacked Kane while Wyatt rocked in a wooden chair on the entrance way. After the attack, Wyatt kneeled over Kane's prone body and looked to the sky... as the crowd chanted "Husky Harris."

Backstage, Vickie was leaving with her personal belongings until the was stopped in her tracks by The Ryback. Ryback hugged Vickie. Buried dead.

Divas Tag Team Bout
Alicia Fox & AJ vs Kaitlyn & Leyla El went to a no contest (I suppose.) Again, no match result was announced. It was a basic tag match with Alicia and Leyla in the ring until AJ tagged in, and Kaitlyn just went crazy and beat AJ down. The ref, Alicia Fox, and Leyla tried to pull Kaitlyn off of her. They were successful, and AJ escaped the ring. However, Kaitlyn ran and hit a sick spear on AJ outside the ring to close the non-match.

Backstage, CM Punk said he was the best in the world.

Randy Orton vs CM Punk
Punk beat Orton clean with the GTS. Then, after the match, something happened...

Daniel Bryan ran in and beat up both Punk and Orton. He took a ladder to Orton, then climbed the ladder and held up the Money In The Bank briefcase to end the show. The crowd didn't know how to react to this, as he was attacking two of the top three good guys on the brand. Some were chanting "YES!" but it was a very light and tepid reaction. Nothing like the reaction he got to open the show.

This concludes Day One of the Brad Maddox Era.

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