WWE house show report 7-7 Wilkes-Barre, PA

Before the show the "Fan Interactive Match" was announced as Tons of Funk and Naomi vs. Team Rhodes Scholars and Brie Bella.  The vote was should Cameron stay or go from ringside?
1)  Usos over Primetime Players.
2)  Justin Gabriel over Heath Slater.
3)  A.J. Lee w/ Big E. Langston over Kaitlyn to retain the Divas championship.  Big E. stayed at ringside after the match and challenged anyone in the back to a match.
4)  Randy Orton over Big E. Langston with the RKO.
5)   Tons of Funk and Naomi over Team Rhodes Scholars and Brie Bella.   The result of the fan voting was for Cameron to go.  Naomi pinned Brie Bella after Team Rhodes Scholars walked out on Brie.
6)  R-Truth over Drew McIntyre w/ Jinder Mahal.
7)  Alberto Del Rio over Dolph Ziggler in a Last Man Standing Match to retain the World Heavyweight championship.
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Al Trybulski

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