WWE Smackdown TV report

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Long started the show in the ring. He brought up Brad Maddox, saying that at least he'll be a better GM than Vickie. He said Vince knew what he was doing, and he'd be here tonight. Long said Teddy would be getting evaluated like Vickie, then pandered to the crowd and asked if they'd like to see him as permanent GM. Booker T came and Long's smile vanished. Booker thanked him for filling in, saying he did a hell of a job. Booker then asked the crowd if they could dig his return.

Vince came out while Long was still frowning and Booker smiling. Vince said they'd both done well but there can be only one GM in charge of SmackDown. He asked Teddy to impress him with a match. Long answered Curtis Axel defending his IC title against Jericho. Booker suggested World Champion Alberto Del Rio taking on the All Star MitB match winner Randy Orton.

Brad Maddox ran down to the ring for a word with Vince before he made his decision. He suggested Vince make him the GM of SmackDown too, then announced the return of RVD to SmackDown. Vince said the permanent GM should be Vickie Guerrero. Vickie came down and hugged Vince while the crowd chanted no. She looked angry before and after the hug. She was angry at the crowd for voting that she should be fired. She said she hates them and is back with power.

Poor Booker T. He took time off for surgery and had his job taken away for it. Don't get injured if you're with WWE, they certainly seem to hold it against people.

Match Number One: Jack Swagger w/ Zeb & Cesaro Vs. Dolph Ziggler.

AJ was shown watching backstage with Big E. Any time Dolph got offence in at the start, Swagger would powder out to Zeb and Cesaro. Ziggler eventually followed him out and threw Swagger back in. Before he could get in himself, Cesaro pulled him off the apron into an uppercut. The ref didn't see it, but he saw Dolph down and out on the floor so he ejected Cesaro. Zeb tried to plead Cesaro's case so he was ejected too.

The match ended very quickly from there with some fast roll ups, then Swagger got the Ankle Lock. Dolph rolled through and I think Swagger was meant to hit his head on the turnbuckle, but they were too far away. Instead Dolph stood up and hit the ZigZag for the pinfall.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler, Pinfall.

Dolph grabbed a mic afterwards. He said he dumped his girlfriend Monday, and he's sorry. He's sorry he didn't do it a hell of a lot sooner. He laughed with the crowd as we saw AJ starting to lose it in the back. She threw a tantrum and some chairs. Big E. tried to stop her but she started hitting him. He took it like Ziggler did Monday and eventually held her still. He looked deep into her eyes and kissed her forehead. She was calm and unsure when he walked away.

Match Number Two: Rollins & Reigns (C) Vs. The Usos, Non-Title Match.

The bell never rang as The Usos attacked Rollins and Reigns on arrival. The brawl was even until Ambrose made it 3 on 2. Mark Henry's music hit and The Shield threw The Usos out of the ring to meet him 3 on 1. Henry got the best of it for a moment but the numbers got to him. As he was fading The Usos helped him clear house. The Shield fled through the crowd as Henry yelled from the ring.

Match Number Two: Wade Barrett Vs. Daniel Bryan.

The crowd were very happy to yell yes with Bryan on his entrance. Wow that was faster than I expected. Just a few minutes in Bryan crucifixed his way out of a Bossman Slam into the Yes Lock for the submission. Crowd loved it.

Winner: Daniel Bryan, Submission.

Maddox found Vickie backstage. He congratulated her and said he guessed they were even now. She offered a handshake but pulled away and slapped him so very hard.

Miz had Paul Heyman as his guest on MizTV again. Miz said he had nothing to say or ask Heyman, since he'd lie in answer anyway. He said the floor was Heyman's and he could say anything he wants. Miz held the mic out and turned his back. A CM Punk chant cut off Paul as he hyped how dangerous Brock was. Heyman said they don't realise how painful this is for him as he still has love in his heart for his best friend. His message to Punk was to stay down, go home, leave the WWE behind and don't ever think of getting back up again. Because if he ever shows his face again, Brock will take his actions as a spiteful act of provocation that would be dealt with. He's so good. Would have been awesome to end it there but Miz really'd him. He said Heyman revolted him, swearing on his children and yet he still lied. Miz then dropped the mic and walked out. Shit I was wrong, that was actually really good from Miz.

Heyman wasn't done though and he stopped Miz just before he got to the top of the ramp to introduce the man who beat him at MitB, Curtis Axel. Axel came out and laughed in Miz' face as they passed.

Match Number Three: Curtis Axel (c) w/ Paul Heyman Vs. Chris Jericho, IC Championship Match.

It's always sad to hear that Jericho is taking leave. He was great here as usual. They had a physical match with Heyman being colourful outside. Jericho tried for a Code Breaker but Axel caught him and basically hit a spinebuster. Jericho was in full fiery babyface mode, running around the ring and flying from the top. He got a nearfall with the Lionsault then climbed up top for an axe handle. Heyman screamed to get Axel's attention when Jericho was waiting to jump, so Axel was aware and kicked Jericho on his way down. Jericho countered a Perfect Plex into a Walls attempt, so Heyman got on the apron. Jericho let go before getting it on and was rolled up by Curtis for 2. A second Walls attempt was successful in the middle of the ring. Axel spent a lot of time in trouble but finally got to the bottom rope.

Jericho jumped over the top rope to the floor onto Axel as he tried to escape for a moment. Heyman was about to interfere as Jericho stepped back through the ropes, but Jericho saw him. Heyman backed off but as Jericho put his head through the ropes a second time, Axel kicked him and hit his neck breaker for the pinfall.

Winner and Still IC Champion: Curtis Axel, Pinfall.

RyBack's music played just as Curtis and Heyman got to the stage and they let his through. He toyed with Jericho before picking him up. Jericho made an attempt to fight but was quickly meat hooked and Shellshocked. RyBack smirked and said “goodbye Chris” as he left.

Sandow was in the ring with his briefcase. He said MitB was every man for himself so he did not screw Cody. He said he would not react to Cody's attack with condemnation. He and Cody are gentlemen and still best friends, so he was giving Cody an opportunity to explain himself. Cody came down to the ring and when he got there Sandow said no explanation was needed, and he forgives him. He offered an olive branch, in letting Cody be the protector of the briefcase until he's heady to cash it in. He handed it to Cody who said thank you, then clocked Sandow with it. Cody threw the briefcase at Sandow as he ran away.

Match Number Four: Darren Young w/ Titus Vs. Rob Van Dam.

RVD toyed with Young until Titus started blowing his whistle from the apron. Young used the distraction to blind side him. RVD came back with a boot to the face, rolling thunder, a boot to Titus' face and a Five Star Flogsplash for the pinfall.

Winner: RVD, Pinfall.

Vickie had called Long into her office. She said they'd both mistreated each other but they can be adults. She offered to let bygones be bygones. He asked if she really meant it and she called for security to get him out of her office, building and life.

Match Number Five: Randy Orton Vs. Alberto Del Rio (C), Non-Title Match.

Del Rio very quickly targeted Orton's arm, sending him shoulder first into the ringpost. He then proceeded to control most of the match. Orton came back with a back drop on the barricade outside, but his Irish whip was reversed so Del Rio sent Orton shoulder first into the steel steps.

Back in the ring Orton again tried his comeback but Del Rio held the ropes to avoid the powerslam. He then tried for the arm breaker but Orton got to the ropes. Del Rio avoided a draping DDT and hit an enziguri to the bad arm. He started mocking Orton by dropping down like Orton does before an RKO, then he actually tried to hit it. Orton blocked the move and finally hit his powerslam for two.

Orton continued with the draping DDT but Del Rio turned an RKO into a back stabber for another two. Del Rio signalled for the arm breaker again but Orton rolled out and then dodged the superkick. He popped up and hit an RKO for the pinfall.

Winner: Randy Orton, Pinfall.

Orton celebrated with his briefcase to end the show. It was an interesting story they told in the ring, and could be very interesting if Bryan (Alvarez, not Daniel)'s prediction for SummerSlam is accurate. Unfortunately with Orton being on defence for the majority of the match, the crowd didn't run hot and in the end it felt a bit lacklustre.  

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