WWE Vintage Collection TV report; RVD vs.Jerry Lynn, Muta vs. Brad Armtrong

'WWE Vintage Collection’ TV Report #267 – July 14th, 2013

Shown on Sky Sports in the U.K.

By Stephen Lyon.

This week's theme: Final week focusing on lightweight/cruiserweight wrestlers. Main event of today's show was Rob Van Dam vs Jerry Lynn for the ECW TV title, from the ECW Living Dangerously ppv, March 1999. One other match on today's show was the Great Muta vs Brad Amstrong in a 2-out-of-3 falls match from WCW Saturday Night, May 1992.

Really good, two match show this week, with both matches (20 minutes plus) being shown nearly in their entirety.

The Show:

Show was hosted by Gene Okerlund alone this week.

1) The Great Muta defeated Brad Armstrong in a 2-out-of-3 falls match. This match aired on the May 30th, 1992 edition of 'WCW Saturday Night', taped at the Center Stage Theater, Atlanta, Georgia on May 11th, 1992. Announcers for this match were Jim Ross and, rather bizarrely, Riki Rachtman, the then-presenter of MTV's 'Headbanger's Ball' show. Rachtman would return to WCW tv in the late 1990s as a backstage interviewer and segment host in the dying days of WCW Monday Nitro. Here, he was a 'guest host' for the night (deemed an 'MTV celebrity' at the time) on WCW Saturday Night and provided commentary. He didn't say much of real note, but was fine in his role as an enthusiastic 'famous' fan providing guest commentary. Muta and Armstrong wrestled on the mat to begin with, exchanging armbars and headlock takedowns. At first the crowd chanted 'USA' in support of Armstrong, but eventually figured out Muta was a babyface here too, and began cheering his name the longer the match went on. After a commercial break, Muta began working over Armstrong's left leg. The speed of the match increased dramatically, with both guys suddenly trying for rolls up and nearfalls. Muta tried with an inside cradle on Armstrong three times in a row in quick succession, and succeeding in scoring the first fall with his third one.

After another commercial break, the match continued at pace. Ross on commentary put over how Armstrong's experience wrestling in Japan was helping him to run Muta close during this bout. Muta dropped a legdrop and used a snap suplex on Armstrong. Brad hit back, with a sunset flip in the corner for a nearfall. Muta threw chops and headbutts, and used an abdominal stretch into a pinfall attempt on Armstrong. The finish of the match saw Armstrong miss with a splash into the corner, and instead, Muta nailed him with his own handspring elbow splash. Muta then pinned Armstrong to win the match after connecting with a top rope moonsault. This was a really good match, and a rare occasion where a wrestler wins a 2 out of 3 falls match on tv by scoring 2 straight falls.   



2) ECW TV Champion, Rob Van Dam (w/Bill Alfonso in his corner) defeated Jerry Lynn. This match took place at the 'ECW Living Dangerously 1999' pay-per-view event, held in Asbury Park, New Jersey on March 21st, 1999. Sole announcer for this match was Joey Styles. Match started at a brisk pace, as both RVD and Lynn dodged each others moves in an opening sequence, that concluded with the audience applauding both men. Lynn scored the early advantage, knocked RVD to the outside, and then connecting with a somersault plancha off the ring apron and on to RVD. Things then got wilder, as RVD was tossed into the crowd and Lynn did a springboard crossbody block on to RVD amongst the fans. Back in the ring, with both men recovered, RVD attempted a springboard move off the top rope, only for Lynn to catch him with a dropkick, knocking him to the outside again. Lynn pursued RVD outside the ring, but RVD recovered enough to dump Lynn over the guardrail, draping his body over the rail and then allowing RVD to deliver a springboard guillotine legdrop off the guardrail and on to Lynn.

After a commercial break, Lynn was deep into the crowd, allowing RVD to do a springboard plancha off the guardrail and on to Lynn. Back in the ring, RVD's manager Bill Alfonso began getting involved, tossing a chair to RVD for use. RVD placed Lynn in an inverted surfboard on the mat, then released the hold by dropping Lynn face first on to a chair in the ring. Lynn battled back, and moments later, caught RVD with a sunset flip off the turnbuckles, with RVD's head smashing against the chair on the mat. Lynn followed this up by blocking a Northern Lights suplex and instead delivering an inverted DDT on a chair for a nearfall, and then legdropping RVD on to the chair too. After another commercial break, Lynn tried for a top rope move, but Alfonso held on to his leg. This delay allowed RVD to recover and kick Lynn off the turnbuckle, causing him to fall through a ringside table. RVD dragged Lynn back into the ring, and attempted a split legged moonsault, only for Lynn to hold a chair up, blocking the move. Lynn scored another nearfall, using a German suplex. Lynn gave RVD a high impact DDT for a nearfall, and then the bell rang, signifying the 20 minute time limit had expired. Lynn pleaded for 'five more minutes', with the crowd loudly chanting for this too. After RVD agreed, the referee restarted the match. Lynn scored a nearfall after a piledriver, and then the finish saw RVD hit the Van Daminator, followed by the Five Star Frog Splash off the top rope for the win. RVD and Jerry Lynn enjoyed a legendary rivalry over the years and although not the best match they ever had together, this was yet another really good match between the pair.

Closing thoughts: This was a really fun show, featuring two really good matches. RVD being featured on this show was great timing, considering he returns to WWE on tonight's Money in the Bank ppv. In the U.K., this Vintage show is repeated tonight at 12 midnight, directly before the ppv airs live at 1am, on the same channel (Sky Sports 3), so it will be interesting to see how the RVD of 2013 compares to the RVD of 1999.

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Match Results:


1) The Great Muta defeated Brad Armstrong in a 2-out-of-3 falls match ('WCW Saturday Night' - Center Stage Theater, Atlanta, Georgia: taped on 11/05/92, aired on 30/05/92). 


2) ECW TV Champion, Rob Van Dam (w/Bill Alfonso in his corner) defeated Jerry Lynn ('ECW Living Dangerously 1999' pay-per-view event - Asbury Park, New Jersey: 21/03/99).



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Stephen Lyon,
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