Smackdown spoilers from Providence

Results from tonight's tapings

For Main Event:

Chrstian b Fandango with some type of a cradle

Natalya & Layla b Alicia Fox & Aksana

Justin Gabriel NC Heath Slater - The Wyatt Family attacked 3MB and Gabriel and laid them all out.  The put the bodies in front of Wyatt who then cut a promo. 

For Smackdown

Teddy Long was in the ring.  They announced Vince McMahon would be giving him a job evaluation.  He asked the crowd if they thought he should be named the new General Manager. They all cheered, apparently missing that Teddy has been undercutting Booker T and subtly going heel. 

Booker T, after his surgery, returned and said he's ready to take back over as General Manager.  Vince McMahon said there can only be one General Manager and asked each guy to make a match for tonight.  Long said Curtis Axel vs. Chris Jericho for the IC title.  Booker said Alberto Del Rio vs Randy Orton.  Brad Maddox came out wanting to be G.M. of both shows and said he had already booked those matches for Raw and that he was putting together tonight the return of RVD to Smackdown.  Vince then announced he had decided on who the G.M. would be, and it was Vickie Guerrero.  Vince cut a promo saying that the fans don't realize how good she was and don't deserve her.

Dolph Ziggler b Jack Swagger with the Zig Zag

Ziggler cut a promo saying he had made a mistake in dumping A.J., the mistake being he should have done it sooner.  A.J. went crazy backstage.  She and Big E were about to kiss when Langston pulled away.

Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns vs. The Shield never happened as Dean Ambrose ran in and Mark Henry made the save and chased The Shield away.

Daniel Bryan b Wade Barrett in a quick match with the No lock.  Crowd super into Bryan.

Miz V was with Paul Heyman.  Heyman told C.M. Punk to not get up and not try to face Lesnar.  He said if Punk showed his face again in WWE, that Lesnar would do the same thing to him again.

Curtis Axel b Chris Jericho to keep the IC title.  After the match, Ryback came out and laid out Jericho with the shell shock.

Damien Sandow did an interview and couldn't understand why Cody Rhodes attacked him on Raw.  He said Rhodes was his best friend and he wanted to work this out.  Rhodes came out.  Sandow said all was forgiven for what Rhodes did on Raw.  Rhodes attacked Sandow again and Sandow ran away.

RVD b Darren Young with the frog splash

Vickie Guerrero had Teddy Long kicked out of the building

Randy Orton b Alberto Del Rio with the RKO

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