TMZ reports Randy Orton's divorce

TMZ reported this morning that Randy Orton's divorce was made official last month.  Randy and wife Samantha separated last year and she filed for divorce this past March claiming the marriage was "irretrievably broken."

The property split included Orton getting the  2012 Range Rover, a 2011 Bentley and a 2009 Harley Davidson, while Samantha gets a 2013 Infiniti.

Orton also gets his own jewelry, the gun collection, one house and a number of bank accounts as well as the rights to the remainder of his WWE contract which is listed as being worth $3.5 million per year.

Samantha gets a ank account worth $654,317, her own jewelry and one of the couple's homes, as well as full legal and physical custody of their daughter.  Orton does get visitation rights and has agreed to pay $54,000 in child support.

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