First batch of Feedback to Money in the Bank

Thumbs up!
Best match: Smackdown MITB
Worst match: Divas
This show delievers every year. For me it is one of the 3 I always order (Rumble and Mania being the others). I was worried that Smackdown all heel match would be devoid of heat, forgetting what town they were in. The spots with Swagger and Cesaro were especially great. What added to this match was I could legit seeing any one of them win for different reasons (or directions). The Raw ladder match was no slouch just at many times it had those moves or moments that looked like actual chaos. I was convinced at various times Orton, Sheamus, and Punk were legit hurt. The Paul turn was well done in the match. The interference all made sense to progress things. Axel and Heyman with Punk.  Shield always interferes, but the Usos come out to counter. The AJ in Ziggler match. When Ryback came out for his match it still amazed me how dead he is now. First PPV win since Sept wont automatically change that either.
Complaint- a fraction of the WWE viewing audience orders PPV vs watching Raw. Why I ask do we contnue to get things on PPV like;
Maddox promo
Vicki video
Performance Center video
All of those things are fine to fill Raw, in fact more than fine. A full recap of the WWEPC on Raw would have been wonderful for all those viewers not watching tonight as part of the 3 hours plus overrun. None of this took away from the show just one of those things.
Michael O'Brien

5 Thoughts on WWE Money In the Back 2013

  • Sandow winning is good surprise, but is he world champion material yet? Or even in the forseeable future? He may be over as the irritating villain everyone wants to see get beat down, but whether that can translate into a real draw is differnet matter. Admittedly, Ambrose, who may have been a more popular choice, is also still a bit green in the ring. Rhodes proved once again he has something worth investing in, and a feud with Sandow might help that along. Hopefully that could booked in such a way to give both guys some main event clout and momentum. The match itself was one of the better MITBs tho, even if its for a chance at the shot that more and more seems like the IC title of old compared to the Cena's flagship belt.

  • Curtis Axel fails to show much flare in or around the ring yet again. He's not bad, but his talent seems very WWE – the young generation's Randy Orton. His namesake and Paul Heyman differentiate him from a pack of near identical developmental products, it may be assumed managment has seen something more in him given the push. He looks poised to be involved with Punk, Lesnar, Bryan and possibley RVD given the rest of the crowd heading into Summerslam. There's no better time for him to step up his game and impress – here's hoping he does.

  • Chris Jericho once again takes an expected and even deserved ego out of the equation to put a young superstar over. With Bourne a few summers past, to Punk at Mania last year, to Ziggler for his “second hiatus”, to Fandango at Mania this year, an now Ryback. Having proven he can exist and flourish as a star not only outisde of the company, but far outside the industry, Jericho may has more pull than anyone outside of Cena (and maybe Punk now) to politically maneuver his way into a more comfortable place at the top of the card. He's a veteran, one of the best in the business and still a draw, why should he be putting these young guns over again and again? It certainly hasn't been the precedant set by others over the past decade or so. It's extremely encouraging to see Jericho not only go there time and time again, but to never put in anything less than a top effort. Angle may be doing it in TNA, and HBK may have done something like it for a short while before his retirement, but Jericho is doing it best and it may pay dividends for some of these young careers if only the writers can keep up with his generosity.

  • Mark Henry is gold. Who would have thought that given start-stop pushes, facing numerous longterm injuries and being on the tail end of a long career he would be at his best now. It's great to see. Big Show, Kane and Henry may not be the flashiest in the ring, but their role as maleable monsters in the main event territory in their career twilights is invaluable (when booked properly, of course). Veterans who can work a crowd and a match, and one need not look further than Henry's match tonight to make a case for him being the best. The build for this match was exactly what it needed to be to make what could be a groan-inducing and predictable encounter into pay-per-view material. Between the lead-up, the story of the match, and Henry's facials and mannerisms therein, there was more than enough to compensate for what ever in-ring limitations and extremely predictable booking may be there to hinder this title bout. Of course Cena went over, and that's fine. Henry, a two-time world champion already, proved that his career is noteworthy regardless of a WWE title rein.

  • The main event may have been the most interesting MITB match ever. No true heels in the match (although Sheamus almost became one here). The first one-on-one square off is between two former MITB winners and world champs – two of the most over men in the company who most would have assured you could never be in such a position not so long ago (seriously, two former ROH champions main eventing in the WWE and Claudio's around too – your 2005 counterpart's jaw just hit the floor). The return match of a hometown hero diminishes the aura of every of star. A story within the story completes Punk's face role against Heyman while setting up the inevitable Summerslam encounter. All of these compelling components might just serve to make the ending a fitting one – arguably the least interesting competitor wins, earning the prop to revitalize his character that his been treading water since his last world title loss. It wasn't long ago that many said Orton's face turn would be huge, but the reality was much more underwhelming. Both the fans and Orton look to be ready for another heel run, and the MITB contract might be the perfect way to get there. Not that Orton needs it to get over as a contendor, and while he might not have been the best or obvious choice, his character has desperately needed something new for a long time now. Sheamus and Punk have no need for it at this point, and Christian is better suited as a guy in a postion similar to the one Jericho is working in. RVD would have been nice, but its hard to believe WWE would award him that given the TNA stint and widely-reported part-time schedule he's assuming upon his return. Would Bryan have been the best option? He is surprisingly over, and the fact he's continually been given something reasonable to work with since his return at Summerslam a few years back suggests that despite his size and indy history, the company has a strong amount of faith in him. Could he be a leader amongst the stars of the next generation? His talent and connection with the crowd confirum the potential, another MITB win and a proper title win and reign to boot may have sealed it. No need to lose hope yet though, as it appears he might have some role to play in the Punk / Axel drama, or even a score to further settle with Orton.

- Jack Gauthier

WWE Money in the Bank: Thumbs Up    
Best Match: All-Star Ladder Match
Worst Match: Kaitlyn vs. A.J. Lee
I was surprised to see the live kick-off show on the PPV channel.  I had turned on the WWE app on my phone and then saw it on the TV.  Finally they get rid of that old taped waste of time and put on the real pre-show.  That just makes more sense.  Of course now Scott Standford has no job.  Tag Title match was very solid opener.  Nice that the Uso's are getting a chance and they looked good here.  Good finsih with the Shield retaining.  WHC Contract Ladder match was really fun.  I called the Shield interfering to my friends right before it happened.  It just made sense in a no DQ situation. Some nice spots with Ambrose skinning the ladder and Swagger trying to hold up Cesaro.   I guess we are looking at a face Rhodes vs. heel Sandow.  I don't see Sandow cashing in on Del Rio, so it will be a while probably.  Axel vs. Miz was fine, but Miz needs to be a heel.  No one cares about him as a face and I think he's lucky he had a big Mania match a few years back, because I doubt he'll ever be in that spot again.  Divas Title wasn't awful, but worst thing on the show.  Why was Layla at ringside?  Is she a manager all of a sudden?  They need some new Divas on TV because just having the same match over and over gets stale.  Ryback vs. Jericho was okay.  I had rather seen Jericho in the ladder match then losing to Ryback.  I just don't see where Ryback fits in at this point.  Del Rio vs. Ziggler was very good minus the DQ.  I guess they will have there break up tomorrow on Raw to set in motion the Langston vs. Ziggler match.  Who challenges Del Rio next?  Mark Henry vs. Cena was good.  Henry got a big ovation.  They worked the match well and of course Cena retains.  All Star Ladder Match was very good.  Nice to see RVD work many of his big spots.  Was hoping for Bryan to win, but it was Orton's turn finally for a big win, although the drama of having him cash it in won't be as exciting as someone who hasn't been Champion a million times already.  Good show overall though.  Always like the MITB concept.
Robb Block

Thumbs slightly up.

Best Match: World Heavyweight Championship Money in the Bank Ladder Match
Worst Match: Tie between Kaitlyn/AJ and Miz/Axel. Neither were awful, the Maddox/Vickie Guerrero filler segment actually was the most useless aspect of this show.

I get pumping the crowd back up - but that bit with Vickie and Brad was way too 'Raw like' and stole minutes from other matches. The fact they cut Ambrose and Fandango's entrances yet shoveled that segment our way was pointless.

Much like Invicta 6 last night, the show opening contest was fire and my favorite on the show. Props to WWE for booking all heels in front of the right crowd as that Phily reaction was what you would want for a high spot kind of matchup. The Cesaro/Swagger/Ambrose spot was sick and every guy had the heat to win in my estimation. Some guys had more reaction than others, but a win for any would have put over any man pretty large, (maybe minus Swagger, but with Dirty Dutch as his mouthpiece they could have gotten away with that scenario too).

But Sandow wins.

And what a talented guy. Went to a house show in late May in Salt Lake and in-person Damien Sandow is money (no pun intended) even more so than you see on TV. Great match. Set the bar high for a show that could have, if booked correctly, been show of the year.

Despite pretty good crowd reactions for Axel/Heyman and AJ Lee respectively, both those matches were not much of anything as far as PPV quality goes. The Miz spot with faking the slap from Paul E. was a nice addition.

Ryback vs. Jericho was a match I also caught at said house show recently and it was okay. Gets the slide for being better than the previous two matches because of the names involved, but Ryback's main event decline is evident every time out he's booked. He's probably still a work in progress as far as character goes, but the match was just, eh.

The World Heavyweight Title match was superb and Ziggler is really mega over. They were able to have a great back and forth contest despite this feud being an odd one and the finish I guess at least didn't kill any Ziggler heat versus if he had lost clean. Having the title drop off of Del Rio right after they've started investing in this current heel run would have hurt ADR but the potential split between AJ and Ziggler is the bigger story going forward and it made for at least a semi-decent ending.

Henry vs. Cena at very least had a very strong build up. The match itself wasn't bad but this looks to be a filler feud so it's a bummer to see Henry back in that middle shuffle again. He delivered a promo that will go on 'Best of' DVD sets in the coming years and that only made for a more interesting match than it would have been. Cena wins and it was a good not great match.

The main event was great too. Van Dam's performance was pretty calculated and kind of safe, but you can't exactly half-ass any Rob Van Dam signature offense, especially in a ladder match. But he got over great and that Five Star spot off the ladder was a highlight. He's done it before- but at his age sticks out as being more memorable. The Sheamus bump through the ladder was rough looking! Heyman turning on Punk probably should have made this the best match for me in terms of being a huge moment, but for the opening 7 MITB competitors really brought and there wasn't as much stalling in that match as there was in the main event. 7 and 6 man ladder matches are bound to have stalling, but the opener did it for me.

Daniel Bryan I THOUGHT had the perfect opening to win it. The swerve with Orton gives him something to stay relevant, I wasn't furious with that - but Daniel Bryan was the MVP here towards the end and DESERVES that main event push everyone is clamoring for.

Overall a good PPV, could have been fantastic but the bigger questions for me is a lot of the booking going into SummerSlam. Should be interesting to see, the current roster of WWE is the most talent riched since I can remember. If booked correct, they'd be probably putting on solid show after solid show with the undercard holding things together. The talent IS there, and that first match tonight was a showcase of that. 

Kevin Anderson in Utah

Thumbs up overall, despite neither MITB match ending in a way that makes any sense.
Best match: RAW MITB
Worst match: Axel-Miz I guess, though there wasn't really a bad match.
Once again Vince proves why he's a millionaire when he should be a billionaire.  Perennial main eventer Randy Orton gets a once in a lifetime shot at being WWE Champion.....oh wait.....  Sure let's not seize the moment and fully elevate the guy who's absolutely on fire right now and position him to challenge Cena for the belt.  How dare the fans decide who they want to see as the next breakout star?  So what's the endgame here?  Cena vs. Orton, part 17?  Yeah we're all just salivating at that prospect.  Bryan vs. Axel?  Sure let's take the white-hot, mega-over star and pair him up with a heatless I-C Champion (probably the most worthless title in the company at the moment, mind you).  This would be akin to Austin losing the '98 Rumble due to interference from D-Lo Brown and then facing D-Lo at WrestleMania.
Next we have Sandow winning the Smackdown briefcase.  Sandow who loses every week on TV.  Are they seriously going to try to rehab him to the point that he's a believable World Title threat?  Ambrose, Cesaro, Rhodes (who doesn't ever win either but the fans actually wanted to see him take this one) would've all been better and more logical winners.
I will never understand booking matches to end in a surprise just for the sake of a surprise.  There's a reason these shows often end predictably.  Because often the predictable outcome is the one that actually makes sense.  Look back at the great PPVs over the years - most of them ended in a way that was predictable but logical, and therefore satisfying.  Then look back at the big surprises over the years - most of them were booked by Vince Russo.
-Justin Ballard
Boston, MA

WWE continues to hit home runs with their PPVs as of Money in the Bank was a HUGE thumbs up. Going into it the only match I thought would disapoint (Cena vs Henry) wasnt too terrible. And just glad they let the WWE ladder match end the show as it tore the house down.
Match of the night; WWE Championship MITB match...Sheamus going through the ladder and then Heyman turning on Punk was amazing.
Worst match: Cena vs Henry...from a booking prospective I know why Cena had to win but the way he did made Henry look weak and didnt help Cena out at all...
John Chag
Orlando, Fl
Best match:  World Champ Ladder match -- the opener
Worst: Ryback - Chris : not even their fault -- wrong time on the card.  And honestly, the women's match was good.  To be fair Jericho wasn't trying to steal the show, just telling his story.
Overall: Thumbs way up.
It feels like we're getting good mid-year finishes _ building to Summerslam and beyond.  Much hard work, and some hope -- compared to last year this time, this is an impressive roster of workers. 
 Nate York

Money in the Bank 2013
Thumbs up
Best match : WWE title MITB
Worst match : AJ vs Kaitlyn 
World title suitcase up first !
Already they are cutting time as Fandangoo and Ambrose are in the ring. Barrett seemed to get no reaction when he came out and the cameras went to the announcers and the Spainish announcers. Lot of good team work with Swagger and Cesaro. Shield comes in when cody is near the top. Usos come out to cancel them out. And his partnet Sandow throws him off to take the Worldtitle suitcase.
Considering the level that the guys are at in this match as workers this came off perfect as it was booked and it was booked well. ***3/4
Don't try this at home.
Brad Maddox introduced.
Calls Justin Roberts Jeff. His shirt is aggravating me on two levels. 1 im not watching in HD and 2 fat guys like me wear stripes. He basically buries being on the pre show by introducing Vicki.
Fuck now theres a Vicki video. They should of done this on Raw. Some decent tv lately now they are ramming the stuff us our asses. Never been so happy to see the Miz!
Miz vs Curtis Axel
JBL mentions that Paul Heyman has a skullet. Miz does a Eddie spot makes a big punch sound on the floor to sound like Heyman punched him.  WWE doesnt want him Heyman out there WHY ? Not going to add any cheers to Miz if thats what they think. Miz kicks out of a Perfect plex. Nice figure four spot and reversal both guys are working hard. Axel retains with his move ? What is it ? A side Russian Rude Awakening ?
HHH on the SummerSlam video.
AJ (with Big E) vs Kaitlyn
Layla lookin good at ringside. Cole " This is for the Divas championship which defines the division" .
Id like to hope it would. AJ to the top rope Kairtlyn pushes her off onto Big E's massive delts.
AJ wins via submission.
Diva show plug.
Ugh were with the pre show table. Big Show does a decent job as a round table guy.
Ryback vs Jericho
They seem to do something new with doing video segments of the build ups between and during the entrances now.  Not for or againest it with the lower mid card.
Ryback does a Macho man and runs out of the ring to stall. Ryback does some kind of mommy splash off the second rope, ehhhh dont do that again. I thought he was gonna blow farts into Jerichos stomach.  Crowd seems to know what Finish it means. Code breaker on Ryback but he falls out of the ring. Jericho cross body off the top. Jericho goes to the top rope alot for a guy with a bum knee ? . Ryback F5's himself into a DDT. Crowd is sleeping. And Ryback wins with a school boy !
Hey why not ?
Ryback looked pretty good. IMHO not having main event pressure on him helped. Of course working with Jericho does too. But Ryback held up his end of the deal. Something to keep in mind.
WWE training centre vid.
Cole actually said NXT tapings... what they are taped ?
ADR vs Dolph
Dolph lands the elbows that Lex Luger used to miss.These guys did alot in 8 minutes or so. Then AJ came out with her music. Crowd was huge on Dolph. LMAO USA chants as Dolph is down ! The AJ hits Del Rio with her belt. DQ
***1/4 coulda been more with a real finish but sometimes you need to do that.
WWE gives tickets to the troops.
Cena vs Henry
Not going on last. It shouldnt but well the winner of the other match could .... ohhh well nm.
Cole mentions Cenas' 1200 plues days as champ..... Hmmm someone jealous of 400 and whatever Punks was ?
Henry over powering early. Cena wins via STFU. Henry sold the leg big time afterwords having Srmdtrong help him to the back . Dumbest moment in year tho when they make a big deal of Henry kicking out of the FU. Didnt the Rock kickout of like 11 of them at the Meadowlands back in April ? O well not much to worry about.
Prolly best as a 1 time thing between the two at this point.
Wyatt video/ Explaining why Kane is out of the match.
WWE title Money in the bank
RVD out first ! 59 video segments later hes here.
My dog got up and left as soon as  Sheamus's music started.
Punk out last.
On Rob van Dams first move its called vintage.
Punk and Bryan had a footsie spot.
Van Dam fucks up his rolling sentan.
HHH marking out for RVDafter he makes Sheamus crash and burn. Does the suitcase seem to be hanging abit low ?
RVD may have given new life to any hemroids Christian has with a laddershot to his behind. That hurt me.
Crowd chanting for tables . Christian stomped the hell out of RVD and RVD says stop. RVD had a little hardway juice before splashing on Christian.
Bryan goes nuts. Then the Bryan going to the top stop.... Curtis Axel nails him with a chair. Then Paul comes out. turns on Punk. Punk blades for no reason since we cant see it. Orton climbs up and takes the suitcase.
The run in thing didnt wasnt over done the Shield HAS to run in on its own big matches and the Heyman run in set up the main event for SummerSlam. It will only seem overdone because most people  prolly wanted Bryan to win and had Punk on deck.  The only problem as that they didnt make enough of Orton with the deal except for the one interview last monday. If anyone thought RVD was going to win.... He prolly wants to take a hit of that.
In hindsight, the ALL STAR MITB thing makes me thing they will merge the two titles eventually. They never put over the all Star concept enough in the weeks leading in. Just imagine you were having a WWE title match with Christian, Orton, Sheamus, Bryan, Punk and a returning star like RVD.
With the great tv the past month they missed on some of the principals.
Overall great PPV.
Sam Adams

Thumbs in the middle
Best match: mitb all stars
Worst match: axel vs miz
Interference in the Ziggler/del Rios match and the all stars match killed both when the fans were really in to them. Felt really forced and didn't make sense. And it would have been impossible for Cena and Henry to follow the all star match, but how could it make sense for the contender match to be above the title match? Just illogical. 
Still a decent show. Not great, but not terrible either. 
Matt Giggey

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