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Thumbs up
Best match: The All Stars Ladder Match
Worst match: Curtis Axel vs The Miz
Unlike previous WWE PPV's this one was unpredictable and some of the results lived to up to that billing. There were a few things I didn't like on the show. The crowd certainly wasn't one of them. They were great.
The Shield vs The Uso's: This was even better than the Payback kickoff match. After this, I'd have no objections to watching The Uso's on a main show. 
Heavyweight Title Ladder Match: You got your money's worth in this opener. Some highly creative spots and quite a few "holy shit" moments. Seeing Sandow winning became apparent as the match progressed. He was conveniently out of the picture whilst Cody was trying the retrieve the case. You knew a showdown would occur. It was highly satisfying, though. 
I had no problem with the Brad Maddox segment and the Vickie highlight video, in fact, I found it entertaining. But, did it have to be on PPV? This would of been better served on Raw. Plus, how did Vickie get a gig on the kickoff show? Last time I saw her, she was getting escorted out of the arena after jumping the guard rail.
Curtis Axel vs The Miz: The lines are blurred when it comes to what constitutes a babyface these days. So, I won't saying anything about Miz's actions. I will say, kicking Heyman out of the match gave away what was going to happen later with him and Punk. I liked this match as much as Philly did.
A.J vs Kaitlyn: I was really drawn into this one. I even found the ground work interesting. I'm really high on A.J. She's a super talent.
Chris Jericho vs Ryback: I enjoyed some of this. That being said, it didn't hold my attention. The build sucked and I didn't care.
Alberto Del Rio vs Dolph Ziggler: This was a WWE classic, even with the crappy finish. It's a travesty to end such a magnificent match like that, but therein lies the heat. There was an inordinate amount chatter going on, I'd like to know what it was about. 
John Cena vs Mark Henry: This may not of been a technical classic, but the crowd made it one. Having Henry tap out was an abomination.
The All Stars ladder match: RVD lived up to the hype. The reaction was something else and I liked some of the small touches. This was chock full of sensationally sickening spots. Especially when Sheamus was involved.  Too bad RVD or Bryan didn't win. They were the only ones the crowd seemed hot for. Although, it's nice that Orton won. At times, it looked like he was never going to get another run.
Jonny Clare

Money In The Bank feedback

Best Match: Money In The Bank All-Stars match
Worst Match: AJ Lee vs Kaitlyn
I really enjoyed the show tonight. I was really surprised to see Damien Sandow win the first MITB match as I was expecting Ambrose or maybe Cesaro as a surprise. Given the emphasis on hope spots for Cody Rhodes this seemed like a face turn for him so that feud could be fun.
The next two matches of Axel vs Miz and AJ vs Lee were a lull in the show but I did enjoy Ryback vs Jericho.
I thought Ziggler vs Del Rio was great with both guys shining and Ziggler seemed to adjust well to being a babyface.
Henry vs Cena was really good with Henry working well as a monster and Cena then looking strong in victory.
The MITB all-starts match was great in my mind. Orton would have been my last pick that I wanted to see win but he was good enough in the match and the finish seemed sensible enough that I liked it. I still think Cena vs Daniel Bryan makes most sense for Summerslam but this was good. RVD and Christian both came out of the match looking good and Sheamus went over well.

Dave Musgrave
Oshawa, Ontario

I liked the two Money in the Bank matches, but neither winner felt like a payoff to me.  Sandow and Orton didn't seem to have any momentum coming into tonight, so their victories felt a little hollow.  Sandow at least could use the briefcase to become a legitimate main event heel and as part of a Cody Rhodes face turn, so this match at least has the potential to be a starting point for some big possibilities.  Randy really didn't need this win as badly as Bryan, nor does he have the nostalgic favor of RVD or Christian.  Booking aside, there were cool spots and I'm basically pleased by the matches.  The other matches were generally boring.  The Cena-Henry match was predictable, both in the finish and the crowd reaction.  I'm getting pretty tired of the split reaction to Cena, and wish the WWE would do something to unify the crowd's reaction to Cena (i.e. heel turn).  I noticed Cena is beginning to look older, and he really has outgrown his hip-hop underdog act.  A.J. ruined an otherwise good match between Ziggler and Del Rio.  The rest of the card was pretty poor.  I must say however, the pre-show with the Usos versus the Shield was a great match and should have been on the main card in place of Miz and Axel
Best Match: Money in the Bank All-Stars
Worst Match: Jericho-Ryback
Thumbs in the Middle for the show.
Adam Bogan

Thumbs Up!
Best Match: RAW MITB
Worst Match: None
For the first time, I watched a WWE PPV in the movie theatre and I enjoyed the atmosphere there. It was about 80% full. Many cheering fans that would make you would think you were at the arena in person. From my perspective with the people in attendance I would say Cody Rhodes really won the crowd over with his effort in the Smackdown MITB match and overall CM. Punk and RVD were the big stars of the night. I'd say John Cena had more haters then anyone else. The only complaint I had was we never got to see the tag team title match or any kind of preshow. Still for the $17.86 I paid to see it on the big screen it was well worth it and something I will do again. In closing, a very good PPV, not as good as some of the previous MITB PPV's but entertaining nonetheless! 
-Ed Ludwig
Vancouver, Canada    

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