WWE Raw TV report: Cena picks SummerSlam opponent, Jericho/RVD, Punk/Heyman, more

Robert McCarron

July 15, 2013 | Brooklyn, NY

John Cena Meets Brad Maddox
Raw opened with Brad Maddox, who entered to a drumroll and darkened arena. Brad announced Del Rio vs Ziggler in a rematch from last night, and then said he would be the best GM ever, and was about to say why when John Cena came out. Cena was all smiles. Bischoff said he adm...oh, excuse me, Maddox. Maddox said he admired John, and gave him the option to choose anyone on the roster as his opponent for SummerSlam. Cena said that was stupid, because he could pick Dok Hendrix, Dutch Mantel, or even Michael Cole. Randy Orton practically sprinted to the ring here, with briefcase in hand, and told Maddox he shouldn't be getting ahead of himself. Orton said Cena may not even be champion at SummerSlam. Quick prediction, Orton will be the first to lose a MITB cash in. FANDANGO out next. He "Shh'd" Orton, which got a great facial reaction from Randy. FANDANGO said Orton won't be cashing in against Cena, but rather against himself. FANDANGO begged John to pick him as his opponent for SummerSlam, and was great at doing it. Orton attacked FANDANGO and the two brawled until Maddox made a match between the two.

Randy Orton vs FANDANGO
Randy Orton pinned FANDANGO after an RKO. A big "Randy Savage" chant broke out during this one. So, yeah, this crowd will be fun. Oh, and a wave. This early, even. This match was given quite a bit of time, and both guys delivered a fun match with some big spots. Orton hit a top rope superplex at one point that FANDANGO went up way too early for, but it still worked. In the end, the viper got another victory with an RKO in a fun opening match.

Backstage, Dolph was still upset with AJ for costing him the match last night. Dolph said it was time to move on, and he broke up with AJ. AJ looked distraught, and the crowd chanted "YES!"

The Shield attacks again...
Mark Henry, in a suit, came out and said he'd make no excuses about his loss, but he wants John to pick him as the opponent for SummerSlam. The Shield came out, after some initial technical difficulties with their music. Henry was screaming at them, asking them if they thought it was the first time he'd been jumped. Henry took off the suit jacket, and welcomes the challenge. He put up quite a fight, but the Shield eventually got control after a spear from Roman Reigns. The trio finished with their powerbomb on the big guy, which elicited a "Holy Shit" chant from the crowd.

Backstage, Brad Maddox was on the phone with his mom when Chris Jericho walked in. Brad made RVD vs Jericho for later, giving Jericho a chance to impress Cena for the SummerSlam selection. Maddox is a stellar GM.

Alberto Del Rio vs Dolph Ziggler
AJ cost Dolph the match again, but this time, on purpose. Dolph hit a middle rope Fameasser on Del Rio, and went for a cover, when the bell suddenly rang. Ref Rod Zapata chimed the timekeeper saying the match continues, and it was revealed AJ had rung the bell. This broke Dolph's concentration, allowing Del Rio to hit his super kick for the pinfall victory. AJ got in the ring afterward, looking crazy. She slapped and beat on Dolph. Big E then ran in and bullrushed Dolph, finishing him off with the Big Ending. Stupid hot AJ kissed Dolph goodbye and left with Big E. AJ was both happy and sad, switching from joy to tears many times during this segment. Let's light it up!

A graphic for John Cena's SummerSlam opponent was shown. He could choose from anyone on the roster. Don't know if it means anything, but the graphic didn't include Evan Bourne. Ted Dibiase, Primo, Epico, Yoshi Tatsu, David Otunga, and Alex Riley were among the photos, however.

R-Truth sings again...
R-Truth sang to the ring, and wants to be one of the baddest young brothers in the game... at 41. WYATT FAMILY! Bray, ROWAN, and Luke Harper came out and put R-Truth out to pasture much like they did Kane last week. Rowan and Luke did all the work, and afterward Bray got in the ring and cut a promo. "They been lyin' to you, man." These people were quiet, listening to every word. "Maybe Bray Wyatt, the leader of worlds, has been the answer all along!" R-Truth eventually recovered, and got up on the apron with a chair. Bray offered Truth a free shot. Truth hesitated, allowing Bray to attack and the trio beat down R-Truth until I SWEAR TO FUCKING GOD, Bray hit a downward spiral to end it. A downward fucking spiral... on R-Truth... who uses a version of that move as his own finisher. Bray on the mic again told Kane to follow the buzzards.

The Downward Spiral is still FANDANGO's other finisher, isn't it? I guess not now. Maybe.

WWE Raw Active: Swagger & Cesaro vs either the Usos, Prime Time Players, or Tons of Funk as voted by the WWE App Universe.

Zeb Colter cut a promo before his team's match, asking John Cena to select either Swagger or Cesaro as his opponent for SummerSlam.

Real Americans vs The Usos
Usos got 55% of the vote. These guys will never make it big. Sorry, they just won't. They did, however, win this match when one of the Usos pinned Cesaro with a rollup. Cesaro was going for a throw when the Uso countered for the pinfall win.

Damien Sandow vs Christian
Christian pinned Sandow after Damien took too much time to go for his elbow of disdain, allowing Christian to hit a surprise rollup for the pinfall. After the match, Cody Rhodes attacked Damien to officially end their friendship, it seems.

I've purposely left out all the 1-800-Fella spoofs before. So I will continue to do so. Moving along.

Michael Cole brought up poor Vickie Guerrero. Vickie was out on the concourse trying to get support for reinstatement as Managing Supervisor of Raw.

Naomi vs Brie Bella
Naomi pinned Brie after a flying crossbody off the top rope. The match wasn't much, and much of it was spent promoting Total Divas. Cole did reference how the Bellas were dating WWE Superstars and the world would find out who on Total Divas.

CM Punk Reacts to Heyman's Betrayal
A hobbling CM Punk came to the ring to address Heyman's betrayal last night at Money In The Bank. Punk got right to the point and called out Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar. Paul came out alone, and said that in his world, CM Punk doesn't exist. He took equal credit for CM Punk's rise, lengthy title reign, and being the Best in the World. You see, without Paul Heyman, there is no CM Punk, because it was Heyman who got Punk to WWE in the first place. He noted that history will note that Paul Heyman dumped CM Punk, and not the other way around. Heyman was hitting Punk with shots about not having a family, and only having the WWE Universe. Paul then spoke the harshest truth of them all. He betrayed Punk because Punk cannot beat Brock Lesnar. Punk said he wasn't going to stop until he gets Paul Heyman. He's going to hurt everyone and anyone who gets in his way, but he's going to get Paul Heyman! Paul reacted great to this, but was still arrogant, because he had Brock Lesnar. Lesnar came out, and while Lesnar was stalking the ring, Heyman sneaked in and attacked Punk from behind.

Brock and Punk brawled around the ring. Brock would pound Punk around, but Punk kept getting up and fighting back. Each time, though, Brock would put Punk down even harder until Punk just couldn't get up again. Brock finished Punk off with an F-5 onto the commentary table.

After Brock and Heyman left, Punk did everything he could to leave under his own power. He pushed away the doctors trying to help him, but eventually Punk couldn't get up and grabbed his neck as we faded to commercial.

That was great. Go out of your way to see this segment.

Backstage, Great Khali asked John to pick him as the SummerSlam opponent.

Backstage, Brad Maddox was texting when the camera cut to Stephanie McMahon. Steph asked how the first night was going when Triple H walked in. Hunter asked if Brad talked to Vince today. HHH and Steph were trying to put fear and doubt in Brad's mind regarding letting Cena pick his opponent for SummerSlam. They intimated that Cena will pick Bryan, and that Vince wouldn't like that so Brad is putting his job in jeopardy. HHH and Steph wished Brad luck in his future endeavors. Okay, two great segments back to back for different reasons.

Could start to see the direction for Bryan coming up. Not the SummerSlam direction, but the WrestleMania direction.

Rob Van Dam vs Chris Jericho
Rob Van Dam pinned Jericho with the 5 Star Frogsplash in a long, fun match that felt fresh because, well, it was. Three great segments in a row leading to our main event segment. Rob was super tired, and was opened up and bleeding late in the match, but he gave a great performance.

John Picks His Opponent
The whole roster was out on the stage waiting for John's decision, minus Mark Henry and CM Punk (and Evan Bourne). Brooklyn Brawler and Zack Ryder (looking miserable) were even there! Alberto Del Rio, the World Champion, was out there too. So, yeah, slotted. John came out and said he hasn't made his decision, yet. He heard from all the Superstars, but he wanted to hear from the WWE Universe. The crowd chanted "YES!" John asked if the crowd thought he should pick Heath Slater. The crowd was displeased. He asked about Orton. Crowd was lukewarm. He asked about some more superstars, including Jericho, Khali, and RVD. The crowd was seemingly waiting for him to get to D-Bry before going crazy. So, John asked if there was anyone he was forgetting. The crowd again chanted "YES!" followed by "Daniel Bryan!" John selected Daniel Bryan. Bryan and the crowd chanted "YES!" together and the building went crazy as Bryan got in Cena's face and accepted as the show went off the air.

Michael Cole said John had selected the hottest superstar in WWE today.

This not only sets up SummerSlam, but also what Vince's reaction will be to Bryan main eventing the PPV because of Brad Maddox' decision to put the responsibility on Cena to make the match.

Lots to look forward to. Fun show!

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