WWE house show report 7-13 Trenton


Before a very enthusiastic crowd, WWE ran a house show in Trenton, Saturday July 13th

1.  Fandango defeated R-Truth in 7:42

2.   Naomi and Cameron beat Brie Bella and AJ (w/Big E) in 7:02

3.  Curtis Axel(with Paul Heyman) retained the IC Title over The Miz in 12:38 (holding the tights)

4. Shaemus beat Wade Barrett in 11:24

5.   Christian (subbing for Kane), Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton beat The Shield via DQ after a chairshot in 16:04

20:00 Intermission

6.  Alberto Del Rio vs Dolph Ziggler went to a no-contest, never really took place.   They brawled for about 2:30, the bell never rang...Alberto walked out

7.  CM Punk and Chris Jericho beat Rhodes Scholars with a simultaneous pin, Punk hit the GTS on Sandow, while Jericho pinned Rhodes in approx 14:00

8.  John Cena retained the WWE title in a tables match over Ryback in approx 9:00

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