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WWE Hall of Famer Edge recently href=""
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life after WWE, some memorable moments and more. Here are some highlights:
WNZ: Your tremendous and brutal Tables, Ladders and Chairs match
at Unforgiven ’06 against John Cena from Toronto’s Air Canada Centre is
included on your latest DVD…

Edge: Oh yeah, I love that match. It was highly emotional for me, after
being booed all that time from the moment I came back, then being
cheered in my hometown and being in a TLC match. If you watch that
match, I think you can see it in my face at the beginning and after the
match I lost my heeldom. Those matches I had with John were some very
physical matches.
We also had a lot of fun with that storyline, as Lita and I went over to
John’s dad’s house and slapped him around (laughs).
WNZ: What do you remember about your match with Booker T at
WrestleMania 18 in Toronto?

E: I remember our time being cut because Undertaker and Flair went like
seven minutes over their scheduled time. So we went from 14 minutes to
seven, and the entrances took a good four minutes. So it was like, wow,
we don’t have much time at all here. So we were thinking, okay, it’s not
going to be quite as cool as we thought it was going to be. Then add to
that the fact that we were fighting over a shampoo endorsement
commercial. I mean, ah really?
But having said that, the experience of going out and wrestling there,
12 years after I was sitting in the crowd at WrestleMania 6 was pretty
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WNZ: What has your life been like since you retired from

E: It’s very relaxing. I just love being outdoors and being active. It’s
just a normal every day kind of life and I find different ways to
exercise outside, after all those years working out in gyms. I do a lot
of hiking with my dogs. On my last DVD, I think my favourite part was
seeing my dogs in high-definition on the Blu-ray.
WNZ: Do you have a decent amount of privacy where you live, away
from the spotlight?

E: Where I live now, pretty much everybody kind of knows me, so it’s
really no big deal. They’re just like, “Oh yeah, cool, here comes the
guy who used to wrestle.” And once you’ve seen somebody once, the
novelty wears off pretty fast and they realise you sit on a toilet like
everybody else. The novelty wears off, it really does. And it’s not like
I walk around with an entourage and make people pour my Evian for me, or
whatever. It has to be Evian though! (laughs).
Edge also talks about pro wrestling memories in Canada, being inducted
into the WWE Hall of Fame and more. You can read the href=""
target="_blank">full interview at this link

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