WWE Main Event TV report

By Chris Aiken
Airdate: July 17, 2013
WWE Main Event from Providence, RH featured Christian cradling what is left of the Fandango dance craze in the featured match along with a divas tag team match and a Wyatt Family run-in during another match leading to a Bray Wyatt promo. Josh Matthews and Miz provided commentary to a show with an angle during its conclusion, which is rare for Main Event.  
Christian beat Fandango via pinfall. Christian's entrance opened the show and Fandango took longer when his followed as he danced to the ring with Summer Rae. They locked up and quickly began running the ropes until Fandango used a scoop slam. He danced then Christian smacked him in the jaw before punching him ten times in a corner. Fandango took a back drop out of the opposite corner. Christian ended up on the apron where he back dropped Fandango over the ropes to the floor. From the top turnbuckle, Christian dove off with a splash to ringside. Summer Rae distracted Christian and he got rammed into a corner and draped on top rope. Fandango gave him a running knee lift and Christian tumbled to the floor before a commercial break. 
After the break, Fandango was grinding his boot in Christian's face as he began to get heat on him. Christian fought out of a chinlock but got pummeled in a corner. After Fandango used a pie face several times, Christian fired up and mounted a comeback that included a flying elbow off the second rope and a missile drop kick off the top rope. Christian used a cross body off the top but Fandango rolled through for a nearfall. They collided in mid-ring then Fandango blocked the killswitch and hit a paylay kick for another nearfall. Fandango sold being groggy as he climbed to the top rope. Christian tried to cut him off but got shoved off the second rope only for Fandango to miss the leg drop off the top rope. Christian got the crowd fired up for the spear but Fandango got a knee up to block it. Fandango went for a suplex and Christian cradled him into a small package for the pin.  
A video package aired that explained Paul Heyman's turn on CM Punk and the brawl with Brock Lesner from Raw. Announced for Smackdown was MizTV with Paul Heyman.
Natalya & Layla beat Aksana & Alicia Fox when Layla pinned Aksana. At the outset, Natalya got a leg takedown but Aksana reversed into a headlock. Natalya reversed it and went for the sharpshooter but Aksana got a rope break and called for a timeout. When Aksana went for a handshake, Natalya grabbed her hand and stomped on it. Later on, Natalya did the same spot with Alicia Fox, who used a leap frog into a head scissors after being tagged and she also blocked the sharpshooter. When Layla tagged in, she ran wild including getting a nearfall after a rolling cradle. Layla went for a double springboard off the bottom and the second rope but got caught with a drop kick by Fox. The heels got heat on Layla as Natalya led the crowd in cheering her on to a comeback. Aksana nailed Natalya as she led cheers on the apron. When Aksana turned around, Layla hit a roundhouse kick for the pin.
Afterwards, a recap aired of John Cena choosing Daniel Bryan to be his opponent at SummerSlam. At the end, Bryan and the crowd celebrated in jubilation. Chris Jericho's final (for now) WWE match on Smackdown got a plug as he faced Curtis Axel for the IC title later on in the night after this show was taped (on 7/16).  
Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater wrestled to a no-contest when the Wyatt Family interfered.
3MB members Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre were in Slater's corner. They started with a quick pace and several exchanges. Eventually, a contest between air guitar and howling began then Slater got sent to the outside. Gabriel hit a corkscrew plancha over the ropes to the floor. McIntyre tripped Gabriel on the apron and Mahal stomped on him, which allowed Slater to gain the advantage. Before a commercial, Gabriel gets back dropped over the ropes to ringside. 3MB interfered behind the referee's back and Slater cut off a comeback before climbing to the second rope. Gabriel got a boot up and caught Slater as he jumped off. Gabriel made a comeback and when he used a splash into a corner, the screen flickered and the Wyatt Family appeared.
The lights go out and Bray Wyatt leads his clan to ringside by the light of a lantern. Bray sits in a rocking chair, blows out the lantern and the lights come on as Erick Rowan and Luke Harper are in the ring. They beat down Gabriel before attacking Mahal and McIntyre as Bray rocks in his chair. Bray gets out of the chair to confront Slater, who is attacked from behind. In the ring, Bray picks up Slater and kisses him on the forehead then hits a downward spiral. Rowan and Harper pile up the bodies together in front Bray before he cuts a promo.
In the promo, Bray Wyatt speaks to the audience and says the world is a dark place if blinded by illusions. He told the audience to not fear the wolves led by the sheep, but rather fear the sheep led by the wolf. Wyatt invited the "little lamb" to come home and told Kane to follow the buzzards as the show went off the air to end arguably the best angle to ever air on Main Event.  

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