WWE Superstars TV report

WWE Superstars TV Report – 11th July 2013

By James Cox


A show that had Justin Gabriel beat Darren Young with the most tremendous 450 splash from a top rope springboard; a show that where Antonio Cesaro spent 6 minutes schooling Zack Ryder in the ring and a show that really put over Money in the Bank for Sunday.


We kick off with three peeps on a whistle and Darren Young coming out accompanied by Titus O’Neill as Tony Dawson informs us that R-Truth is alongside him tonight on commentary. This will be interesting. R-Truth talks up Money in the Bank for Sunday as Justin Gabriel comes out. Unbelievably Tony Dawson insists on still calling him ‘the Darewolf’ which I just cannot stand or understand.


Match 1 – Darren Young v Justin Gabriel


Justin Gabriel pinned Darren Young in 4:27. They lock up and we get the normal headlock take down, head scissors and wrist lock chains. No hard cam again – as I’ve mentioned many times, they often do this on Superstars and I can only assume it’s because they are still setting up the cameras for the live taping that follows. They exchange stiff Flair chops and European uppercuts that get a good pop form the crowd. Gabriel postures and uses a leg sweep to take Young down for a near fall. Young gets back up and hits Gabriel with a belly to back suplex and lets him drop onto the top turn buckle. Titus likes this and blows the whistle for full time.


Gabriel stays alive, takes an Irish whip and a stiff clothesline from Young into a near fall. Truth is good on co-commentary and puts over Young’s ‘new aggression’ and calls moves where Dawson doesn’t – you have to remember he’s been in this business for a long time and really as an old hand at all this. He did himself no harm here at all.


Young gets caught by a drop toe hold and falls face first into the second turn buckle as Gabriel gets some heat to make his comeback. Gabriel then flies from the second turn buckle with a cross body for a near fall. Dawson says that Gabriel is due to travel to South Africa next month where he will tour with WWE but will also do the highest bungee jump in the world. Meanwhile, Gabriel uses the second rope as a springboard and superkicks Young and goes to the top rope for the 450 splash. Titus interferes so that he can’t but Gabriel runs him off and instead spring boards off the top rope and does his 450 splash for the win. Awesome finish.


This is unusual for Superstars, normally the longer match goes on first. Next is Money in the Bank build up and Raw rehash. We get Cena and Henry promos and then we’re shown the end of the Vickie Guerrero gut check segment with the McMahons.


Out comes Antonio Cesaro next accompanied by Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger. Cesaro is now wearing a sleeveless version of Swagger’s ‘We The People’ shirt (worst catchphrase in a long time). Apparently Cesaro now resides in the US, Justin Roberts says. Zeb cuts a promo about how the plight faced by American cities is the fault of its citizens. Zack Ryder comes out to interrupt the promo which the crowd love. That’s the third consecutive week for Ryder on this show.


Match 2 – Antonio Cesaro v Zack Ryder


Antonio Cesaro pinned Zack Ryder in 6:28. Cesaro takes Ryder down, holds him on the mat with his knee while he puts his hand on his heart to say ‘we the people’. I love Cesaro, he’s a master in the ring and is committed to this gimmick whether he believes in it or not. Zack does his hip tosses where he sells it before Cesaro is in position and then he takes him down with a clothesline for a 1 count. Cesaro ducks out to consult with his partners and take us to a break.


As we return we’re still in wrist lock and rear chin lock territory but it soon bursts into life: out of an Irish whip Ryder goes for a cross body, Cesaro ducks and Ryder flies over the top rope to the mat below. Outside, Cesaro throws him into the dasher boards and then throws him back in the ring for a near fall. Cesaro then hits a stiff scoop power slam out of another Irish whip for another near fall. As Ryder kicks out, Cesaro gets to his feat and uses a Karelin lift into a side pildriver for another 2 count. R-Truth puts over the move and Cesaro’s brute strength. The offense is clearly stiff and to the head here because there are lots of drop cuts to the crowd during the match.


Ryder turns a suplex into a neckbreaker in a really creative spot to try to mount his comeback but the match is essentially a long squash match for the heel. Ryder lands a missile drop kick from the top rope, sets up for the Broski Boot but as he charges for it, Cesaro stands up and smacks him with a driving European uppercut for a near fall. Cesaro is mad now but Ryder powers out of a rear chin lock, lands the Broski Boot and gets himself a 2 count. Cesaro takes a breather outside the ring but Ryder throws himself over the top rope with a suicide flip senton that looks great. As Ryder attempts to re-enter the ring, Swagger pulls his leg, Ryder kicks him in the face but turns round to face Cesaro who puts him in a swinging sleeper hold. Then as he is pretty much out cold, Cesaro uses the neutraliser to get the win. The heel stable lay the Gadsden flag on top of him as we go to a break.


The show ends with the closing stages of the Orton v Punk match from Raw where Bryan enters to climb the ladder and take the briefcase. Some decent wrestling on show this week with one of two fun spots but the matches were short this week to allow for more Money in the Bank build-up content.





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